10 lb difference

fastinggoddess submitted :

Before weight : High 250’s
After weight :  Low 240’s

I have been doing intermittent fasting quite successfully for about two weeks now.  Before I started, it’s like the pic says.  There is no way, NONE that I’d ever have been able to get any kind of angle or lighting that showed my jawline.  No matter how I tilted my head, up, down, side, back, nope.  No jawline.  Now I can see a pronounced shadow in some lighting, and my jaw is pretty obvious when I tilt my head left or right.

I compiled these comparisons for me, because me and the scale are having a battle of wits this week (it tries to tell me I gained, when I clearly haven’t, and I try to tell it it’s stupid), I hope this helps someone get through.  These results are only about 10 lbs of difference, on a very obese body.  I know that to some of us who are obese, 10 lbs can seem like nothing, the changes can seem quite minimal, but when you look closely, things are actually getting better.  :)

I have some more photos and a longer post about this on my own tumblr.


I posted this on instagram and it’s my most liked photo which is crazy but I thought I’d share a little more here. On the left was me in 2014 and on the right was me last week. I think there’s only a 10-15 lb difference which is basically why I’ve stopped weighing myself because the pounds mean nothing to me now. My only goal is to get a flat stomach.

Also I’ve cut out diary for almost 2 weeks now and it’s !!!!!!SO HARD!!!!

The past few months have been up and down for me, but something finally clicked and I decided that this was something that I wanted for myself. I started working with a personal trainer (Mike Vacanti - On the Regimen). I was totally up front about the fact that I’m trans and he has been really fantastic (after, I might add, I was rejected from fitocracy’s personal training program because their trainers “don’t have any experience working with trans people”).

I started lifting weights for the first time and got really serious about counting my macros and I am seeing results! There’s only about 10 lbs. difference in the two pics but I’ve gained a lot of muscle in addition to losing some fat. I’m excited for what’s to come, now that I know I can actually do this!

If you’re just starting your journey, looking at the blog of someone - like me - who is in the final stretch of their journey can be daunting, so I wanted to share a comparison photo that has a 16 lb difference, to prove that so much change happens at EVERY stage of the journey, not just your before and after. This is me in my goal dress at 158 (one year ago) and 142 (yesterday). In the first picture, you can see that I’m physically holding the dress closed, because there was no way it was zipping up (there was probably 6-8 inches between the two sides in the back - it didn’t get anywhere near closed). In the recent photo, I got the dress zipped all the way! You can see how my arms and legs have trimmed, how my stomach has flattened, and how my shape has smoothed. Your body is capable of so many amazing changes, and I definitely recommend taking photos along your journey, because it’s not always easy to see these changes with your own eyes, especially if it’s “only” a 10 or 15 lb difference. (Note: Only is in quotes there because 10 or 15 lbs lost is an AMAZING loss – every lb lost is amazing! NEVER forget that!)

February 2015 to July 2015

When I tried gaining weight this year. There’s about a 10-lb difference between the before and after.(Submission) Damn, getting pretty flabby for a skinny boy. Covering that trim body with flab. It’s showing chubs.