10 kasım

yeah I died here because I don’t have Once More protecting me yet

I’m not sure this captures it very well, but spirit!Vanitas’ speed has increased significantly with the 60fps shift. he’s not broken, definitely not impossible, but I find it weird that his actual physical movements seem to have sped up this much when every other boss so far has only increased in speed at the same rate as the player character. (enemy-wise, the only big differences I’ve noticed are in animations like Braig’s crosshairs moving and final Vanitas’ shotlock connecting faster.) but I adjusted to the new frame rate pretty quickly, so I could’ve just overlooked it with slower enemies, but holy heck hide your kids hide your wife because this battle just got tough all over again.

also be careful if you have motion sensitivity, because my sister made it through her playthrough of the game just fine but got pretty dizzy when she tried this fight and had to quit, even though she never had that problem on past versions.

(and on a sidenote, idk why everyone on reddit says the graveyard tornadoes are faster and you can’t avoid them now. they’re the same and you can outrun them as Ven and Terra just fine.)


just like how inspirits are able to give you strength, you’re able to give us so much more.

happy birthday, lee howon ♡

I will not rest until every straight girl knows that obsessing over m/m ships doesn’t make them special, it makes them a gross fetishist just like men obsessed with lesbian porn 


everyone lives AU:Akatsuki - The Last】extra concept sketches
✯ full Akatsuki designs here 

Most designs are inspired by past outfits or early character sketches by Kishi (for example, Obito and Konan, respectively). 


When colors mix, they become muddy and messy. But when they all blend together…