10 hours version


This is what tornado sirens sound like in Chicago!

the signs as halloween things
  • aries: those strobe lights that release fog
  • taurus: taking a handful of candy from 'take one' bowls
  • gemini: fake wounds with fake blood (and trying not to stain your clothes with it)
  • cancer: trying to carve a really cool pumpkin (but giving up and making it a simple face because ART IS HARD)
  • leo: planning a cool party
  • virgo: making your own costume last minute
  • libra: pretty halloween decorations (sparkly pumpkins, colorful lights, etc.)
  • scorpio: scary halloween decorations that make little kids run away crying
  • sagittarius: throwing pumpkin guts at your friends like the badass bitch you are
  • capricorn: the apple you get from that one old lady at the end of the road that still doesn't understand you can't give out fruit
  • aquarius: costume face paint
  • pisces: spooky scary skeletons remix 10 hour version