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Federer, Nadal meet on half-grass, half-clay court
Four-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer plays two-time French Open winner Rafael Nadal in an exhibition on a customized half-clay, half-grass court on this Spanish island.

Exactly 10 years ago Rafa and Roger played The Battle Of Surfaces. If you wanna see the match, look at the section Exhibition Matches in my Fedal Masterpost

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Did Ariana not do a Soundcheck q&a and M&G for day 2 in Amsterdam??

She did! It is not clear yet whether she did a Q&A because she didn’t on Day 1 (due to lack of time, everything was incredibly rushed and people had 5-10 second M&Gs) but she for sure did a soundcheck and people’s M&G experiences appear to be better today than yesterday. A soundcheck highlights will go up including both Day 1 & 2 of Amsterdam!