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Girls’ Generation Love & Peace Japan 3rd Tour is the highest grossing tour by a girl group this decade, fourth highest grossing tour by any girl group overall. Grossing over $27 Million (USD), being completely sold out, it gathered an audience of more than 240,000 and with only 18 shows in total.

@micronecro, regardinging Sepira, Kawahira and Trinsiette, taken straight from the manga:

- Sepira and Kawahira’s people were down to five and unable to control Trinsiette so they split the stones and gave half to the first group of Arcobaleno, sticking them with the pacifiers that permanently drew on the Flames of the Arco to keep them “on” and eventually killing them

- But the other earthlings kept dying! And then they were down to two (Kawahira and Sepira), and were unable to control even the part of Trinisette they did still have

- They split the remaining stones in half, the Mare and Vongola Rings (Sepira suggested that they should be rings so that they could be removed, and with double the number the strain on people’s bodies were less so they could)

- Sepira chose Giotto at this point to take the Vongola Rings, while the Mare Rings “were controlled by her family”

- After that all decisions regarding the pacifiers specifically and Trinisette in general were made by Kawahira

- At some point Sepira and Kawahira had a “disagreement” and “broke up”, with Kawahira implying it was regarding Sepira’s decision to live with humans that was the issue

- And then Sepira died at some point, I’m assuming for the same reason the rest of the earthlings died off (Kawahira, what are you doing that you’re still alive)

[ARTICLE] February Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On February 11, the Korea Business Research Institute released their February brand reputation rankings for girl groups. Their findings are based on 55,057,106 pieces of data gathered from January 9 to February 10. These pieces of data were used to find indexes regarding participation, media, communication, community, and more.

TWICE came in first place with a brand reputation score of 7,241,802. Second place goes to BLACKPINK who received 6,297,125. As for third place, Red Velvet scored with 5,210,310 respectively.

Below are the full rankings:
3. Red Velvet
4. AOA
5. Cosmic Girls
6. Apink
7. I.O.I
8. Lovelyz
9. Girls’ Generation
11. Girl’s Day
14. Hello Venus
15. EXID
16. gugudan
17. CLC
18. Oh My Girl

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