10 favorite wrestlers


Day 10 - Least Favorite Male Wrestler

Brock Lesnar: Brock is my least favorite male wrestler for a lot of reasons. (Heads up this is probably going to sound like a rant so I’m sorry in advance.)

He is awful on the mic (hence why Paul Heyman always does the talking) when we do see Brock talk (in interviews with Michael Cole and vignettes for matches) he is awful. He has 0 personality in the ring. He always gets big matches at big PPVs like SummerSlam and Wrestlemania even though he can’t bother to show up to a RAW or House Show. He is the current Universal Champion and when was the last time we saw him? Wrestlemania? I guess my biggest beef with Brock Lesnar is he is way overrated. WWE make him out to be one of the greatest of all time. He’s not. He shouldn’t be the Universal Champion, and since if he is going to be a champion, he should be required to show up on TV. And let’s talk about that 30-day clause that WWE likes to bring up to people like Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Naomi - you know the one that says a champion must defend at least once in a thirty day period or lose the championship? It’s been 38 days since he won the title at Wrestlemania and we have yet to see a single title defense.And let’s talk about Wrestlemania 30. He ended the greatest streak in the history of wrestling. Why? Why him? What qualified Brock to make that first pin against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania? Why not have one of the TRUE greats of wrestling like Triple H or Shawn Michaels? Why not give it to a fresh face with tons of talent and lots of potential? Why give it to a guy who can’t bother to show up to work? Why give it to someone who doesn’t deserve it and quite frankly probably doesn’t appreciate it?!?!

Okay, I’m sorry, end of rant. I just really dislike Brock Lesnar and he was overrated in UFC and he’s overrated in WWE and I really wish WWE would give the title to someone who deserves it (and who can be bothered to show up on RAW every now and then) and then make Brock disappear forever.


get to know me meme

[1/10] favorite wrestlers [Jeff Hardy]

Just so you know… I don’t care about earning your respect! I didn’t hit a 30 foot Swanton to impress you… I did it to HURT YOU! I did it for my brother Matt! I did it because I’ve waited TOO LONG for this opportunity! Most importantly, I did it to show you that I’ll do whatever it takes to become WWE CHAMPION!

-Jeff Hardy

get to know me meme [wrestling edition]

Inspired by stewarter. You can customize it if you want, and don’t feel pressured to make it only a gifset or photo edit/graphic etc. Also you don’t have to name 5 things on all of these, for example if you don’t have 5 or 10 favorite wrestlers and only like 3 or something less than 5 or 10, just post 3. I also suggest you use Text-Edit or a document app to organize/plan out how you want to do it because that’ll help a ton.

[10] favorite wrestlers

[10] favorite finishers

[5] favorite divas

[5] favorite matches

[5] favorite promos

[5] favorite moments

[5] favorite entrances

Like I said before, feel free to customize this how you want, if you want to replace something with something else, go for it. After all, fangirl challenges are just for fun.


get to know me meme: [2/10] favorite wrestlers

→ AJ Lee

“I’ve wanted this my entire life and I have fought to get here. Every step I have taken has been for this moment, to be in this ring and there’s not one thing that is ever going to stop me, so if you think this is the last time that you’ve seen AJ you are sorely mistaken. Because I will be back, and I’m going to accomplish all my dreams.”