10 favorite spring things

here i go

got tagged by @periodically-pale so here i go
Name: Emily

Nickname: Em, Emmy (love when people call me that lmao)

Zodiac Sign: pisces

Height: 5'4 LMAO

Orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ethnicity: Caucasian™

Favorite Fruit: lychee & mango

Favorite Season: spring duh

Favorite Fictional Characters: kat stratford from 10 things i hate about you because she is exactly like me

Favorite Flowers: does lavender count as a flower?

Favorite Scents: rosemary, lavender and leather

Favorite Artists/Band: love me some grl rock - cherry glazerr, bratmobile, girlpool, angel olsen, frankie cosmos, sailor poon, shannon and the clams, wu-wu. other than that, i love twin peaks, together pangea, modern vices, homeshake, the buttertones

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: dear god im such a pretentious coffee fuck

Average Sleep Hours: in the summer time I usually sleep 12 hours a night HA

Number of Blankets Slept With: usually just one light one because its summa

Dream Trip: i just came back from italy & france and that was so fun, but i would love to visit somewhere in asia or the netherlands

Blog Created: i made this blog about a month and a half ago bc i loved cow chop and had no one to talk about it w lmao

Number of Blogs Followed: 267

Number of Followers: 571

What Do I Usually Post: COW CHOP

Do I Usually Get Asks: nah, but feel free to hmu!

i’ll finna tag anyone who wanna do this