10 degrees and snow still

TBH if snow worked the way it does in children’s cartoons, then i would fucking love it


  1. i could freely walk and run in the snow without worry of slipping on any ice underneath. 
  2. the snow wouldn’t freeze my hands off. instead, picking up a pile of snow would feel like picking up a gooey marshmallow
  3. if i fall into the snow my entire outfit would stay dry and warm instead of becoming completely drenched because snow is ice and ice is literally just. frozen water.
  4. everyone in the world has a sleigh to ride down snowy mountains, completely by convenience 
  5. school is cancelled everywhere in the area no matter how little of an amount there is. snow?! in here?!?!? in this warm suburban area?!?!?!?!? UNNATURAL!!!!11! WE CANNOT LET THE CHILDREN SEE THIS!!!!!!1 CANCEL ALL SCHOOL
  6. no extra school days are added onto the end of the year to make up snow days. we keep the long summer
  7. the sun is out all day and for some reason it just. doesn’t melt the snow. i love dark gray skies so much, with all of my heart, but. waking up to snowy day with bleak,cloudy sky just makes me kind of. depressed
  8. all of the snow just magically poofs away after one day. no giant dirty mounds of old snow in the stop&shop parking lot. no leftover water puddles in the streets. NO ICE AT ALL
  9. i can mold the snow in into a perfect sphere with little complication
  10. i can go out in the snow wearing nothing but an ugly christmas sweater and my undies and i won’t feel any fucking cold at all.
  11. snow piles onto everything perfectly, and doesn’t fall off
  12. infinite snow. i can finally experience the joy of making a snowman
  13. snowflakes are big enough for you to see the pretty designs
  14. it’s not 10 20 or 30 degrees or whatever and it still fucking snows. a fucking anomaly
  15. every day that it snows on is automatically christmas. santa clause comes into my house and dabs