10 days that shook the world

This Goddess:

Goes on her longest break from her career, EVER.

WINS a huge battle in the courts to tell the world that she will not allow the offender to play the victim of his own actions, to make a stand and be a voice to those who have none.

Deletes all social media content. Creates the idea of a “blackout”

Waits until the eclipse to begin sending teaser videos out that appear to show sections of a snake for 3 days. Finally, reveals a snake striking at the viewers on the third day, August 23, 2017

Later on the same day, posts 3 major posts to all social media accounts: first, revealing the date of her next single, August 24, 2017. second, revealing the cover and announcement of her next studio album. And third, posting the date of the release of the new album, November 10, 2017.

All of her staying out of he spotlight, staying off social media, wiping her social media, and then the posting of the snake videos literally shook the internet and the world. The entire time.

Taylor Swift has more power in her absence than most people have in the presence.

She wiped her history, sort of like shedding her skin like a snake.
And she is taking their snake insult away from them and using it to build her new castle and direct her own Reputation

… and I think that’s really beautiful


Home away from home - part 7

part 6


“Did you just say ‘I love you’ to him?” My sister asked. I turned around and looked through the peephole to see Sehun’s expression. He just stood there, frozen in time. He backed away from the door and looked around before smiling to himself. “He smiled! He actually smiled after I said something completely insane.” I whispered to my sister. “Is it that insane? Do you actually love him?” She asked. I looked at her and thought, 

Do I love him? Already?

Genre: fluff, semi-smut

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After the second part, your father left with work to do and you sighed, looking at the guys.

How come you didn’t tell us that your dad was the president?! Tae asked enthusiastically and Jin shook his head.

Let’s go back to your room. Jin said and nudged Tae. She didn’t know. He whispered to the younger guy and Tae rolled his eyes.

You stood up and wandered back to your room. Opening the door, it looked like a tornado had gone through it.

They were not kidding when they said they were going to wake you up. Hobi tsked as he looked at all of the blankets on the floor. You laughed and shook your head.

I almost had a heart attack! You exclaimed and began making your bed. Tae walked up to you.

So you had no idea that your dad was the president?! He asked again and you let out a small chuckle.

No! I had no fucking idea. You told him. I thought he was dead. You what I remembered of my dad’s time limit. I thought he was extinct, expired. Sighing you sat down. It was such a strange feeling to be able to see him again, but there was uneasiness as you looked around. What about my mom? You asked and Namjoon stepped forward.

Do you know her time limit? He asked and you nodded.

I believe May 4th but it’s also about 10 years from now. You told him and he stood for a moment.

Well we usually wait until the day of the time limit. He responded and you shook your head.

But you heard my dad. There is a world order that claims I’m a criminal and so is my father. They are probably looking at my mom for answers. I remember the police scouting out our house for WEEKS. What if they bump up her time limit because they think she has information or that she helped us?! You asked, your mind was in a frenzy and Namjoon came over, rubbing your back like he had yesterday in the car.

Shhh, it’s going to be okay. Yoongi hyung, can you make a note of that? He asked over his shoulder as he continued to rub circles into your back. Yoongi nodded and pulled out his cell phone.

You have phones? You asked. You hadn’t seen any of them using any form of electronics, except for the video games that were horribly outdated, since you had gotten here and just thought that due to privacy purposes they couldn’t use technology.

Of course we do. Jungkook spoke up, he pulled out his own phone and waved it a little.

We formulated our own grid, it’s almost impenetrable to hack into from an outside source. You won’t be able to get your own device until you are either fully initiated or shown that you can become a finder. Yoongi explained, which just caused you to scrunch your face.

Fully initiated? I’m not already? And what the hell is a finder? Your mind was full of so many questions but those were the ones that popped into your head first.

To become fully initiated you had to go through a 10 step process, you’re only through step 2. Namjoon started. And a finder, they are sent out to retrieve newly expired people. We are trained to get your things, obviously get you, and have you get into the Society with the least amount of questions asked and slip ups. He continued.

So you’re trained extensively, yet you forgot to pick up my underwear? You asked with a laugh and Jungkook turned red.

I’M SORRY! I just … it was your panties. He said quietly and Jimin giggled.

Paaaantiiiies? Jimin mocked Jungkook, who went to punch Jimin, but instead hit Jin. The look of horror on Jungkook’s face as Jin glared at him, made you giggle. Namjoon looked at you and smiled.

Watch this. YA! Hyung, I heard Jungkook was the one that hid your chopsticks! Namjoon said and Jin’s mouth fell into a scowl.

You ungrateful little … Jin trailed off and began chasing Jungkook out of the room and you couldn’t contain your laughter.

Eh, it’s good to see you laughing. Namjoon said as you sat next to him.

Well weirdly enough, I feel comfortable with you guys. You murmured. Namjoon nodded and stopped rubbing your back, but didn’t take his hand away. Usually you would shrug someone’s hand off of you, but with him, it just seemed comforting. The two of you sat there as Jimin and Tae fought over a video game, Yoongi was typing something with a scowl on his phone, and Hobi was opening the door to the balcony.

What’s going on over there? Hobi asked and you stood up, Namjoon following close behind as the two of you made your way to the balcony. You hadn’t gone out there often, but it looked like people were congregating on the grounds.

They are looking over here. Namjoon said as he looked down at the crowd.

Rumor is out that President’s daughter has been rescued. Yoongi said in an unenthusiastic voice as he continued to scroll through his phone. We are going to need to move Y/N before Matthew starts popping his head in here. He sighed. Namjoon scoffed.

That prick needs to get a life. He muttered under his breath and you looked at Namjoon.

Okay, you need to explain. You said and Namjoon looked at you with uncertainty.

It’s not something you need to bother yourself with. He responded and you crossed your arms.

Then I’m not moving rooms. You replied and Namjoon glared.

You will do as I say. He commanded and you rolled your eyes.

I could just go back home. You retorted and Namjoon’s eyes went wide.

You cannot go back home! They’ll kill you! He exclaimed and Yoongi looked at Namjoon.

When have you ever given a fuck if someone wants to get killed? He asked and Namjoon looked at Yoongi, opening and closing his mouth.

Well what if she says something about the Society? He asked to Yoongi and Hobi rolled his eyes.

Remember the last girl that was here? She was through part 7 of initiation and when she left the compound you were happy. You even offered to drive her to the government camps! Hobi scoffed and Namjoon threw his hands up in the air.

She’s the president’s daughter! He exclaimed and Yoongi laughed.

President has even said she is not to be treated any differently. Yoongi replied and Namjoon continued to stammer.

FINE! I’ll tell you about Matthew, but really it’s not a big deal. Namjoon said and you squinted your eyes.

Why does he care so much if I leave? You thought to yourself, before pulling Namjoon over to the table. Alright, tell me everything! You told the tall man, who begrudgingly sat down in front of you.

Matthew is a finder as well, he leads group 2. Namjoon started and you held up your hand.

What group are you guys? You asked and Namjoon sighed.

Really? He asked. Do you even have to ask? He continued and you laughed.

I’m going to say group 3 because you left my underwear. You said and Hobi laughed.

We are technically the top of the class. Group 1 for the WIN! Hobi exclaimed and you laughed.

So Matthew is jealous? You asked as you shrugged. Pretty easy, he’s going to try and schmooze me to piss you off. You said flatly and Namjoon rolled his eyes.

It’s more than just that. He murmured. Matthew and I are both under your dad’s wing. So he will try to schmooze you, but he will also try to woo you. Namjoon raised his eyebrows.

Why? You asked with a bit of disgust.

Because Matthew is an asshole! Tae screamed as he continued to play video games.

Well that, and also President wants to retire soon. I’m sure Matthew is looking at you thinking that if he can woo you … Namjoon started and you sighed.

If he can woo me than he can become the president. You mumbled. Is that why you’re being so nice to me? You asked and Namjoon looked around.

I’m not allowed to be nice?! He asked and Yoongi chuckled.

Although I would love to watch you two bicker all day, Namjoon, we have to make arrangements for Y/N to move. People can’t be bothering her when she should be prepping for initiation. Yoongi said and Namjoon nodded.

Alright. Y/N, I’ll be back in a couple hours. The guys will stay with you. He gestured to Tae, Jimin, and Hobi as he and Yoongi left. You watched him leave and shook your head.

What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours? Jimin asked as he sat down next to you at the table.

My father is alive. He is also the president of the Society. My mother is still out in the world and probably has the government blaming her for my disappearance. I’m tired and haven’t had any food. Matthew sounds like an asshole. And I don’t understand Namjoon. You spouted off as Jimin sat there with a wide eyed look on his face.

Okay, well I can’t help with a lot of that, but I can tell you that Namjoon isn’t trying to schmooze you to get to your father. He’s being nice to you because you’re a lot alike. Jimin said simply and you laughed.

I’m like HIM?! You asked as you started to laugh at the outlandishness of the statement, you saw the look of seriousness on Jimin’s face.

I don’t want to tell you his background story, you’ll have to ask him about that. Jimin murmured and stood back up leaving you to sit with your thoughts.

Taking a deep breath, you tried to calm your throbbing head. You felt as though you were plopped into the middle of a story without any context, there were so many things that needed explanation, but you didn’t have time. Placing your head in your hands, the only thing that seemed to ring true was: Life is fucking complicated.

Inherited Sass

Request: Hey can I just request some cute TonyxDaughter!Reader which there is just not enough of? Tony and his daughter are very close and she’s basically like a mini him but also has powers and is an Avenger? The plot can be anything really just FLUFF 😍😍

Word Count: 650

Warnings: Not as fluffy as I hoped, nothing

Pairings: Tony x Daughter! Reader

A/N: Sorry it is so short, and I tried with the fluff though I feel I didn’t fluff enough.

Yourself and your dad, Tony, had not spent time together in a long while. After coming back from defeating Ultron he went straight to the lab and started working on a new update for Jarvis and you, straight to bed. Honestly you felt neglected, every time you tried to talk to him he would brush you off, mutter he had more pressing matters. It had been two weeks, almost three and you were sick of it. Your dad had never been this distant, you two always hung out and now he wouldn’t even give you the time of day.

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anonymous asked:

3 things I want to know about you: 1. Are you single? 2. If you aren't what's the cutest thing your S.O has done? 3. If you were to go to any place in the world, where would it be?

1. I am not (it’s been like 10 months how wacky)

2. Dealt with me ngl, also one day he brought me an HSP and chocolate AND a candle and I was shook™️ , but mostly he’s just cute because he cares about me and makes me feel safe it is güd

3. PARIS - I went there once and I’ve been feeling homesick ever since. It gave me this insane feeling of calm just wandering the city alone 🌸

Send me three facts you want to know about me here

10 years ago today, at 8:50 am, four terrorists committed such horrific actions it completely shook London, Britain and the world. They changed the lives of over 700 people and cut short the lives of 52. We must never forget these people and they’re precious lives that were ended. Not only was a nation broken that day, but it was also pulled together and became stronger and more defiant. Lest we forget.

AU College Series #10 Tell the Girl

AU College Series can be found here


“Come on Y/N, you usually out run me,” you friend encouraged, as she slowed down and jogged beside you. “Can’t I just go back to my dorm room,” you whined. She shook her head and laughed, “No, you need to get out, you have been in that room for days.” You sighed, knowing she was right. As you started to jog faster, you went off in your own world, clearing your mind of everything that was bothering you. Your friend looked around and smiled at Liam who was hiding behind a nearby tree. She waved and he smiled widely, running towards you. “Thank you love,” he whispered and took her spot. He laughed silently to himself as you hadn’t noticed he was there. “You know-,” you suddenly stopped when you saw him. “Liam, what are-where is she?” you said, looking around for your friend, “I can’t, I need to go.” “You shouldn’t listen to people who make up stories,” Liam said making you look at him, “especially girls who are jealous of a beautiful girl like you.” You bit you lip to stop the smile growing on your face, as you blushed slightly. “I can’t believe she said that to you, when I see her, I’ll,” he paused and frowned making his eye brows move, “I don’t know what I’ll do.” You giggled. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what she said. I guess I thought ignoring you would make you both happy,” you explained. Liam gasped and quickly shook his head. “You haven’t noticed have you?” he asked. You tilted your head to the side in confusion. “During practices or whenever I see you around campus, I can’t stop staring at you or wipe this smile off my face,” he said, smiling wide. “If you let me, I would love to show you how much I like you,” he said, voice soft like he was scared of your reaction, “and don’t worry about what anyone thinks or says.” You nodded and stepped towards him. “I like you a lot; ever since I met you actually,” you smiled shyly, “I guess we could give it a go.” He chuckled and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. “Thank you Y/N, you won’t regret it,” he whispered and kissed your cheek, before continuing your run as a nice walk.


“Not now I’m busy,” you said and closed your sorority house door, but Louis put his foot in the way to stop it. “What do you want Louis?” you said, harsher than intended. He sighed and run his fingers through his hair, before looking around. “Can we talk?” he whispered, “please, I just need to talk to you, away from our houses.” The look in his eyes, made you give in easily. He held the door open for you as you walked out and down the front steps. “This way Y/N, just around the corner,” he said, walking quickly. You noticed him looking around the street, like he was keeping an eye out for his friends. You decided not to confront him about it now. Within a few minutes, you arrived at a big empty field behind campus. “Louis what are we doing here? Just tell me what you wanted to say, I have things to do,” you said and crossed your arms over your chest. He sighed and looked around. “I’m trapped; the frat boys think I’m one person, but I’m nothing like that,” he blurted out, “I didn’t think how was I acting would hurt anyone, until you.” You smiled softly at his confession. “Louis, I-,” you stopped when he stepped towards you. “I know you don’t like the guy,” he smiled, making your cheeks redden, “when I saw you two together, I was so angry and hurt. It took me days to realise why.” He was now standing right in front of you; his blue eyes staring at you. “I like you Y/N. I don’t know why or how, but something about you makes me happy; my heart beat faster when I’m near you and I get jealous when you’re around other guys,” he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. You smiled and reached out and ruffled his hair. “And I know you like me too. I can see it in your eyes,” he said, stepping back from you. You felt your heart beat increase, as his words sunk it. A smile grew on your lips as to looked at the brown haired boy in front of you. “You’re obnoxious and rude, but somewhere inside you, you’re playful and compassionate,” you said softly, making him smile, “and for the same strange reason, I like you too.”


“Mr Horan, Mr Devine,” the librarian said as the two boys walked in, “behave. I don’t want to kick you both out like last time.” Niall gave her one of his charming smiles, making her smile in return but she frowned at Josh. “Why did I have to come? Couldn’t you do this on your own?” Josh whined. Niall shrugged, looking around the quiet library for you. “Shh bro,” he said and stopped suddenly, making Josh walk into him. “Ow,” he whispered, and followed Niall’s gaze. “Ok, I’ll be over there, if you need me. Good luck,” he said, before walking away. Niall watched you read your textbook; tapping your pen on your notepad. He took a deep breath and walked towards you. “Is this sit taken?” he said. You snapped your head up, your eyes going wide as you saw him. “What are you doing here? I said I didn’t want to see you again,” you whispered, packing up your things, but he quickly sat down. “Here is my half of the assignment. I knew you wouldn’t want to see me to work on it, but we had to do it together, so here,” he said, placing paper in front of you. You flicked through it, smiling as you realised he actually worked hard. “Niall, I’m impressed,” you smiled, “how long did this take you?” He shrugged and licked his lips. “I’m sorry Y/N,” he said quickly, “I’m so sorry for last Friday night. I promise nothing happened between us. As soon as she put her arm around me, I pushed her away,” he took a breath and continued, “but you walked in at the same time and I wish she would of left me alone that night, because I was having a good time with you. And I knew as soon as you walked out, I had to fight to get you back,” he rumbled on. “Niall,” you giggled and put your hand on his. He suddenly stopped and looked at you. His blue eyes locked with yours as he moved his fingers to hold your hand. “I forgive you Niall,” you paused, “I really like you, but what you did hurt me.” He nodded and slid his chair closer to yours. “I hate myself for knowing I hurt you. Let me make it up to you Y/N. I won’t let you down,” he whispered, making you smile, “ok Niall.”


“There you are. I was so scared when I couldn’t you, I didn’t know-,” he stopped and watched you as you didn’t look up at him. He slowly sat down beside you. You wrapped your arms around your knees, bring them close to your chest, trying to keep warm in the cool early evening air. You didn’t look at him; your kept your eyes straight ahead. “Well I couldn’t go to my boyfriend,” you whispered; hoping your voice would be strong, but you were never one for yelling or fighting. You rested your head on your knees, hoping Harry wouldn’t see your tears. But you sniffed making him freeze. He had dealt with crying girls in his life; especially his mum and sister growing up. But something about the girl he liked crying in front of him because of something he did, made him panic inside. He frowned when you shivered from the cold. He slid off his jacket and placed it on around your shoulders, like a gentleman. You wiped your eyes and turned your head, so your cheek was pressed against your knees. “I’m sorry Y/N, I truly am,” he said, placing his large hand on your lower back. Before you could say anything, he continued talking. “Sorry I jumped to conclusions about your brother and ignored you for a few days,” he said, green eyes full of sadness. “Thank you Harry. I should of told you though,” you replied and gave him a small smile. As you replayed the argument you had earlier, you start thinking. “Harry, why did you get angry? I mean, what if he was my boyfriend?” you asked, wiping your eyes and feeling a little happier. You hoped you knew his answer, but needed to hear him say it. He smiled embarrassedly and bit his lip. “I like spending time with you,” he said, making you raise an eyebrow at him. “When I thought you had a boyfriend, I admit I was jealous; I want to be the guy who you tell everything to,” he said, making you smile, “the one who is the reason for that smile; and who is lucky enough to call you his.” You blushed and looked back at the scenery in front of you. “I would like that Harry,” you whispered.


“Open up Y/N, I know you’re in there,” Zayn said, knocking again. You stood inside staring at the door; debating whether to open it or not. You reached out for the door handle, but remembered what happened and pulled away. “Go away Zayn. I’m not feeling well, I’ll call you tomorrow,” you replied, your voice quiet. Zayn sighed on the outside of your dorm room, as you slid down the door on the inside, with your back pressed against it. You brought you knees up to your chest and took a deep breath. Zayn ran his hand through his hair; he needed to talk to you. He smiled to himself as he thought of an idea. He pulled a photo out of his bag and quickly wrote something on the back. He knelt down and slid it under the door, before sitting on the floor against the wall opposite your door. You saw something slid into your room and bit your lip. With shaky fingers, you picked it up and covered your mouth with your hand. It was a photo of you and Zayn; at his last birthday. His mum had taken it of the two of you; your arms were around his neck as we poked our tongues out to the camera. You turned it over not wanting to look at it anymore but saw something on the back. ‘My heart is, and always will be yours,’ written on the back in his handwriting. “Sense and Sensibility,” you whispered, your eyes filling with tears. You quickly stood up and opened the door, noticing him on the floor. Within seconds he was on his feet, standing right in right of you. “Don’t play with me Zayn. I can’t handle more heartache,” you whispered, looking in his hazel eyes. He smiled and placed his hands on your waist. “I’m not playing Y/N. I promise you; I’m falling for my best friend,” he replied and rested his forehead against yours. In that moment, you stopped being strong and started crying. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top of your head, “I wished I realised it sooner,” he whispered. You closed your eyes and melted into his chest; finally feeling your heart being put back together by the only person who truly meant anything to you.

A/N: Would love to hear feedback on what you think. Or if you have any ideas for the series, let us know. The next part in the series will be ‘Skipping Class’

- Holly

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Last year, I was given the Ray Bradbury Creativity Award by Woodbury University in Burbank. I went, accepted the award from the university’s president, addressed faculty and staff, and shook a lot of hands.

As I was about to leave, the president asked if I would deliver the commencement address to the graduating class of 2015. I said yes.

Weeks before graduation day, May 10, I started preparing. I tried to imagine what it would be like to go out into the adult world today with a degree — an interesting proposition, and potentially a disappointing one.

I recently got a letter from a young man with a degree who works at a popular grocery chain. It’s not what he trained for. He’s frustrated, but beyond that, he’s scared.

As I started drafting the speech, I wondered what a college graduate might think was going to happen and what they were prepared for after leaving campus and entering a highly competitive working world.

I thought about what a commitment a college degree must be. You’re putting thousands of dollars, years of work and a lot of expectation into an extremely uncertain environment. I tried to find something I had committed to in my life with that much risk and couldn’t find anything close.

To take a shot at college — to not only believe in yourself but to believe that there will be economic stability and employment opportunities waiting for you — is to really put a lot on the line. Blocking out the “you’ll never make it” whispers that must assail some students takes courage.

I went to high school to get it over with, never once considering what I would do when I hit the real world. For the last 30-plus years, my life has been a prolonged ricochet, bouncing from one thing to another — moving, but not always with a great deal of calculation. This has made for some interesting-to-awful situations. So far, the former has edged out the latter.

As a younger person, the concept of “a career” was alien to me. It seemed to go with banker or sales executive, those paths you might take in hopes of a comfortable, event-free life. It was like setting the A and Z in your life and then spending the rest of your time walking from one to the other, with almost every step choreographed.

I see now that a lot can happen along the way and that a plan isn’t the worst thing to have. It’s not for me, but I am unable to put it down as I used to. I feel quite the opposite at this point. I think it takes a lot of integrity to define your future and go for it.

Suddenly, it was the night before graduation day. I went over my short speech again and again. Too hopey changey? Too “back in my day, we…” for people who never knew a world without cellphones?

But I liked what I had written and decided to stick with it.

The next day I was up at 0600 hrs. to be on campus at 0745 hrs. As I approached the university, there were cops, road cones and what looked like music-festival traffic. It took me a moment to realize that it was for the event. All my preshow adrenaline kicked in.

I was taken to a holding area where I met Woodbury’s new president, David P. Dauwalder, as well as professors from different departments. After that, I went into the room where the caps and gowns were and suited up.

Soon I was in line behind the president, walking to the stage. I looked out and saw all the students and, beyond them, a sea of parents and others. I immediately went into production mode. What kind of mics, where are the monitors, where is that buzz coming from, are we under a flight path?

The president opened the proceedings and brought the first of three students to the stage to speak. One of them, a girl who had come from Sri Lanka to attend, barely looked at her notes as she spoke about the dream she’d had since she was young to get a great education, and how she had come here to do it. She was fantastic. If the future is full of people like her, things are going to be great.

Minutes later I was up there speechifying. The university asked for seven to 12 minutes, so I kept it brief. The note that ran through the 1,300 or so words was that this is the century that determines all the others that follow, and young, innovative, curious people like them will be the ones who shape it. I said that I hoped they would solve problems, not accept them, and that they would always see their progress in the progress of others.

After I finished, I was given an honorary degree, which is hilarious considering what an appalling student I was. Then the best part of the whole thing started, and it was quite a lesson. The graduates were called to the stage, got their certificates, took a photo with the president and exited. More than 400 students of an incredibly wide ethnic demographic passed by me and I got a read on the future.

The world outside of America is getting smart and doing it quickly. These young people are decisively and ambitiously grabbing the moment and will absolutely be defining the future. Meanwhile, we are having cave-drawing arguments about two men getting married and heaping layers of fear-based ignorance on the good work of scientists, as we pull back into the comfort of our brutal past.

In a few hours, I got a clear picture of where things are headed. Stay exceptional!