10 days ship meme

Day 6: The best kiss. 

Gwevin - Ben 10: Alien Force 

Yo okay let me talk about how great gwevin is. They’re such a cute couple and have gone through a lot of shit. Why is Kevin shirtless? Because he just stopped being an Osmosian powerhungry can’t stop absorbing person. And Gwen is this stable, smart, super strong, psychic genius and they’re just amazing  and I have another kiss in mind at first until I realized hold the phone I don’t have gwevin on this list. The couple who’s kiss that was supposed to be here was Eugene/Rapunzel. Sorry, I still love you two, but come on. Gwevin. And they’re canon and they should forever remain canon even though the darker and edgier Ben 10 has stopped its run.

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