10 days ship


“No one knows what tomorrow will bring… But I know we will walk slowly together for our tomorrow..” - Guhai & Bai Luoyin / Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou

day 10!~

“10 - SHIP - Who do you ship Geno with? Don’t be afraid now. “

afterdeath all the way~~ at first i never thought geno would be good with anyone but the heavy shipper i am ,i fell in love with this ship~

even though i easily fall in love with any ship XD

geno belongs to @loverofpiggies

reaper belongs to @renrink  (thanks for telling guys ^^)

10 Writing Prompts pt 2 (Situations)
  1. It’s my roommate’s birthday and you just made me drop the last cake in the store so help me either find a new one or bake a new one
  2. My dog just ran through the doggie door to your house please let me go in and get it
  3. I just upended a cup on you on accident so please take my shirt/jacket and i’m sorry
  4. Your kid keeps running over here and stealing food off my plate when you’re not looking and I don’t know how to make it stop
  5. I opened my cardoor and didn’t see you riding by on your bike and you crashed into it holy crap
  6. You’re a school to be a nurse/doctor and I just got hit in the face and my nose is bleeding and did you know you faint at seeing that much blood
  7. I’m pretty sure your baby keeps dropping it’s toy on purpose for my attention and it’s cute but this floor is probably really dirty
  8. This pregnant person is just a friend/retaliative so please stop giving us weird looks because I was flirting with you it’s not mine
  9. My cat just stole your dog’s ball and went up the tree with it I’m not sorry why is your dog even afraid of cats
  10. I don’t even like sandwiches but you’re a cute deli employee who always gets the order wrong but your smile makes it okay
Poke-Femslash February Challenge

I do not know if this has been done yet, but I wanted to make a challenge for Femslash-February with the Pokemon Fandom. This is for Pokemon lesbian couples only. 

  • Day 1: Fave Kanto lesbians? 
  • Day 2: Fave Johto lesbians? 
  • Day 3: Fave Hoenn lesbians? 
  • Day 4: Fave Sinnoh lesbians? 
  • Day 5: Fave Unova lesbians? 
  • Day 6: Fave Kalos lesbians? 
  • Day 7: Fave Alola lesbians? 
  • Day 8: Fave yuri OTP? 
  • Day 9: First yuri ship? 
  • Day 10: Crack ship? OT(insert number)
  • Day 11: [With each other’s Pokemon]
  • Day 12: [Clothes Switch]
  • Day 13: [Natural Beauty] (what they like about each other) 
  • Day 14: Valentines Day! What are they doing? 
  • Day 15: “Opposites Attract” OTP? 
  • Day 16: “Gal Pals” OTP? 
  • Day 17: “High Femme and Stone Butch” OTP? 
  • Day 18: “Battle Girls” OTP? 
  • Day 19: [Double Date] 
  • Day 20: [Crossover] 
  • Day 21: […If They Were Pokemon] 
  • Day 22: [Coordinator Outfits] 
  • Day 23: Fave AU? 
  • Day 24: Celebration Time! [Ideal Wedding] or [Prom Night] 
  • Day 25: [Seasons] (choose one) 
  • Day 26: [Nature Date] or [Urban Date] (your choice) 
  • Day 27: Angst 
  • Day 28: Free Slot! 

[NOTE]: You do not have to complete all day(s). Depending on what day it is, you can do that specific prompt. (Example: If the day is the 12th of February, then you do the day 12th prompt). However, you have the option of challenging yourself to complete all days. 

I hope that this list is appropriate for everyone. If anything on here is offensive, I apologize and did not mean it to be negative. 

Please give this a signal boost! 

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WAIT SO THIS IS A THING? THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED MORE THAN ONE DAY TO FINISH A BOOK?!? like how can u sleep without knowing how it ends i’m so confused


“Who do you ship Geno with? Don’t be afraid now.”

I thought about MusicBox!Geno x Fresh…..god Rouge what did you made me do XP

Genoary Challange / @shinydiamondblog



Idk who is MB!Geno’s creator :/

i tried out with only five red colors :3