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but seriously folks.. One Day at a Time is a tv show about a Cuban single mom who is both a nurse and a U.S Military veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who lives with her mother (played by the incomparable Rita Moreno) and two children ages 12 and 15. One Day at a Time covers issues of combat related mental health issues, addiction, divorce, immigration, sexual orientation, sexuality, pornography, feminism, religion, single parenthood, family relationships and Cuban heritage

I’ve highlighted three things above because in recent memory, I cannot recall a family comedy dealing with such issues in the way One Day at a Time does - so perhaps this is a first for television - certainly a first for Netflix 

Apologies for the above spoiler also, but you know… had to get your attention 

Watch One Day at a Time on Netflix. It’s so worth it. 

this one is for the watching tv shows and becoming overly obsessed™ squad: people think that all we do is lay in bed and binge 10 tv shows in 1 day and while that might be true- we literally make gifs at 2 am, write fanfictions for hours, run a fandom related blog, make fandom edits, work with html and coding, photoshop, chase/stalk celebs & learn so much from tv shows. 


Me (that70shyde), Lisa ( @those70scomics ) and Nina ( @jacquelineshyde ) are hosting a Steven Hyde & Jackie Burkhart AU Week this year from November 22nd-28th. We want to encourage fans to make graphics, gif sets, aesthetics, fan art, fanfic, meta, playlists or anything else you can think of in honor of Zenmasters.

We’ll be tracking the tag zenmasters au week and reblogging everything tagged for us.

Daily Prompts:

Day 1: 10 Years Later AU
Day 2: Modern Setting AU
Day 3: Another Tv Show AU
Day 4: Fluffy Cliche AU (coffeshop au, flowershop au etc. you can literally go crazy with those)
Day 5: Fantasy AU
Day 6: Role Reversal
Day 7: Free Choice

If you have any questions please feel free to direct them to our askboxs!! And we can’t wait to see what you guys produce.

Spooky Question 👻

Day 1- Favorite Halloween movie(s).
Day 2 - Would you spend a night in a haunted house?
Day 3 - Favorite Halloween song.
Day 4 - Favorite candy.
Day 5 - Least favorite candy.
Day 6 - Favorite ghost Story.
Day 7 - Favorite fictional horror movie character.
Day 8 - What do you use to hold your candy while trick or treating?
Day 9 - A personal supernatural experience.
Day 10 - Favorite Halloween attraction.
Day 11 - Favorite Tim Burton movie.
Day 12 - A TV show or movie that freaks you out.
Day 13 - Favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show song.
Day 14 - Ideal Halloween costume.
Day 15 - Your biggest fear.
Day 16 - Zombies or vampires?
Day 17 - Scariest fictional character.
Day 18 - Favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character.
Day 19 - A Halloween tradition.
Day 20 - Best Halloween prank you know.
Day 21 - Best Halloween decorations or tips.
Day 22 - A scary picture.
Day 23 - Favorite fall food.
Day 24 - Your favorite pumpkin carving.
Day 25 - Do you believe in spirits?
Day 26 - Plans for Halloween this year.
Day 27 - First person you want to meet when you die?
Day 28 - Favorite family Halloween movie.
Day 29 - Favorite zombie movie.
Day 30 - Best costume you’ve worn so far.
Day 31 - Your costume this year.

Song tag game

Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these nine questions and tag ten people.

Tagged By: @oopsmybagofplums. Thank you! I’ve already done this, but wth, I kinda like these, and it gives me a chance to use another band. (I used Metallica last time, the thing is here.)

Artist: Tool

What’s your gender? Bottom

Describe yourself: Useful Idiot

How do you feel? Disgustipated, Cold and Ugly    

If you could go anywhere? The Gaping Lotus Experience

Favorite mode of transportation? Wings for Marie

Your best friend? The Patient

Favorite time of day? Intermission

If your life was a tv show? 10,000 Days Sober

Relationship status? Jerk Off Part of Me

Your fear? The Grudge (yes. Yes, I went literal this time.)

Wow. And I thought the last one came out a bit of a downer. Huh. Well, live and learn! Aka I never do. Also I’m a cheat and a liar, and used two songs on a couple. *shrugs*

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I want to test some things so I decided to do a challenge… YES ! I know I’m not very good with this kind of things BUT this time, I really want to do it. I’ll fight my lazyness ! è__é

As I’m not here tomorrow, I’ve done day 1 and 2 at the same time. Already cheeaaating ! Hehehe ! So here is me and my cat Billy <3


Day 1 : Yourself
Day 2 : Favorite animal
Day 3 : Favorite food
Day 4 : Favorite place
Day 5 : A friend
Day 6 : Favorite book
Day 7 : Favorite movie
Day 8 : Favorite animated character
Day 9 : Favorite TV show
Day 10 : Favorite candy
Day 11 : Turning point in your life
Day 12 : Most recent accomplishement
Day 13 : Comic
Day 14 : Favorite fairytale
Day 15 : Family picture
Day 16 : Inspiration
Day 17 : Favorite plant
Day 18 : Just a doodle
Day 19 : Something new
Day 20 : Something orange
Day 21 : Something you want
Day 22 : Something you miss
Day 23 : Something you need
Day 24 : A couple
Day 25 : Scenery
Day 26 : Something you don’t like
Day 27 : Someone you love
Day 28 : Anything youd like
Day 29 : A place you want to go
Day 30 : A congrat banner for finishing the challenge

Go go go ! 

10 days art challenge - TV series/shows : Day 8

21/02/2017     -    The Shadowhunters


Today I drew a doodle of Alexander Lightwood from the TV series “The shadowhunters”. I really like the character and the actor is quite handsome with simple thin lines in his face structure. I did use a 2B pencil and added some color spots on the background to bring more light (not sure it was that efficient).

Anyway, let’s be constructive, please tell me what do you think about it ?

About the TV show :

The TV-series is an adaptation of Cassandra Clare books : “The mortal instrument”. The story is based on the life of Clary Fray a young teenager studying Arts. She lives a quite normal human life until she becomes an eyewitness of the murder of a woman in a New-York night club. At first, she tries to tell her best friend Simon who is with her, but it seems that he “didn’t see” anything special. Frightened she comes home and tells the horrible story to her mother : Joceline. Yet her answer is nothing Clary would have imagined. She indeed finds out, she is no human but a shadowhunter. An ancient race of Angels offspring. She then discover the all world of the shadowhunters and the shadow world gathering of instance : her “father in parenthood” Luke an alpha werewolf, Magnus the wizard, and a bunch of vampires (very interested in Simon … - no spoil here).

Clary indeed starts to work along with the shadowhunters : Jace, Alec, Isy and the crew settled in a very hold mansion for human eyes, but a super defended structure for shadowhunters’. In addition, the story becomes more complicated when Clary’s father is revealed to be the boss of an evil organization of shadowhunters not willing to “hunt” demons of the shadow world but to corrupt the shadowhunter’s gene pool by adding demon characteristics to it and experiment on shadow world creatures.

Artistic point of view :

The series goes certainly further in the expression of every character’s personality than the movie did in 2013, yet the actors (without denying their talent) may not be the best for the job, or maybe it’s the all structure and atmosphere that’s wrong. Indeed feelings seems quite wrong played or unbelievable but certainly way too far from real possible ones. It’s a shame because the movie was in my opinion quite well done from an artistic point of view. Indeed, even if all actor’s physique is very impressive they didn’t (in my opinion) surpass the 2013 movie actors’ performance. So nothing wrong about the story itself but more about the realization of the show too oriented on the visual effects and not enough on the dialogues or the story.

Yet from a Cultural point of view the show is interesting, talking about : Religion, acceptation, children becoming adults (which is I believe the entire concept of the beginning of the story : Clary becoming aware of her “true” world), ethic, rules and authority (its power but also its failure), relationships : incest (yes ? no ? maybe ?) and LGBT’s. The show is in that way modern but I still think after 2 seasons that the media might be wrong. I will be very basic saying : the books were better (as we always say right ?)

Let me know what do you think about the TV show “The Shadowhunters”. Do you like the story ? The actors ?


get to know me: [1/10] tv shows - MTV Scream

At the end of the day, we’re all just grateful that it’s over and that the Lakewood Slasher is dead, but there’s still one thing I can’t figure out. Piper Shaw confessed to her crimes in classic villain fashion, but she didn’t explain who attacked her and Will Belmont in that abandoned building. I mean, sure, she could have banged herself on the head and made up the story, but Will confirmed it later. Much as I love a good Hollywood ending, I can’t help but wonder who was wearing the mask that night? Am I just overthinking it? Or is there more to come? @bext-k

Day 10 :  A character or characters from your fave TV show getting sorted into their respective Hogwarts houses

I choose to draw the doctors of Doctor Who on their first day of school !

They’re quite too old for Hogwarts but nothing stops the doctor ! ;)

@thatsthat24‘s Inktober


As most of you hopefully know by now @alyblacklist  and I are organizing a James Spader Appreciation Week here on Tumblr. It also happens to coincide with the week Emmy nominations are announced. Whether James receives that much deserved nomination or not, his past work and his brilliant portrayal of Raymond Reddington deserves to be celebrated. Well, we already do this pretty much on a daily basis, but lets amp it up and also share why this guy is important to us and how his work has made an impact.

The themes for the week will be as follows:

Day 1 (Sunday, July 10):  The Film or TV Show that first made me a James Spader Fan

Day 2 (Monday, July 11):  Favorite James Spader Character  (From a film or TV Show and why)

Day 3 (Tuesday, July 12):  Favorite Scene (From a James Spader film or TV show and why)

Day 4 (Wednesday, July 13) Favorite James Spader Moment from The Blacklist

Day 5 (Thursday, July 14) Favorite James Spader Monologue (from a film or TV show)

Day 6 (Friday, July 15) Favorite “Spaderism” (quirky Spader habits or mannerisms)

Day 7 (Saturday, July 16) Favorite James Spader moment I would LIKE to see on The Blacklist.

***Please tag all of your content with the tag #Spader Appreciation Week***

The invitation is open to all in The Blacklist fandom so please help spread the word. We look forward to seeing what you create!