10 days for 75 years

 Day 4- Favorite friendship with Lois Lane

Martha Kent and Lois Lane, specifically the Smallville version of the two of them. The two met under very awkward circumstances, at a point when both of their lives were pretty turned upside down–Jonathan in a coma and having just been reunited with an amnesiac Clark for Martha and Lois trying to find out what had happened to Chloe–but through the years they developed a really strong friendship and became family. Martha gave Lois advice and Lois in turn gave her own. They saved one another’s lives and Martha really did give Lois a chance to know what it was like to have a mother again.

I always loved this shot of the two of them because it really encompasses how these two strong women can lean onto one another for the strength they’re going to need for what all is about to happen.


 Day 1 — Favorite Quote about Lois Lane

Superman: Because when I'm with her,

I forget my own.

I love her. I love.

She makes me… Human?

No. I can’t be that.

But she makes me…

A man.

A man who can fly…

But it’s this woman who sweeps me

off my feet.

I'm home in the only arms

strong enough to hold me.

Her breath smells like a prayer on my lips.

Her taste… Consumes me.

And she looks like… God … How she looks.

From Superman: For Tomorrow

Superman on Lois Lane.

Celebrating 75 Years of Lois Lane - Day Nine

Day Nine - Favorite incarnation of Lois Lane

From her first moment to her last, Erica Durance’s Lois was utterly perfect. She was brash, headstrong, and she didn’t take crap from anyone. She went up against Lionel Luthor, Lex Luthor, and scores of corrupt politicians without batting an eye. She was known for her reporting before ever setting foot in the Daily Planet. She captivated Clark Kent. She was every bit the hero he was.

And for six years, she was (and still is) my idol.

Day 1 – Favorite Quote about Lois Lane

“I think Lois is amazing and it comes down to portrayal. She’s the woman that Superman falls in love with. Think about who that woman has to be. It’s not the most beautiful person in the world, but somebody who can shake his view and once again, I have to quote Waid, and ‘surprise’ Superman. This is a man who can fly around the planet [yet] Lois [can] do or say something that sets him on his ear. This is a guy who’s seen wonders we’ll never see, and Lois is to him one of those wonders. The biggest thing that gets me, and one of the reasons that Lois gets tarred with the 'bitch’ appellation, is that we assume rightly that Clark would be attracted to a woman who is strong, passionate and capable. But those very positive traits can be portrayed, if you’re not careful, as very negative things, especially when issues of gender get involved. It’s very easy to go from strong and outspoken woman to 'bitch.’ A lot of that’s societal, there’s a sexism involved that allows that kind of self-confidence to be read as arrogance. Consequently, that’s one of the landmines you have to dodge when you work with Lois, but I don’t mind. She fascinates me. I actually think that one of the reasons that Lois is there, one of the secret brilliances of Siegel and Schuster’s work whether or not it was intentional, is that we see her not only as a love interest for Clark, but through Lois we see the wonder of Superman.” – Greg Rucka


10 DAYS FOR 75 YEARS: 10 Days of Lois Lane and 10 Days of Superman/Clark

With the anniversary of Superman’s and Lois Lane’s debut in Action Comics #1 coming up next week (April 18th, to be exact), fans want to celebrate these two iconic characters. Superman’s getting a lot of attention already from DC Comics, but sadly Lois doesn’t seem poised to get any official recognition of her 75 year legacy. That’s where us fans come in. For example, willowaus proposed a 10 question celebration of Lois Lane. I think it’s an excellent idea. So much so, that I propose fans who’d like to honor Superman too, can do so. If you just want to focus on Lois because of DC’s lack of recognition, that’s okay. There’s no pressure or obligation, because this is just about having fun and celebrating what you love in whatever way works best for you.

Day 1 - Favorite quote about Lois Lane | Favorite quote about Clark/Superman
Day 2 - Favorite quote by Lois Lane | Favorite quote by Clark/Superman
Day 3 - A scene that represents Lois Lane to you | A scene that represents Clark/Superman to you
Day 4 - Favorite friendship with Lois Lane | Favorite friendship with Clark/Superman
Day 5 - The moment that made you fall in love with Lois | The moment that made you fall in love with Clark/Superman
Day 6 - Favorite kickass Lois Lane moment | Favorite kickass Clark/Superman moment
Day 7 - A scene that made you laugh and one that made you cry for Lois | A scene that made you laugh and one that made you cry for Clark/Superman
Day 8 - Favorite fan work about Lois Lane | Favorite fan work about Clark/Superman
Day 9 - Favorite incarnation of Lois Lane| Favorite incarnation of Clark/Superman
Day 10 - Why do you love Lois Lane? | Why do you love Clark/Superman?

Have fun (posts don’t need to be anything fancy; they can just be screencaps, scans, photos, essays, etc.). Also, don’t worry about missing a day or being late. It’s a loose outline, and there’s no harm in doing something for a particular question within a 1-2 day window. Take a look back at a similar celebratory meme fans participated in for Valentine’s Day here for inspiration.

Currently, I’m working with a few other Lois Lane fans on a twitter trending campaign to draw attention to her 75 year legacy. Keep your eyes peeled for details on the trending event in the next couple days.