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Day 10: Favorite Costume

↳ Heather Chandler

10 Day Music Meme

Day 10- Your all time favourite gig

Venison at Dingwalls 09 June 2010

I’ve been to many awesome gigs before, in fact I’ve been pretty lucky and never had a horrible experience (awful support bands yes ha)

Yet my favourite gig would have to be my most current, The Strokes comeback gig.

Looking back on it over two months later I’m still kind of think of it as something I dreamt.  The entire thing was surreal, from the way I actually got a ticket for the gig (via the wonderful world of Strokes Twitter fandom) to actually being rammed in that small venue where sweat dripped of the walls and breathing was not an option.

To see the band that shaped my 20s, helped me meet so many awesome people including some of my best friends to see them on stage after an horrendous 4 year hiatus was surreal at the time and still I can’t believe it actually happened.  As an atheist its the closest I’m ever going to get to a spiritual moment.

I cried, yes I cried for the first couple of songs I danced my heart out whilst weeping (thankfully everyone around me was too involved in the gig to notice a grown woman weep like a baby).  Then I cried some more when the beauty of Under Control was played. Then I pretty much became so overwhelmed with emotions I spent the next week on a post-gig high that consisted of me crying, laughing with joy, crying with joy, dancing with joy and crying some more for the hell of it. I am a very emotional person.

It wasn’t just that the boys were playing better than they ever had, or that every one of the songs played transport me back to various moments of my life in the past decade. It was that they were even there to begin with.

Over the last 4 years its been hard being a Strokes fan - never knowing if the mysterious fourth album would ever see the light of day, worrying the band hated each other, wishing to god that the official site would just get updated with news, any news! 

So seeing them in the flesh together for the first time in four years, it was a miracle, a revalation. A GOD DAMN WORK OF FUCKING ART.

My initial post-gig reaction can be found here

Watch on deardarkness.tumblr.com

10 Day Music Meme

Day 9- Your 2 favourite music videos

Part Two- Thriller by Michael Jackson

An obvious choice I know, but this video defined my childhood. Seeing it for the first time (I must at be about 5) made me completely in awe of music videos and Michael.  Of course its more than just a music promo, its mini-movie that showcased just how creative the medium could be.