10 day merlin challenge


TEN DAY MERLIN CHALLENGE → Day 7: favorite quote

“Do you think I sit around doing nothing?! I haven’t had the chance to sit around doing nothing since the day I arrived in Camelot, I’ve been too busy running around after Arthur; do this Merlin, do that Merlin and when I’m not running around after Arthur I’m doing chores for you and when if I’m not doing that I’m fulfilling my destiny! Do you know how many times I’ve saved Arthur’s life? I’ve lost count! Do I get any thanks? No! I have fought griffins, witches, bandits, I have been punched, poisoned, pelted with fruit and all the while I have to hide who I really am because if anyone finds out Uther will have me executed, sometimes I feel as though I’m being pulled in so many directions I don’t know which way to turn!