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Today, I fucked up... by killing a video game monster instead of the centipede on my arm

So I was digging through my parents’ favorite video games and decided to continue my mom’s game in Onimusha 3. It’s kind of old but it’s pretty fun and I’m doing well until I come across this monster.

That is, both in game AND in real life.

Because when I looked down on my arm, there’s this giant ass centipede just waltzing its way up my arm like “Hey girl what’s up doing anything this weekend?”

But I don’t have time for to deal with this guy and the monster on the screen was about to attack my character. So I decide that my in-game HP was more important than my in-real-life HP and ended up going for a 10-slash combo instead of killing the bug on my arm.

Annnnddddd just as I finish the monster off the centipede bites down on my arm and I start screaming bloody murder partly because of the pain and mostly because having a giant centipede hanging off of your arm is just pretty fucking scary.

Fast forward a few minutes later mom’s icing my arm and screaming her lungs out: “If you even had a brain the size of Justin Bieber’s dick to press the pause button, you would never have fucked up like this!” (Pardon the strange wording, we speak Chinese at home and this is the most literal translation I could come up with.)

TLDR: Decided to kill a monster on-screen than a monster in real life. Ended up with a centipede bite and a roasting from my mom.

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League of Legends Asks

(Made a league ask, feel free to use it at your leisure!)

Send me a number in my inbox, anon or otherwise!

1- First champ played?
2- First main?
3- Season when you started?
4- What got you into league in the first place?
5- Current rank?
6- Highest rank?
7- Current main?
8- Odd pick fave?
9- If you could date a champ irl who would it be?
10- Best odd combo?
11- Worst league experience?
12- Best league experience?
13- Ever got stuck in a rank?
14- Met anyone you met on league irl?
15- Last league game score?
16- Last champ played?
17- Most champ played?
18- How many mastery 7s?
19- Ever cosplayed a league champ?
20- Ever had a penta kill?
21- Favorite champ?
22- Favorite skin?
23- If you could perma delete a champ, who would it be?
24- Current instant ban?
25- Least favorite champion?
26- Aram, twisted tree line, or Summoners Rift?
27- Favorite special game mode?
28- Ever gotten so tilted you broke something?
29- Ever been reported?
30- Ever been banned?
31- How many summoner names have you had?
32- Ignite or heal (adc)?
33- Most expensive skin owned?
34- Longest game?
35- Longest amount of time playing consecutively?
36- Too many chests or too many keys?
37- Favorite midlaner?
38- Favorite adc?
39- Favorite support?
40- Favorite top?
41- Favorite jungle?
42- You’re worst champ?
43- Favorite lore champion?
44- If you have a champions abilities irl who would it be?
45- If you could be a league champ what would your kit/role be?
46- Your favorite male champ?
47- Your favorite female champ?
48- What’s your favorite league ship?
49- What’s your favorite LCS team?
50- Ever used RP to buy a champ?

Think about it – they have to test everything, up to and including, “How does the game handle it when the most amazing player in the world pulls off a series of spectacular moves with pinpoint precision?” If the tester can’t do that, well, too bad.

“I’m pretty good at fighting games, but I’m not great,” says Corey. “Some have ridiculous 10 button combos, and sometimes I can’t do those. Well, fuck. You can’t cheat your way through it, that defeats the purpose of the test. So you have to sit there and practice the move all day until you get it.”

Every gamer knows how frustrating it is to get stuck, but at least you can walk away, calm down, and not have your boss tell you to get back in there and spend hours mastering the single secret move that makes Barbie’s horse eat a rival jockey. Have you ever played a game to relax after finishing a project with a tight deadline? For testers, the game is the deadline. You have to grind away at whatever you’re stuck on for an hour, a day … however long it takes you, which will be well past the point of fun.

5 Things I Learned Testing Video Games For A Living

combos #10
  • sagittarius sun & cancer moon: laid-back
  • aries sun & pisces moon: quirky 
  • leo sun & capricorn moon: determined
  • libra sun & aquarius moon: overthinker
  • aquarius sun & scorpio moon: wild
  • scorpio sun & pisces moon: obsessive

all sun x moon combinations here

Parks And Cons on Twitter
“Another store getting hit w/fraudulent returns on Marvel Legends. Enchantress is no Polaris, but try explaining that to an employee here...”

I’ve noted in the past how Marvel (likely really Brevoort) tried to mess with casual readers by a) undermining All-New X-Factor #14 where Polaris and Scarlet Witch would actually spend time as sisters, while b) putting out the following Axis variant cover where they tried to make Enchantress look more like Polaris (instead of actually using Polaris in addition to Enchantress).

As I’ve noted many times before, that attempt to screw with Polaris fans and casual readers backfired. People keep mistaking Enchantress for Polaris on that cover (like, for example, this ebay listing for an art print).

The tweet behind this post demonstrates, to me, the continuing impact of that decision.

Polaris, due to being new and very low supply compared to high demand, can go for around $30 right now. By contrast, Enchantress can be bought for $10. This combo means that if a scammer wants to do it, they could buy both figures, put Enchantress in the Polaris box, “return” it, and save themselves about $20. Or alternately, reap a $15-20 profit.

This scheme relies on the average employee not knowing both Polaris and Enchantress exist, and not knowing their physical differences.

A problem that wouldn’t exist, or barely exist, if Marvel promoted both characters heavily. Instead of trying to undermine one of them to promote the other.

For example, with that Axis cover above, Enchantress’ body language doesn’t match Polaris’ personality. But Marvel (again, really Brevoort) refusing to promote Polaris means they won’t pick up on that body language cue. They’ll just assume it’s Polaris.

The solution to this ongoing problem is simple: acknowledging Polaris, and using her enough for people to know when a character isn’t her. Something Marvel apparently doesn’t know how to do.


These two combos will appear in the ZGYM soon. You can get a great full body workout out of these:
Do 10 sets for each combo (10 on each leg for the second combo) and go for 3-4 rounds. I’m using 12lb dumbbells. Have fun!
#zuzkalight #workout #video #workoutmotivation #fitness #exercise #summer #bikini #abs #sixpack

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Hwoarang doing this same combo since Tekken 3 and i really love it. I remember this was the first combo i learn in Tekken 3 and since then, hwoarang become my favorite. I can say this is my favorite character of the entire game but i also enjoy playing with Leo. When i got my copy of Tekken 3, i remember i played with all the characters but i feel comfortable with Hwoarang. He is quick and letal, great Taekwondo fighter.

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Pencil 👀👀👍 (officialtiredanon)

tired and rando
1. probably met while wandering random sites at 6am
2. rando is always bouncing off the walls with energy, keeping tired awake
3. they like to make jokes about getting drunk, then text other anons pretending that they are
4. take dares on who can stay up the longest and end up staying up for 48 hours
5. best bros
6. everyone who tells them to sleep gets sent all of the memes ever
7. rando smothers tired with cats every so often
8. if rando ever wakes up at a decent time and tired is awake, shenanigans ensue
9. both swore to never actually drink because lack of sleep + being drunk is not a good combo
10. rando is definitely the one who hired/provoked stabby

I completely forgot about Eli’s birthday because I was too busy getting all the bad ends in VLR but I managed to finish this, happy birthday to our favorite student council president.

word count: ~2.2k

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This isn’t how you should Spanish, but it’s how I Spanish.

el arañazo is “a scratch” and not “a hit with a spider”, which is good because getting hit by a spider would be the worst. But also why is it a scratch? Are spiders razors? Because that’s even scarier than a regular spider. 

But also don’t get beaten up by spiders, they have 10 hit combos for days.