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Took all damn day just to sketch and ink. Ow* 😢 but I really wanted to draw a disabled character in a fantasy setting, and figured an alchemist would be cool

(*My disability rating is low, I’ve been using a cane for 10+ years and it caught up with me in the form of a VERY painfully affected shoulder and now I can barely draw and art was the only way I could keep up financially and getting the muscles worked on costs more money and basically I’m stuck between a shitty rock and a shitty hard place… I’m jealous of this character I just drew, still able to earn a living and work and… bleh, this got emotional… BUT my disabled feelings are pretty relevant to this art… and, heh, shingadinga @ gmail if you want to spread any word to help me try to afford to get the shoulder worked on so I can get back to steady art commissions)

Made a crappy timeline lol

Ash and Misty

  • A(10)/M(12): Meet and travel together in Kanto along with Brock
  • A(16)/M(18): Start traveling together again. Come across TRio again and help take down Team Rocket
  • A(20)/M(22): Get married
  • A(22)/M(24)/C(0): Cane is born
  • A(32)/M(34)/C(10): Cane begins journey, meets Julie along the way and later meets up with Joyce

Brock and Joy

  • B(15): Starts traveling with Ash and Misty. After saying bye to Ash in Sinnoh, pursues career as a Pokémon doctor
  • B(18)/J(18): Meets a rebellious Joy and befriends her
  • B(22)/J(22): Get married
  • B(25)/J(25)/J(0): Joyce is born
  • B(35)/J(35)/J(10): Joyce starts studying to be a medic
  • B(37)/J(37)/J(12): Joyce meets up with Cane and Julie to travel

Jessie and James

  • Ja(25)/Je(25): Start following the twerps
  • Ja(29)/Je(29): Jessie becomes the new (co)boss of Team Rocket and James becomes an executive. Their romance begins to develop
  • Ja(31)/Je(31)/Ju(0): Jessie finds out she’s pregnant. Take down Team Rocket. Tells James they’re gonna have a baby. Get Married. Julie is born. (This year was a ride for them)
  • Ja(41)/Je(41)/Ju(10): Jules begins journey.
  • Ja(47)/Je(47)/Ju(16): Jules meets up with Cane and accompanies him on his journey

Edric Cane found a very simple way to calculate the n-th row of Pascal’s triangle on the fly, without the need to write down all previous rows or memorize complicated formulas. Just write down the sequence of n fractions with numerators {n, – 1, … 2, 1} and denominators {1, 2, … – 1, n}, respectively, and multiply them cumulatively. For instance, for the tenth row, simply write down:

The cumulative products yield 1, 10, 45, 120, 210, 252, 210, 120, 45, 10, 1.

According to Cane, “It couldn’t be easier to remember or to implement.”


Come on anon.  He visited me for only 15 days…  We did the disappearing cane trick 10 times.

He is a tall nerd

i go through random cravings all the time, but I LOVE THE FOOD AT MY WORK.

It’s hard to pick favorites, but if I had to choose:

 Happens that these guys are also the main characters of their respective story idea. 

Uh.. I guess that cartoons introduced me to goths. I always found the goth character to be much cooler than the rest and usually more hotter too.  I’m not really nitpicky.  Any goth style is awesome.

How to win your crush (based on MikaYuu fanfic I had read) -PART 2-

(based on this post)

1- Go on  a support group and meet the hot kleptomaniac guy and make a bet with him to see who fall in love with the other first.

2- Meet a ghost in your own room, and help him to know how he died.

3- Run away from your lover and everything, disguised, and go to the military, but don’t be surprised to found out he’s your commandant.

4- Help a cute badass rich guy to save his butt from a group of people who are trying to kill him.

6- Unintentionally, send yourself to a orphanage and meet a cute boy at you age. But  don’t be sad just because he hates dogs and you’re a werewolf…Or maybe be.

7- Save an superhero you have a crush on and start to exchange letters with him. But don’t put him as your cellphone wallpaper, he may be see it without you know. (But is not like he hates it ¬u¬)

8- Hate him. Fuck him. Like him. It’s simple.

9- Save a prostitute from his miserable life, make him your new servant (BUT DON’T LET YOUR UNCLE KNOW YOU LOST YOUR EXPENSIVE CANE)

10- Die. Make a contract with a demon. Now you have to handle his suggestiveness and do some impossible tasks.

11- Be a racer and hit your car on your crush, taking him to the hospital. He probably will never race again. You know what? Better not, it will only end up with him probably hating you…

12- See this cute guy spraying the principal’s car. Make him go on a travel with you in exchange for your silence.

13- Work in a cleaner service and found out a guy dacing “Promiscuous Girl” in his office.

14- Start to sing ‘’Unwritted’’ out loud to the guy in the car next to yours. Meet the same hot guy when going to cut you hair. Also, make a tattoo in him.

Countdown to S4
Day 10     TAB throwback

» Candy Cane Christmas Edition

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us about Caning as a punishment in Singapore? My foreign (Westerner) friends of Tumblr would like to know about this barbaric punishment so that they could avoid doing anything bad when they visit Singapore.

First of all, it’s not barbaric jfc. That word is too strong.  

(Below is the procedure of how prisoners are canned in singapore) 

Myths debunked

It is not true that if a prisoner loses consciousness while being caned the rest of the strokes are given at a later date. In such a case the doctor will remit the remainder of the corporal punishment sentence and the prisoner may be referred back to the court to have his prison sentence increased instead.

It is not true that the officers administering the caning need to be martial arts experts. The prison officers who administer caning are carefully selected and specially trained for the job.

Canings are not administered in instalments. If the maximum possible 24 strokes are ordered, all 24 strokes will be carried out in one session.

Bamboo is never used. It is too brittle to be suitable for corporal punishment use. All canes are made of rattan.

Caning is not life-threatening. Nobody is recorded as having died as a result of being officially caned in Singapore.

Legal basis

Sections 325–332 of the Criminal Procedure Code lay down the procedures governing caning. They include the following:

  • A male offender between the ages of 18 and 50 who has been certified to be in a fit state of health by a medical officer is liable to be caned.
  • The offender shall receive no more than 24 strokes of the cane on any one occasion, irrespective of the total number of offences committed. In other words, a man cannot be sentenced to more than 24 strokes of the cane in a single trial, but he may receive more than 24 strokes if the sentences are given out in separate trials.
  • If the offender is under 18, he may receive up to 10 strokes of the cane, but a lighter cane will be used in this case. Boys under 16 may be sentenced to caning only by the High Court and not by the State Courts.
  • An offender sentenced to death shall not be caned.
  • The rattan cane used shall not exceed 1.27 cm in diameter.

Any male convict, whether sentenced to caning or not, may also be caned in prison if he commits certain offences while serving time in prison.


The following groups of people shall not be caned:

  • Women 
  • Men above the age of 50
  • Men sentenced to death whose sentences have not been commuted

Here are all the offences which caning is available  

But I would like to highlight that caning as a punishment is much less given out by the court in recent years. 


(Compiled by: Hikari@HazelFarm)

– to complement @mariethecrocheter’s Crop List

*Note about grow time*
- Lower number: 2x watering at your home field.
- Higher number: 1x watering at your home field, or inside greenhouse.
- When growing crops at their respective field, plus watering combo active, the grow time gets even more faster! (Except paddy field. See Winter seeds for example)

>> SPRING seeds (10)
# Root:
turnip (genstore/silk, g 4-5)
potato (genstore/wheat, g 6-7)
# Leafy:
cabbage (rose, g 12-14)
strawberry (rose, g 14-17, rg 3-4)
# Tall:
cucumber (sakura, g 9-11,rg 2-3)
# Flower:
marguerite daisy (rose, g 6-7)
tulip (rose, g 11-13)
pink rose (rose, g 8-10)
carnation (rose, g 12-14)
# Tree:
cherry (g 2mo, rg 3-4d)

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Now, this is what you call a true RUM COLLECTION! 


if you ever want to know what all of the humor in “gutless wonders” was supposed to look like, this is it. “confused look” humor.