10 blank canvases

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Can we get some Kara fluff headcannons? Not necessarily romantic ones.

Ok I apologize I am late on the response, my mind has been jumbled lately. But asking for straight fluff from me …do you understand the floodgates you have opened?


  • When they were still teenagers Alex and Kara teamed up at a state fair one year. Kara entered a food eating contest and Alex took bets, because nobody is going to think the skinny little teenage girl will win, but of course she demolished the competition. 
  • Kara is definitely somebody who sings in the shower. She probably does whole dance routines in the shower. I bet she has been grateful for being indestructible because she paid too much attention to the dance routine and ended up slipping.
  • Alex found out and got her a non-slip bath mat for Christmas as a joke.
  • The first Halloween after Supergirl emerged Kara is so excited at seeing supergirl costumes on sale that Halloween night she went out in her suit and flew around greeting mini versions of herself.
  • Krypton did not have anything that tasted like coffee, and even though it may not affect her, Kara still appreciates a cup every so often, and has since she first landed on Earth.
  • Alex once decided to use her college labs to make a very concentrated cup of coffee for Kara just so she would know what a caffeine buzz felt like
  • While the basis was a good idea, she overestimated it a bit, and it ended in what they refer to as the caffeine incident.
  • “Mrs. Rollins, I can promise you that Kara was at home with me, there is no way she could have reorganized the entire library, and to some strange foreign alphabet, no less. Also doing so in 5 minutes is not humanly possible. Have you been sleeping ok? Maybe you should take a day off.”
  • Mrs. Rollins was lucky she didn’t also witness Kara go through 10 blank canvases and a sketchbook all the while explaining advanced Kryptonian politics to Alex
  • She ended up crashing face first into the canvas she was currently painting and sleeping for nearly 24 hours
  • Kara: Hey Alex, so, Cat has this new branch opening and I have been running around and with the addition of that alien that escaped the DEO I haven’t slept in who knows how long and I still need to finish up these proofs and go help out with the relief effort for that flood.
    Alex: What are you getting at Kara?
    Kara: Do you think you can try and make that cof
    Alex: NO
  • To expose Kara to as much of Earth as possible, the Danvers started to take Kara camping as soon as she got a handle on her senses. The tent was put away for a few years after Jeremiah died, but was eventually taken back out after a particularly hard school semester, and Alex and Kara made it a habit to go camping when their college break schedules lined up.
  • They prefer to go backpacking now that they are older because when nobody else is around Kara’s superpowers allow for an instant fire and she uses her breath to keep their bottles of water cold. It also helps that Kara can carry the heavier supplies
  • Alex loves the memory of the time some sexist asshat at the trailhead made a comment about them not hurting themselves with their heavy backpacks. Kara had a rare moment of cockyness and convinced him to try on her backpack only for him to fall over from the weight of it.
  • Kara, after noticing it happen with a boat, discovered that if she flies over the ocean low enough and at a pretty slow speed dolphins sometimes will join her. 

Ok I have to cut myself off at some point or I will never stop with the fluff.

This ended up being mostly Alex and Kara fluff because I was trying to keep any romance out of it and Alex is such a significant part of Kara’s life that doesn’t she basically come paired with Kara? But I see no problem in Alex and Kara fluff ( ^◡^)