10 august 2012


Chilling interview with Zachary Davis, who, at 15-years-old brutally bludgeoned his mother to death with a sledgehammer. On 10 August, 2012, Zachary entered the bedroom of his 46-year-old mother, Melanie, while she slept and bludgeoned her with a sledgehammer 12 times. He then set fire to the house with his older brother, Josh, sleeping inside. He then fled the scene. His older brother managed to escape the blaze, much to Zachary’s dismay - he later said “I would probably kill Josh with a sledgehammer too.” Zachary hastily confessed to the brutal murder -  “I killed Melanie and left Josh alone to suffer… I didn’t feel anything… I didn’t feel remorse… My only true regret was that I didn’t give her a faster death. I didn’t want her to suffer.” He reported  that his brother Josh had raped him but and investigation found no evidence to support this claim and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. 


LOLfest with Josie Long and Friends - 10 August 2012

Josie Long was joined by David O'Doherty, Tony Law, The Pictish Trail and Gordon McIntyre from ballboy for our second ever LOLfest show during Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012.

£1,200 was raised on the night, and a great time was had by all. Huge thanks to all the acts and to people of Summerhall (venue 26) for making it happen.

I really love people ranting about how they won’t watch Teen Wolf the show because they’re “loyal” to Teen Wolf the film. And I’m just like whaaaat? Guys, seriously? I’m a huge fan of the film too but pretty much the only things they have in common are a handful of character names, the title itself, and the basic idea of teenagers as werewolves. Seriously.

Like, it’s cool if you watch it and are like “this isn’t for me” but being like “I CAN’T WATCH THIS IT WILL RUIN THE FILM” when it’s so loosely based on the film is ridiculous.