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Concept: The Green Witch arc gets animated except it’s not by studio A-1 Pictures because most of their stuff looks cheap and their promotional art always looks weird and gross.


We repeat thousands of eternities
In the boundless, lonely darkness
I’ve been looking for you
All my life
As I’ve been led by the force of attraction

Like untangling our red threads
I’ll come to see you riding on a shooting star
Over time, far off
Fate is fulfilled
Now we share the fateful moment

anonymous asked:

when i think of bullets i think of that feeling u get when u turn off the lights in a basement and then run as fast as u can upstairs, u have a split second to think "of course nothing's behind me, i'm here alone, but...". when i was little i had this image of a skeleton hand just reaching up for my leg while i climbed up. idk that's the same feeling i get listening to bullets, like those weird, creepy, vaguely nostalgic things in dirty spots of everyday life,, does that sound too pretentious?


BtVS - Team Spuffy!

Andrew: You definitely traded up.

Dawn: I’d kill for the easy, fun, flirty, sexy best-pals thing you two have!

Willow: !

Andrew: BtVS S8 - Predators and Pray (Drew Z. Greenberg/Georges Jeanty)

Dawn: BtVS S10 #9 - Love Dares You Part One (Christos Gage/Megan Levens)

Willow: BtVS S11 #30 - Own It: It’s On You (Christos Gage/Rebekah Isaacs)


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