10 Years Later Fest

You may begin posting works (meta, recs, fic, vids, art, comics, gifsets, whatever you like) at any time during the Fest, but please save your biggest splash for July 16th, the anniversary!

The Fest collection is open at SGA 10 Years Later Fest on AO3.

Here is a full list of communities participating. You can post to any of those, here on tumblr, and on AO3 (or just one of them. Whatever you want! Just make sure you let people know).

So this is about the fastest i’ve ever drawn a full colour piece XD 
I realized today that its officially been 10 years since these two idiots first walked through the stargate together (or, more accurately, Major John Sheppard sat down where he shouldn’t have!). So, since a number of blogs have put together a ten years later fest, I thought i’d contribute!

anonymous asked:

Can I throw a general prompt out there, for the ten year fest? You know Harmony would be 18 now. Which is probably the age she'd start looking to get married. And her wedding would be a state occasion. And she would probably invite John and Rodney... La la la :D

Ooo, good prompt. And since Harmony is so happy, she’d want everyone happy, but especially Rodney, who is her hero…

I like it :)

midvintermorgon asked:

I was wondering, is there as tag we should use for the Ten Years Later Fest to have everything related to it collected in one place here on tumblr or do we just tag it like we would any other McShep post?

Hmm. I think it’s a great idea to have a specific tag for this. That way if someone wants to see everything posted for the fest, they can just go to that tag. Or someone could set up a tumblr for it? I would, but I’m already worried about having enough time to create something for the fest, let alone run such a tumblr.

Unless someone has a better idea, I think the tag 10 Years Later Fest works perfectly. - popkin16