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Joseph Scott Giaquinto arrested on bias-motivated charges for attacking Colorado mosque

  • On Monday evening, police announced the arrest of 35-year-old man in relation to the vandalism attack at the Islamic Center of Fort Collins in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Joseph Scott Giaquinto was allegedly caught on surveillance video footage flipping benches, breaking windows with bricks and throwing a Bible into the mosque early Sunday morning. Read more. (3/28/17, 10:55 AM)

13/12/16 10:55 AM // December bullet journal spreads so far. Earthy colors this week and black + bronze last week. I’ve been using this bullet journal for 10 months now and it’s almost finished, so I’m hoping to get a new one for the new year. On another note, I’m leaving to San Francisco tomorrow!! Any books/stationery store recs?

DAY 3263

Goa                          Mar 5, 2017                    Sun 10:55 pm

Birthday - EF - Leela Sitahal      Mon, March 6 .. greetings to our Leela ji with love on her birthday .. we wish you good health and happiness ever .. 

There is nothing more satisfying than a creation that speaks and enlightens the mind and soul. Music always did, but when you allow it to embrace the written word of the highest order, the soul gladdens, the body and mind vibrates, much like that ‘Phantom’ music hearing aid that emanates quality of immense gratifying measure. But sound systems can only reflect that which it is fed with, and the feeding has been the works and words of my Father. 

The works and writing of these works have always been derived from some personal feelings and emotions .. from stories that passed by in his life .. from the reality of his own bearing .. and from the experiences of his immense philosophy ..

Each expression is weighted and decorated with the brilliance of his thoughts, his choice of words, and more particularly, since we are immersed in the music of his works, his own tryst with the ‘saat sur’ . When we sit with the professionals in the order of music, they are amazed not just by the play of his poetic selection of words, but his acumen with the tones and tunes that he himself constructed and rendered ..

The tones are simple, just like his writing, sonorous and lasting .. 

His vast knowledge of the field of his choosing, his own principles and beliefs .. his strong revolutionary thinking and his lasting impressions through the dexterity of the prose he wrote through his autobiography, is phenomenal ..

Some day hopefully I shall be able to put across publicly what I express, and seek your indulgence ..

For the moment then give me the space to construct and reinvent him for you ..

Amitabh Bachchan  

I’m sorry that I’m so embarrassed. It’s just that he was never the one who asked when we could see each other. So when I heard you ask if we could do something tonight, I didn’t know what to say, because I’m just not used to it.
I’m sorry that I’m so nervous. It’s just that he once said we’d meet up at 3pm, and when he arrived at 6pm he gave me a far-fetched apology and a quick kiss, then he moved on to another subject. So when you and I were supposed to meet up at 11 last Friday and you were already standing there at 10.55, I didn’t know how to react, because I’m just not used to it.
I’m sorry that I’m so awkward. It’s just that he only ever texted me first if he needed something, and I never got a good morning or goodnight text from him. So when I heard my phone vibrate two days ago at midnight and found a “good night sweetheart” from you, I didn’t know what to respond, because I’m just not used to it.
I’m sorry that I’m so shy. It’s just that people only take pictures of what they love, and he never once asked for a photo of me. So when you took out your camera and told me to look at you, I didn’t know how to pose, because I’m just not used to it.
I’m sorry that I’m so clumsy. It’s just that he saw me only when he wasn’t too busy. So when you said that you didn’t have much time but that you’d come and see me anyway, I couldn’t find the words to thank you, because I’m just not used to it.
I’m sorry that I’m so sensitive. It’s just that he always took hours to text me back, and sometimes he didn’t even do it. So when I sent you a message at 6.56 and you responded by 6.57, I could hardly believe it, because I’m just not used to it.
I’m sorry that I’m so terrified. It’s just that I always hoped he would do this or that, and nothing I wished for ever happened. So now that I’m too deluded to dare hope for anything, my hands start to shake and tears fill my eyes when it all happens exactly the way I want it to.
Please don’t hold it against me, and please don’t be surprised. Cause darling you treat me so fucking well, and I’m just not used to it.
—  I’m sorry that I let him steal my trust
Things I Need From ACOWAR

1. To see Amren’s true form
2. Cassian’s wings to be ok
3. Azriel and Mor to FINALLY be together
4. A giant monologue of Feyre telling Tamlin the tool she betrayed him
5. Rhys to be with her when she does it
6. The suriel and Feyre having more gossip sessions
7. Lucien to stand up for Feyre
8. More magic messages between rhys and Feyre
9. An ACOWAR chapter 55
10. Feyre to grow her wings again

The Crossroads- Update #Really-getting-there-now

Sorry for being so quiet on updates. Been knuckling down to try and get as much work done as possible.

I think I may actually get it done in the month! :D

I’ve nearly done all the CGs. I decided on 3 for each LI, so 6 in total. Only one of the endings for each guy will get a CG (the true love end). It’s not as many as I wanted, but at least it’s some.

Script is coming on really well-


The game contains 3,252 dialogue blocks, containing 34,535 words and 179,246 characters, for an average of 10.6 words and 55 characters per block.

I only have to write the two variations of Chapter 11 and the four endings, then I’m done!!! (I wrote the bad ending today).

Really starting to come together now. It’s exciting :D

Hope everyone is doing well :)

技能実習制度から失踪外国人が最多 消えた中国人、5年間で1万人超
産経新聞 10/31(月) 7:55配信 2016



 昨年の失踪者を国別にみると、中国が3116人で最も多く、ベ トナム(1705人)、ミャンマー(336人)と続いた。中国人実習生の失踪は26年には3065人で、2年連続で3千人を突破。23年から5年間の累計は1万580人となった。

Perú está enfrentando uno de los desastres naturales más fuertes de las últimas décadas, con lluvias, inundaciones y aludes que afectan a 20 de las 25 regiones del país. Hasta el momento lamentamos más de 60 muertos, 70 heridos, 10 desaparecidos y 55 mil damnificados, entre ellos varios animales. #FuerzaPerú

dragon jack fluff
  • [3/24/17, 9: 39:13 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: Jack is like these babies
  • [3/24/17, 9: 39:17 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: being all cute
  • [3/24/17, 10: 14:59 PM] Hannaleigh: With their spread beans smushed against him
  • [3/24/17, 10: 15:05 PM] Hannaleigh: They love to snuggle daddy too
  • [3/24/17, 10: 15:07 PM] Hannaleigh: Very warm
  • [3/24/17, 10: 19:56 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: they all like hiding along his belly
  • [3/24/17, 10: 20:01 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: even Rhys too when he gets cold
  • [3/24/17, 10: 21:30 PM] Hannaleigh: Yesssssss
  • [3/24/17, 10: 21:39 PM] Hannaleigh: Jacks got a nice warm dragon tum
  • [3/24/17, 10: 21:55 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: Rhys makes a nest by his belly for him and their babies
  • [3/24/17, 10: 21:59 PM] Hannaleigh: Not as soft as his babies tummies but still not as hard as his protective scales
  • [3/24/17, 10: 22:00 PM] Hannaleigh: Yesss
  • [3/24/17, 10: 22:06 PM] Hannaleigh: In the winter when it's storming out
  • [3/24/17, 10: 22:09 PM] Hannaleigh: And the babies get cold
  • [3/24/17, 10: 22:24 PM] Hannaleigh: And jack can curl his body protectively around them all
  • [3/24/17, 10: 25:33 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: when they are snowned in he makes a nice nest near Jacks belly and tucks his babies away between them
  • [3/24/17, 10: 29:46 PM] Hannaleigh: Yessssss
  • [3/24/17, 10: 30:10 PM] Hannaleigh: Sometimes they burrow half underneath jack to be extra warm
  • [3/24/17, 10: 30:21 PM] Hannaleigh: Spend most of their time when it's cold sleeping
  • [3/24/17, 10: 31:54 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: Jack dips his head down and puffs some warm air on his family
  • [3/24/17, 10: 48:57 PM] Hannaleigh: Yessss
  • [3/24/17, 10: 49:07 PM] Hannaleigh: Does whatever he can to keep them warm
  • [3/24/17, 10: 49:23 PM] Hannaleigh: Feels happy with all the babies nuzzling against his stomach
  • [3/24/17, 10: 53:43 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: When it gets real bad he places a boulder in the pathway to keep all the warm air in. Rhys makes a perfect nest for them and Jack keeps them warm and they keep Jack warm in turn, nuzzling his chest and belly
  • [3/24/17, 10: 57:24 PM] Hannaleigh: Yessss the warmth circulates in the lair
  • [3/24/17, 10: 58:33 PM] Hannaleigh: Jack also licks and preens them
  • [3/24/17, 11: 00:02 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: Yess
  • [3/24/17, 11: 00:13 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: bumps his nose on them
  • [3/24/17, 11: 00:28 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: Jack tucks his head down around em like a swan
  • [3/24/17, 11: 00:36 PM] Hannaleigh: Yessss
  • [3/24/17, 11: 01:05 PM] Hannaleigh: And he gently scruffs ones that try to leave the warmth of the nest
  • [3/24/17, 11: 01:21 PM] Hannaleigh: Picks me up and puts em back
  • [3/24/17, 11: 01:39 PM] (Tebia)TheBirdThatScreams: is placed back in Mama's arms

For as the rain and snow come down from heaven, and do not return there without having watered the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to sow and bread to eat,

so My word will be that goes out from My mouth. It will not return to Me in vain, but will accomplish what I intend, and will succeed in what I sent it for.

—  Isaiah 55:10-11

🛍💕Itsy Bitsy Haul 💕🛍

✨ My first post on Tumblr, hehe. ✨All done with no rubber bands or anything at all. Most of the stuff I snagged had no gator tags and happened to be in my size. Especially that bra!! I was so so so fucking lucky because I wear a 34DDD.

Forever 21 

  • Striped Crop Top - $6.90
  • Tan Sweater - $14.90


  • Socks - 5 Pack - $12.99
  • Sweatshirt (underneath the crop top) - $29.99
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Body Bra - $55.50
  • Panties - $10.50 x 5


  • Salt Stone Lamps - $14.95 x 2
  • Copper String Lights - $10 x 2
  • Stone Necklaces - $12.95 & $14.95

Aerie Store

  • Soap Rocks - $14.95

Charming Charlie’s

  • Notebook -$10

✨Haul Total before tax: $290.75 ✨