10 25 2013

can someone tell me from which artist this painting is? I forgot where I found it….

Its exhibited it the medical museum in zürick, switzerland….someone on facebook gave me this link: http://iconamerica.me/2013/10/25/ill-stop-wearing-black-when-they-make-a-darker-color/

anonymous asked:

I just find it so hard to think that anyone as intelligent as you obviously are could believe that jonbenet was murdered by her parents or Burke. It's ridiculous BUT I believed that garbage too before I wastched the newest specials (one called the killing of jonbenet says that ppl who still believe the parents did it haven't looked at what Lou smit said & maybe that's you ?) but after seeing all this I know for sure that someone broke in. She fought against them. They had proof & they have DNA

First of all, that was touch DNA that was found ten years later (after it had been handled by a number of people including pathologists etc). We all shed DNA constantly and if you know anything about the crime scene, you know it was ridiculously mishandled with a number of people on the scene. When current Boulder DA Stan Garnett was elected and took over the case, he became aware of mishandling of the DNA testing - “They had deviated and dropped down to four markers as opposed to the standard [13]. There doesn’t even need to be direct contact for touch DNA to be transferred. Somebody could have touched something and then she could have touched it and then touched her clothing thus touch DNA being transferred. That’s why it’s unheard of for somebody to be convicted or exonerated on touch DNA. Hundreds of people had been in and out of the Ramsey house over the Christmas period and even on the day her body was discovered. People confessed that they had recently slept in JonBenet’s bed while staying overnight at the Ramsey’s while she slept in her parent’s bed. She was constantly being paraded about. There was touch DNA everywhere in that house.

Secondly, Loui Smit proved someone could fit through the window, but did you not see he had to slide over the window ledge thus making the intruder theory bullshit due to the fact that the ledge was covered in dirt, dust and debris which can be seen in the crime scene photos:

It would be impossible to climb through the window without disturbing the dirt, dust, and debris. Also, they claim the “intruder” left the torch in the kitchen, so how did he manage to get into the basement, find a paintbrush in Patsy’s bag and turn it into a garrote, kill JonBenet, wrap her up in her favourite blanket, and then hoist himself up onto the window ledge and climb out, without making a sound, disturbing the dirt etc, or leaving any fingerprints? Fleet White, John’s friend, admitted that the suitcase had been moved to under the window by him when they were searching for JonBenet, meaning that it couldn’t have been the point of exit since it was so high up that something would need to be underneath to stand on:

There is far more evidence against somebody in the house being the killer - there is no point of entry or exit, Patsy’s fingerprints are the only ones on the ransom, the ransom was written with pen and paper found inside the house with the pen being neatly placed back, a number of experts contended that the writing patches Patsy’s, fibers from the jumper Patsy was wearing on the night of the murder was found on the inside of the tape over JonBenet’s mouth, JonBenet ate pineapple before she was killed and Patsy and Burke’s fingerprints are on a bowl of pineapple found in the kitchen, her parents said she went straight to bed but we know she was awake at some point to eat the pineapple, the Ramsey’s refused to speak to police or take polygraphs for over a year. I just don’t understand why somebody would come to a house to murder a child and write a ransom note in the kitchen with stationary found in the kitchen where they could be caught at any moment. Why write a ransom note demanding money and then leave the murdered child in the house? That is completely unheard of.

The crime scene was staged, thus whoever staged it wanted it to appear as a different sort of crime than what it really was and direct attention away from those inside the house. What motivation would an intruder have to do that? Why did they stick around staging a crime scene? She wasn’t strangled with much force considering it caused no internal damage. The rope around her wrists was so loose that the pathologist could just slip it over her hand. She was already unconscious when the tape was placed over her mouth and that can be seen with the undisturbed lip print left on the inside of the tape, implying there was no struggle to get it off.

A grand jury even voted to indict the Ramsey’s but DA Alex Hunter refused:


Instead of basing your opinion on a bias documentary that has been refuted by a number of experts, why not read the case files? Why not read books written by lead detectives on the case? Why not actually look at the evidence yourself? Lou Smit makes it sound believable until you look at the abundance of evidence that can solidly refute what he claims, even down to the crime scene photos of the supposed entry/exit point.


Louis interview NRJ 10/25/2013

At 2:40 Louis admits his recent expensive pleasure purchase is a full Iron Man suit, that his girlfriend had asked him why??? he bought it, and that he’s thought of wearing it before sex.

[LIST] Gaon Chart “Top-Selling Artists and Company Sales” for January - November 2013

1. EXO: 633,933
2. SHINee: 510,327
3. Infinite: 392,761
4. Kim Jaejoong: 343,143
5. G-Dragon: 285,152
6. VIXX: 270,719
7. Cho Yong Pil: 257,914
8. Teen Top: 221,159
9. B.A.P: 208,012
10. CN Blue: 165,991
11. 2PM: 139,870
12. B1A4: 137,292
13. Kim Hyun Joong: 113,204
14. B2ST: 106,468
15. Busker Busker: 105,826
16. Shinhwa: 94,666
17. Junsu: 93,204
18. Infinite H: 92,394
19. Seungri: 80,304 20.   MBLAQ: 73,125
1. SNSD: 333,716
2. F(x): 87,723
3. APink: 51,922
4. KARA: 46,769
5. IU: 40,782
6. T-ara: 27,903
7. T-ara N4: 27,586
8. Girl’s Day: 22,412
9. Sistar: 22,301
10. Crayon Pop: 21,434
11. Lee Hi: 17,746
12. Lee Hyori: 16,847
13. Ailee: 16,611
14. Davichi: 16,168
15. 4Minute: 15,972
16. Nine Muses: 15,760
17. Baek Ji Young: 14,349
18. Rainbow: 14,179
19. Sistar19: 13,156
20. Afterschool: 12,672

1. SM: 1,742,944 2. Woollim: 508,723
3. YG: 477,759
4. C-Jes: 441,502
5. Jellyfish: 277,444
6. Universal: 257,914
7. CUBE: 252,778
8. FNC: 248,905
9. JYP: 235,944
10. T.O.P: 234,133
11. TS: 219,232
12. WM: 137,292
13. Key East: 113,204
14. Chunchung: 105,826
15. Shinhwa: 94,666
16. Starship: 87,591
17. CCM: 76,186
18. J-Tune: 75,217
19. Star Empire: 64,745
20. DSP: 64,457
21. H2: 61,423
22. 7 Seasons: 56,828
23. Pledis: 55,604
24. LOEN: 53,558

L’altro giorno ero a casa dei miei nonni. Il nonno era in garage con mio zio per sistemare la macchina, e mia nonna, come sempre, era in cucina a far da mangiare.
Così mi stavo aggirando per il salotto, guardando quella casa così accogliente e calda, piena di colori e fiori. Sul tavolo c’era un libro, così l’ho preso in mano e l’ho aperto. Era della nonna. In prima pagina c’era il suo nome, e sotto una data con una dedica:

“25/10/2013, da parte del mio amato Franz”

Ho sorriso: a quanto pare scrivere la data e l’occasione in cui il libro è stato comprato è una cosa di famiglia.
Ho sfogliato le pagine, e ho visto il segnalibro della nonna. In qualsiasi libro stia leggendo, c’è. È una bacchetta per i capelli. Scura, con due perle all’estremità, bellissima.
-Nonna- le ho detto, entrando in cucina e sedendomi sul tavolo:-Perché non ti compri un segnalibro “normale”?
Un sorriso si è fatto spazio sul suo volto:-Oh no, tesoro. Ci sono affezionata a quello che ho.
-Perché me l’aveva regalato tuo nonno, quando eravamo più giovani. Gli è costato un sacco di soldi, mi ricordo quando ha tentato di farmi una pettinatura con quelle bacchette… non gli è riuscita molto bene, ma mi ha guardato e mi ha detto che sembravo una principessa.
I suoi occhi erano lucidi a quel ricordo di tanti anni prima.
-È bellissimo, nonna.
-Sì, infatti.
-E l’altra bacchetta dov’è?
-Nel cassetto del mio comodino. Se ti piace puoi prenderla… quando non ci sarò più, mi piacerebbe che tenessi quella che c’è nel libro. E magari poi la darai a tua figlia… sarebbe bello. Certi ricordi sono talmente piacevoli che sarebbe un peccato non regalarli ai propri cari.

Una bacchetta per capelli. Una semplicissima bacchetta che fa ancora emozionare la nonna. E fa emozionare anche me.

—  lezionidivoloperprincipianti