10 21 2013

Corey Feldman Details Horrific Sexual Abuse In New Memoir
In his new memoir, Coreyography, Corey Feldman details the sexual abuse he and fellow child star Corey Haim endured in Hollywood at the hands of...

Corey Feldman is dealing with revealing who sexually abused Corey Haim is a powerful person in Hollywood.  He is know, for Corey Haim’s Mother request, to not reveal it.  She is dying from cancer.  

This is a real life, real-time sexual abuse cover-up of huge portions finally being given the truth.  

Blast From The Past

Characters: Chris Evans x Reader

Chapter: One/ Intro

Warnings: LANGUAGE! (laughing hysterically to myself for the reference)

Notes: Based off a really strange dream

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You were leaning down tucking your sleeping two year old son into bed for a nap. You quietly stepped out and shut the door. Before you could turn around there was a big flash of light behind you and then you collapsed and the darkness overtook you.

When you woke up, you were laying on the living room floor of your apartment. Your husband was drinking a beer and staring at you with a completely stunned look on his face. “Babe? What the hell happened?  Why am I on the floor?” you grunted out as you pulled yourself off the floor. You found it odd that he didn’t rush to help you. You brushed yourself off and looked around. “Uhmm… Where’s our wedding pictures?” Your husband, Chris Evans, finally spoke. “Who are you and what the hell was that?” You realized something was really off. “What? Baby why are you acting like that? Where’s Robert?” He made a quizzical face. “Why are you calling me baby? Who is Robert?” You didn’t know what he was doing. “How much have you had to drink, Chris? So much you forget your wife and son?” You had your hands on your hips; over whatever game he was playing at. “Whoah whoah what? Are you crazy lady?” He had his hands up and backing away. Was he serious? You looked around. No wedding pictures, no baby pictures, he’s not wearing his ring, calendar says April 28, 2012. Okay so it’s not April Fool’s Day.


2012? You ran over to the calendar. “Why does this calendar say 2012?” Chris thought you really had lost your mind. “Because… that’s the year? Look, I don’t know how you just appeared in my house but you have to go. I’m sorry.” Your heart started racing. “No. No no no. This is crazy! How can it be 2012? It’s 2016!! If you’re playing one of your pranks, Chris, this one isn’t fucking funny. Pretending like we aren’t married and…” “WE’RE NOT MARRIED.” Chris shouted and interrupted you. You rolled your eyes and took off your wedding ring to show him. “<your initials> and CRE 10-21-2013” He read the inscription aloud. “Uhhh that doesn’t mean anything, sweetheart. Anyone can get a ring engraved.”

You pulled your phone out of your back pocket, unlocked it, and told him to look through your photos and your contact info for him. He saw pictures of the two of you through the years and that his contact info in your phone was his actual number. He also noticed he never saw an iPhone like that before. “It’s an iPhone 6s.” His eyebrows shot up. “…the iPhone 5 doesn’t come out until this October.” You looked at him for a few minutes. “Wait you said I just appeared in your house? What do you mean?” You were running your fingers through your hair and looking around. Chris thought you were pretty hot for a psycho. “Uh yeah. I was sitting on the couch drinking a beer and watching the game when there was this huge flash of light. When it was gone, you were in the middle of my living room floor.” Your eyes grew wide. “No no no. Robert! I had just tucked him in for a nap then there was a bright light then darkness. Oh my god. Oh my god. My baby. What happened to him? Is he okay?” You looked at Chris. “I…I don’t know. You were the only one that came through.” Heart racing, you were in a full panic. “Okay, okay, you just went to go walk the dog, so maybe you’re back with Robert now. Maybe he’s not alone.”

Chapter 2

****So I already have a lot more written but thought this was a decent sum up. Thoughts?***