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Save my Heart

Tytuł: Save my Heart
Pairing: Larry Stylinson, Zouis
Opis: Louis jest w sytuacji, w której bardzo ciężko jest się zakochać, Harry nie wie, że będzie musiał walczyć o serce ukochanego, a Zayn uważa, że miłość można sobie wziąć kiedy się chce.
+ akcja, flirt, przekleństwa, przemoc, seks, porwanie, secret service

Prolog (17/07/16)
Rozdział 1 (20/07/16)
Rozdział 2 (22/07/16)
Rozdział 3 (26/07/16)
Rozdział 4 (29/07/16)
Rozdział 5 (02/08/16)
Rozdział 6 (06/08/16)
Rozdział 7 (14/08/16)
Rozdział 8 (29/08/16)
Rozdział 9 (03/09/16)
Rozdział 10 (12/09/16)
Rozdział 11 (16/09/16)
Rozdział 12 (24/09/16)
Rozdział 13 (30/09/16)
Rozdział 14 (08/10/16)
Rozdział 15 (15/10/16)
Rozdział 16 (22/10/16)
Rozdział 17 (20/11/16)
Rozdział 18 (13/01/17)
Rozdział 19 (15/01/17)
Rozdział 20 (05/02/17)
Rozdział 21 (16/03/17)

Legrégebbi, ma is aktív, magyar tumblik listája

Kérdezték tőlem, szóval itt van: elvileg ők a legrégebbi, ma is aktív, magyar tumblik, a legelső posztjuk linkével együtt:

Shelter the Audiobook version has been updated through Chapter 19! Listen to it by streaming or download on the Ao3. Cover art by st00pz created for this fic. Do not alter or distribute this art without express permission from the artist. Reblogs are fine. 

Description: Takes place immediately after BoO. A novel length what happens next fic aimed at answering all the WTFs we were left with. Rating: Explicit Warnings: Underage Smut - User discretion advised

Summary: Shortly after his stay in the infirmary, Nico agrees to accompany Will Solace and his friend Lou Ellen on a quest for Apollo. It’s a trip full of new experiences, old dangers, and revisiting past wounds. Along the way, they discover the secret to healing and learn to move forward.

Duration: Chapters 1-10 - 02:08:14, Chapters 11-14 - 00:54:42, Chapters 15-19 - 01:21:12 


So earlier this week, I saw that Markiplier had beat the the first night of  Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

After he did, I noticed that the numbers before 6:00 am were “random” flashing numbers. Knowing that Scott never dose these things without reason, I decided to record them.

Night 1


The same thing happened on the second night

Night 2


If you have any information on what these numbers mean,(Or any other hidden things) please reblog with your findings.

Night 3 

















I’m starting to notice a pattern The last 5 numbers always start with
And the second out on the five are “06:66″ . But so-far, it’s only for the second and third night.

RinHaru Fics

Exhaustive list of all my RinHaru works in chronological ordor. Enjoy!

1 - Married Couple (01/07/14). Written for Haru’s birthday.

Summary : Trapped in the locker room, Haru faces a problem he can’t resolve.

4k One Shot. Small Angst with good ending. Teen audiance.

2 - Pretty Morning (09/07/14)

Summary : Haru has his own ways of dealing with Sousuke and his possessiveness with Rin - but who is the possessive one there?

3k One Shot. Mention of Alcohol. Cute as pie Haru. Fluff. Teens audiance.

3 - Little stories about how much I love you. (15/07/14)

Short RinHaru drabbles

4 - The swimsuit (20/07/14)

Summary : Haru drags Makoto to do some shopping. Let’s say that what Haru ends up buying is…unexpected.

600 words One Shot. Crack. Fluff. Rated G

5 - Injury (27/07/14) Drabble for the freeiwa_daily event on twitter.

Summary : A sprain isn’t going to take Haru away from pool-san, only Rin can!

1K One Shot. Crack/Fluff. Rated G.

6 - Everything is fine (27/07/14) (woa I was pretty productive that day)

Summary : Except that sometimes nothing is fine, nothing at all.

3K One Shot which can turn into Two Shot if I’m not lazy. It’s Angsty with an open ending.

7 - The Surge (29/07/14)

Summary : They say it’s the rolling swell of the sea, especially after the passage of a large wave. They had no idea it could have a lot of other very different meanings.

7K One Shot. Heavy Angst with a bad ending. Mention of illness and hospital.

8 - Footprints (29/07/14) (another productive day)

Summary : Rin finds a surprising way to celebrate their first year together.

1K One shot. Fluff.

9 - More than Mackerel (03/08/14)

Summary : Rin should be careful of where he puts his phone…especially if it ends up in Sousuke’s hands.

1.5K One Shot. Fluff/Crack. Saba hate :/

10 - Late (25/08/14) Prompt

Summary : “fem!Haru discovers she’s pregnant with Rin’s child at only 17 and tries to figure out how to tell everyone and eventually go through with the pregnancy” it says.Well I kinda diverged but the spirit is there! Some angst and some fluff.

Tbh not ma fav, I’m considering on deleting it.

11 - The Favorite (21/08/14 - 21/10/14)

Summary : Haru has always been the Prince’s favorite, but his comfortable life is ought to change when Rin turns 20 and needs to find a Bride to become the King - will it really change the relation they’ve had for so long ?

Arabian Au fic!

Complete story - 6 Chapters, 30K. Explicit content. Angst with good ending.

(I have a thing for prince Rin. Forgive me.)

12 - Mondays (10/08/14 - 24/10/14)

Summary : Everything happens on MondaysAkaThe story of how Sousuke meets Makoto, and then invites him and his boyfriend Haruka to have dinner with him and Rin at a stupid sushi bar, and of how that might be the decision he will regret all his life.

Complete - 4 Chapters story. 65K. Cheating fic. Angst. Contains some MH scene.

13 - Sound of the Heart (20/11/14 - hiatus) (harurinweek)

Summary : Rin never thought that one day, this kind of specimen would bite to his bait.For RinHaruweek, Mermaid AU.

In hiatus. I’ll continue later if I have time.

14 - Un bel di, vedremo levarsi un fil di fumo (21/11/14)  (harurinweek)

Summary : Music is made of two things: notes and rhythm. You need both to make a piece, and you need to master them completely to be called a virtuoso.
Rin has the rhythm. He knows what he misses.
And there’s only one person who can bring what he lacks to create a masterpiece.
But when Rin comes into the amphitheater for the first time in four years, the pianist’s seat is empty.
Jazz Band AU.

3K One Shot. Fluff and MUSICIAN

15 - To make a cherry blossom blooms in the middle of Haneda (for you) (22/11/14) (harurinweek)

Summary : Last time I saw you I almost told you, you know?
You were there standing in front of the train, waiting for its door to burst open and to swallow you away. I was staring at your back when I thought ‘Hey, I don’t want to look at that back leaving me anymore.’ I tried to reach you but that time, you turned around, and then you smile, and I forgot how to speak.
That’s why I had to find another mean of telling you than with words, because you took my voice away, you left me speechless. I really thought for a moment that it was a good idea.
I’m sorry for being such a wreck when it comes to you.

4K One shot. Tbh, I don’t remember why I did this xD

16 - The little mermaid (25/12/14) - Christmas Gift for ewagan.

Summary : Rin saved Haruka’s life when they were both children. They have a lot in common, and could become very good friends, but there’s a single problem. Rin is a mermaid, and he is not supposed to be seen by humans.

16K One shot. Mermaid AU with Major Character Death.

(Due to lack of time the story feels incomplete, I need to work on it later)

17 - Castle in the Snow (07/03/15)

Summary : “You know,” Haru says in a rush, as if something urgent was forcing him to, “Sometimes it’s hard for me to go forward when you’re not there ahead of me, to show me the path."Haru rubs on the dishes harder, trying to ignore the heat of Rin’s body enveloping his own, and the one of his eyes, obscuring his sight. "I’m sorry.” He hears Rin say.“What for?” He asks then.“For always leaving you alone to deal with the mess I’ve caused.” Rin murmured against Haru’s ear.For the first time in ages Haru laughs bitterly, at how painfully accurate Rin’s statement is.

5K One Shot. Angst with good ending. Mention of hospital. Not edited, and needs to! Dedicated to Penny <3

18 - Things left behind - The Mental House (26/06/15 - on going)

Summary : The Iwami Mental House is the best of the whole country. A real melting pot of psychiatrist pathologies. With an extraordinary medical team, Iwami has the highest results of rehabilitation.The thing that Rin wonders, however, is what the hell he is doing there.Because obviously, Rin is perfectly fine.

On going fic. I’m having a little writer’s block so I’m working on another project at this moment.


I never thought I had written so much O_O

(My babies…T_T some have grown up since I’ve writen them)