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Playing Wrong Pt.3

Pairing: You x Bang Yongguk

Genres: Angst with a little swearing and all the mafia stuff, mention of Smut

Word Count: 2,562

Short Summary: Bang Yongguk is a mysterious character to you and will forever be. While you are having breakfast, he is busy fucking a girl an floor over you. After breakfast he sends two of his men to drive to your apparent with you, where you died multiple deaths.

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Originally posted by bapoverflowers

There wasn’t much you could do now anyways and the though of a shower wasn’t completely unpleasant to you. You entered the bathroom once again,  this time looking around a little. A giant shower, a medium sized whirlpool, a really big mirror, two washbasins and of course a toilet. What surprised you even more were the fragrance sticks. You certainly didn’t expect the bathroom of a mafia leader to smell like a mix of vanilla and fruit, but you certainly didn’t complain. The scent lingering in the air had something oddly comforting and for the first time you felt safe in a house full of mafia. You wanted to strip of your clothes, but hesitated, when the thought came back to your head, that technically everyone could walk in. You quickly locked the door and stripped of your clothes. Only when you were completely naked, you noticed something was missing. Yongguk gave you his clothes for afterwards, but he didn’t gave you shower gel or shampoo. You opened the shelfs of the small drawer, only finding condom boxes. Great. But you were lucky in the last shelf, finding at least shower gel. Of course it was not for woman and afterwards you would smell like Yongguk, but it was better than nothing. You hoped your boyfriend used his brain and did place beauty products in you apartment and not only clothes or you would definitely have a problem. You adjusted the water temperature for your liking before stepping inside. The shower was really nice and for once you didn’t thought about the situation you were currently in. Living with six mafia killers in the same house and in one month your boyfriend would come with his gang and kill Yongguk and most likely the rest of them. You stood in the shower a little longer, enjoying the feeling of the water running down your skin, before you stepped out and wrapped a towel around you. Yongguk wasn’t lying, his clothes really fitted you. Well depends how you describe fit. They still were too big for you, but better than nothing. You quickly made yourself a ponytail and unlocked the door again.

You thought it would be around morning time, since your stomach was slowly grumbling. You spotted a clock on Yongguks nightstand and you checked the time. 6:21. Yep, you definitely needed breakfast, but where to go? You remembered Yongguk telling you, that he is in his office and you should come if you needed something. You silently stepped outside, not wanting to disturb anyone and stepped down the stairs. Since you weren’t in a hurry you could take a better look at your surroundings. There were a lot of paintings and even if you didn’t know much about paintings, basically nothing, you could say that they were really expensive. You stopped in your tracks in front Yongguks door, hearing kissing noises and panting from the inside. What the fuck was going on in there? You wanted to turn around and leave, but your hunger was bigger than the fear of what you are going to walk in. You knocked and opened the door, seeing Yongguk on a chair in the room, making out with a girl in his lap, straddling him. You could tell Yongguk was enjoying himself, since his dick was begging to break free in his dress pants. You just stood there, not knowing what do do, until Yongguk lifted his head up. 

„What do you need, Y/N?“ 

„I-I‘m hungry.“ 

The girl in his lap noticed you now, visibly growing uncomfortable with the situation she was in. She was only in lingerie, while you stood there in Yongguks clothes. 

„Ah, sure. Go down the stairs, turn left and walk forward until you are in the dining hall. Knock on the door there. One of the cooks will be there. Just tell him what you want and he will do it.“ 


You left as quickly as possible, the scene repeating over and over in your head. How could Yongguk talk to you like that and why did he look so unbothered by the girl? Okay, he was hard, but all the moaning came from her. At least Yongguks way description was right and you were in the dining hall, knocking on the door as he told you. A really small guy, that obviously not only enjoyed cooking his food, but also eating it, opened up. 

„Hello. What can I do for you?“ 

„Yongguk said I should come here and tell you what I want to eat.“ The cook just nodded. „Can you do eggs?“

„Sure. Sit down I’ll bring them to you, when they are done.“ 

„Thank you.“ You sat down at the gigantic wooden table and waited, your thoughts drifting away. 

„Here you go.“, the cook said, placing the eggs before you. „Should I call you a taxi or something?“, he asked and you looked at him confused. „Why?“ The cook cleared his throat. „You are one of Yongguks girls, right?“ 

„Whatever you mean with ‚one of of Yongguks girls’, no I’m not. I’m being kept here, because I walked into a deal of them.“ 

„I’m sorry. For both.“ The cook quickly left again and you were alone, but not for long. You got joined by one of Yongguks men. He had blonde hair, a little shorter than Yongguk and on his wrist is a ‚HOLD‘ tattoo. „Good morning, Y/N.“, he greeted you, his voice sounding really happy and cheerful. 

„Good morning-“ 

„Daehyun. My name is Daehyun.“ 

You smiled at him. „Good morning, Daehyun.“ 

Daehyun also knocked on the door and ordered the usual, the cook immediately disappearing and he sat down next to you. You tried to hide your thoughts, but there was no way. 

„Y/N, I can see you are extremely uncomfortable and I probably would feel the same, if I would be in the situation you are in curently, but I promise you, that we are really nice guys and won’t hurt you.“ 

„It’s not even that.“, you answered, picking around in your food. 

„What is it then?“ Daehyun was a master in facial expressions, he really looked shocked and surprised. 

„Yongguk makes out with a girl in his office, his bathroom is full of condoms and the cook thought I am ‚one of Yongguks girls‘.“ 

Daehyun nodded understanding. „That’s one way of our boss to release stress.“

„That’s disgusting.“ Of course, because you had literally no luck, Yongguk walked in. „I heard I’m disgusting.“ You just wanted to disappear somehow, but you weren’t a magician, so you just stared down at your eggs and hoped Yongguk would go away, but that wasn’t the case. Yongguk took the place across from you. 

„Is it good?“, he asked and you just nodded. „Daehyun-ah. You and Jongup-ah drive later with Y/N to her place to get her stuff.“, Yongguk commanded. „Yes, boss.“ Yongguk stood up again, leaving the two of you alone. 

„He already had breakfast.“, you mumbled a little too loud, so that Daehyun heard you and he simply laughed at your comment. „Cmon. Finish up.“ You looked at your plate, seeing still a bit food being left and over at his plate, all pancakes away. Either he was really hungry or he could eat for two. Feeling pressured, you quickly ate the rest of your eggs and the small guy appeared again and you heard him speak for the first time. 

„The boss told me I should drive with you and Y/N to her apartment.“ At least you knew now all their names. Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Junhong. „Then let’s get going.“, Daehyun stated and got up and you followed them. The way you walked was familiar to you, since it was the same way you got in here, but still there were too many doors to at least find a little orientation. Entering the big car park you were surprised again. How many times do they want to surprise you? 3 big black vans, 6 sport cars and 6 more „normal“ cars, if you could call it normal. You didn’t even want to know how much money was standing around here. 

„Which one?“, Jongup asked. 

„The black Mercedes, I would say.“ Jongup went to a safe, unlocking it and took the key out, taking place in the drivers seat, while Daehyun and you sat down in the back of the car. Jongup drove out of the parking lot and out in the daylight. You hoped you can see a little of the mansion this time, but all the windows were black, so your hopes where shattered. You just sat back and tried to be relaxed somehow. Soon you would be in your extra rented apartment and would see the work of your boyfriend. You really missed him and most likely visiting that place would only make it worse. In your thoughts you remembered, you didn’t had the address of your apartment, neither had it Jongup. Shit. You plan will fail and they will most likely kill you. You nudged Daehyun and he turned his head, looking at you expectingly. 

„Does Jongup even know were to drive?“ 

„Yes, he knows. Youngjae told him.“ 

„Ah.“, you nodded and leaned back again, being more panicked than before. Somehow he found out where you lived, what if he found out about your background? Why you are really here and what your boyfriend plans? It was not even a full day, but you are certain the mission would fail. It’s impossible to get close to Yongguk. He isn’t exactly nice to you, but also not intimidating. He is a mix you can’t describe. After nearly an hour ride Jongup stops the car in front of an old apartment complex. 

„That’s where you live?“, Daehyun asked, strangely looking at you. 

„Well, certainly when you jut moved here you can’t live in a mansion with 15 cars unless you work for the mafia.“, you spat back, not really knowing how you suddenly got so confident. Maybe you just wanted to defend the choice of your boyfriend. 

„Sorry.“, Daehyun answered, opening the door to get out and at you followed him. The next hurdle. You had no key. You were about to die for a second time, when Jongup got a key out of his pocket and opened the door. What. The. Fuck. Jongup proceeded to walk and you followed him, Daehyun behind you. On the third floor he stopped, opening the door on the right and entering it. You wanted to follow him, but Daehyun held you back. 

„Wait.“, he said with a stern voice, no hint of the nice and fluffy boy you talked to this morning. 

„Clear!“, Jongup screamed from inside and Daehyun gave you a nod, showing you to go inside. Inside it was a little more modern than on the outside. On your right was a really small kitchen with a table and a chair and a small living room. On your left a small bathroom and a bedroom with a closet. 

„Do you have a suitcase or something?“, Daehyun asked, leaving you scared again. What if your boyfriend hasn’t planned this? In that moment you caught a glimpse of something suitcase looking in your bedroom. 

„Yes. Bedroom.“, you answered a little too fast, but both of them didn’t notice it. They sat down on your bed, watching you pack your stuff. And your boyfriend didn’t mess up. He put in all your favorite clothes and shoes, something more elegant, but also outfits for you to laze around. The first two suitcases where soon filled and the boys gave each other looks, playing rock paper scissors on who had to carry all this. Yes, in the mafia you play rock paper scissors. 

„Guys, I still need to go to the bathroom and pack my stuff there.“ Jongup let his head drop. „Sure.“ He thought you couldn’t hear him anymore, when you left the room, but you could. „Next time I hope the boss sends someone else.“ The bathroom was quicker for you to finish and you smiled to yourself, when you noticed certain bottles. Your boyfriend placed your favorite shampoo, shower gel, soap and so on in your bathroom. You quickly stuffed it into a bag and made your way back into the bedroom. 

„I’m finished.“ Both of them got up, taking one suitcase and walking down the stairs. You just stood there, not knowing if you should follow or not, but your question was soon answered when Jongup came upstairs again and locked the door. „Come on. We don’t want to make the boss wait.“ You followed him downstairs and handed your bed to the on the trunk waiting Daehyun. You got into your seat and sighed. 

„Something wrong?“, Daehyun asked, who was now sitting next to you again.

„Just tired from packing.“, you lied. You couldn’t tell him you were relieved, that your boyfriend did everything right. You remember nothing from the car ride, since you fell asleep. You only woke up by Daehyun poking your shoulder. „Y/N, we are here. Get up.“ You yawned and stretched the best you could inside the car and got out, walking with Daehyun again through the gray hallways, while Jongup was somewhere behind you with your suitcases. 

„I go to the boss and tell him we are back. You go to your room and wait for Jongup-ah.“ With that Daehyun left you alone and continued to walk, knocking on Yongguks office door. You were already on the stairs, when you heard the door open. You continued to make your way upstairs, when you met the CEO lookalike. 

„Y/N. Food is in a bout a hour. You better be on time or Yongguk will be mad. You can walk around the mansion if you want and look around. The only rule is, that locked doors stay locked.“ 

„Okay, Thank you Himchan.“ You really thought about his offer, exploring everything that could help your boyfriends gang later, but you just wanted to lay down now and think about what happened the last hours. You opened the door and walked in without looking, knowing that Yongguk isn’t there. You let yourself fall back into the soft mattress, closing your eyes, but you opened then, when you heard footsteps nearing. It was Jongup with your suitcases. 

„I’ll place them in front of your dresser.“, he said. „Wrong one. That’s mine.“ Out of sudden Yongguk appeared in the doorframe and Jongup held track in his movements. „Sorry boss. I forgot.“ He changed his directions and placed it in front of another one. „I leave now. See the two of you later.“ He quickly left and left you alone with Yongguk. 

„Can you stop shaking for once?“, Yongguk asked, slight annoyance in his voice. You didn’t even notice you were shaking. It must be his sudden appearance that scared you a little. 

„How do you-“ 

“I say it again. Stop shaking. I- We won’t hurt you, if you follow our rules. If you act up, you have a problem. Understood?” You scooted away a little, his hard words with the harsh voice really scaring you. 

Yongguk sighed, looking down at the floor before looking up again with way more gentle eyes and voice. „How about I show you around?“

The Don, Part 48

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  • Cas: I burnt my wings to save you.
  • Dean: You're making me question whether all monsters are bad
  • Cas: I gave my life to give you five minutes to save the world
  • Dean: I missed you during the time apart.
  • Cas: I'm only going against what you think is right to save you and the world you love.
  • Dean: Betrayal only hurts this much when you put trust and care into what bites you back.
  • Cas: I deserved to die!
  • Dean: You did what you thought was right.
  • Cas: Bees.
  • Dean: Anger.
  • Cas: I tried to keep more monsters away from you by leaving you in purgatory.
  • Dean: I didn't stop searching for you in purgatory.
  • Cas: I'm human, hungry, and homeless.
  • Dean: I have to put Sammy first GTFO.
  • Dean (three episodes later): But let me see that you're okay
  • Cas: Even if it kills me, I'll rid you of the Mark of Cain.
  • Dean: Even if it leaves me abandoned and alone in space, I'll keep away so as to not hurt you or the world you love.
  • Cas: I gave my vessel, all that I had left, if it meant that we had a chance of beating Amara, and of saving you.
  • Dean: I spent every night and day worrying about you and trying to figure out how to get you back.
  • Cas: I'd die with you.
  • Dean: You belong with Sam and I.
  • Cas: I don't know if I belong here.
  • Cas: You mean too much to me.
  • Cas: I love you.
  • Dean: I'm not ready for you to die.
  • Cas: I have to help Kelly and her baby. It's for the greater good.
  • Dean: Losing touch with me isn't for the greater good.
  • Cas: I'll be damned if I let you go against Lucifer alone.
  • *Cas gets his ass stabbed by Satan
  • Dean: No!
  • Dean: ...come back...
  • Dean: Please...
  • THE WRITERS: It's not canon!
  • The non-shippers: It's not canon!
  • Sane people: uH hElLo?!

[CHARACTER] Jadeite.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ジェダイト
Romaji: Jedaito

Role: Villain
Type: Humanoid
Alignment/Organization: Dark Kingdom
First appearance: Episode 1
Last appearance: Episode 13
Status: Dead
Voice actor: Masaya Onosaka


  • He is named after the mineral jadeite. Like nephrite, it is a variety of jade.
  • Sailor Mars incinerated Jadeite early on in the manga. His death was postponed until episode 13 of the anime, though. Yet in that continuity, he was killed by Queen Beryl rather than by a hero.
  • In one of Naoko Takeuchi’s illustrations, Jadeite was romantically paired up with Sailor Mars. Takeuchi never had the chance to explore the idea of Princess Serenity’s four guardian Sailor Senshi being involved with the Shitennou in the manga. While the first anime and the live-action adaptation both excluded the Sailor Senshi/Shitennou couplings, they were included in Sailor Moon Crystal.
  • Jadeite was the only Shitennou not to bleed on screen. Nephrite bled profusely in episode 24, and Sailor Venus drew blood when she attacked both Zoisite and Kunzite in episode 33.
  • Jadeite was the only one of the Shitennou without a love interest. The youma Thetis showed affection for him, but the feeling was not mutual.
  • In episode 44, Jadeite appeared along with the rest of the Shitennou in a flashback. However, he did not speak.
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~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART ELEVEN

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Originally posted by jkguks

You went to the cafe every morning, in hopes of spotting Jungkook, to somehow attempt to make everything right. For the first few days, he either wouldn’t hear you, or simply ignore your presence. Not to mention, Y/F/N was always near him.

You couldn’t message him from Sarcastic Princess, because one, Jungkook wold be even angrier how ridiculous this was getting for him. He wasn’t a fan of drama and that was just what was going to happen. Second, Y/F/N knew some shitty things about you, including why you never revealed yourself to Jungkook, and you knew she wouldn’t hesitate to tell Jungkook if you in any way ruined her chances with him. Hell, if you even thought about texting him as Sarcastic Princess, she could somehow convince him you’re were some CIA level hacker. She was that manipulative.

Then, those days when he was alone, he’d give a forced smile as if he didn’t care at all by what you’ve done. 

“Hey, Y/N,” his eyes would gaze over the store as if looking for someone. 

“Look, Jungkook. I know I lied but–”

“Can we not talk about this? It’s over with. I got my pen pal, and that’s all I ever wanted,” He spoke, sternly, the last few words expressing more meaning than said. 

That’s all he ever wanted. Just his pen pal. He never really was your friend, he was hinting. He wanted you to think he didn’t care at all about what had happened, or you for that matter. And that hurt. A lot.

He would leave, making a dumb excuse to meet up with Y/F/N. This went on for two weeks. She never hung out at your dorm anymore. Scoffing just thinking about it, you two never had much in common. She was more outgoing, popular, had a better style while you liked to stay in and watch time go by wearing your comfiest clothes. 

It was only until you told her about your pen pal when she seemed interested in your friendship. You should’ve known from the start. She was using you. Those times you asked if you were being sly enough, she was just being sly herself by learning to be his pen pal.

But out of all of it, you still had his friends. It was one day, you were in the library, a place you only used to go with Jungkook, when Jimin and taehyung rolled next to you on swivel chairs. 

“Hey, Y/N! Jungkook’s not around?” Jimin smiled.

“No. Just in case he hasn’t told you, we’re not friends anymore,” You looked at the computer in front of you, swallowing the knot in your throat.

“Wh–what?” Taehyung gasped, quite dramatically.

“Yeah, I lied to him. And he found out.” Now it was their turn to hate you. 

“Finally let him know you were his pen pal?”

Choking on a breath, you coughed. “What?”

“C’mon, Y/N. The way he spoke how you spontaneously entered his life, accidentally when his pen pal gave him her room number? Not that hard to see through,” Taehyung shook his head, but held in an amused smile. 


“He’s an idiot. That’s why he didn’t suspect it. Why didn’t you tell him, anyway? He was in your room.”

You blinked at the boys’ curious faces.

“Uh, Y/N?”

“I think we broke her. She was sad, remember?”

Letting out a sigh, you looked down. “I lied because he was disappointed. You should’ve seen his face when he saw me, wearing my usual comfy clothes, messy hair. It wasn’t what he expected nor wanted.”

“Idiot,” Jimin shook his head to himself, referring to Jungkook. 

“But you two became friends! Surely, now he would understand why you felt that way. Why is he mad?”

“Because I wasn’t the one who told him. Psh–She didn’t even tell him the truth. Just made it a bigger lie.”

“She?” Taehyung asked.

“Y/F/N,” You spoke as if the name was poison on your tongue.

The boys looked at each other and clenched their jaws. “Y/F/N. Oh, we’ve heard of her.”

“You have? All good things I assume because she’s pretending to be Jungkook’s pen pal.

“Hm, from him, she’s okay, I guess. But we don’t like her,” Jimin frowned.

“Nope. At all,” Taehyung confirmed with a nod.

“Why not?”

“All she does is take away our time with him. He’s never around because they’re too busy hanging out. We’re glad she’s not his pen pal. We were really rooting that it was you.”

“That sure sounds like Y/F/N. I wish I would’ve known her motives sooner before I lost him.”

“You didn’t lose him,” Taehyung placed a hand on your shoulder. “Just tell him everything you told us.”

“I can’t do that. He’d still hate me. And when it comes to how much he hates me now and how much he’ll hate me if I tell him, I think I’m fine right now. Plus, why would he believe me after everything? Why would he even care?”


“I can’t tell Jungkook. Not gonna do it. Sorry for trying, boys, but I’m fine and I deserved this. Sure, I wish he could have the same outlook you two have but I’m not willing to risk it.” You stood up in your seat to leave when your heart dropped to the floor. You couldn’t move. 

“Tell me what?”

OOOOOkdshjfasdfkdjsf Wow who did two updates for the same series in a day??? Hello, yes, I did… Also, hey remember when this was fluff? Lolololol

Part 12?👀 (aasdfgh i know y’all want it)

Season 2 Rewrite - First Drafts

They’re here, and they’re glorious!

Episode 1 – An Arsonist’s Tale - robininthelabyrinth

Episode 2 – [Untitled Crusades/Cretaceous] - asexual-fandom-queen

Episode 3 – Heirlooms -  polytropic-liar 

Episode 4 – Schrodinger’s Canary - robininthelabyrinth

Episode 5 – The Sorceress’ Apprentice – oneiriad

Episode 6 – Waverider’s Eight - sanctuaryforalluniverses

Episode 7 – Invasion! - Kakopumpkin 

Episode 8 – Legend Lost – arkhambright (old)

Episode 9 – Turncoat - sanctuaryforalluniverses

Episode 10 –  The Red Flag Fleet – cederexnescio + marywisdom

Episode 11 – There Is No Depression In New Zealand – prouvairablehulk

Episode 12 – Ghost Ship – kakopumpkin

Episode 13 – The Missing - airyalmost + blue-ink-pearls

Episode 14 – Let Them Grumble - daughterofscotland

Episode 15 – The Riots of New York - cleverqueen + delkios

Episode 16 – Legends of the Hidden Temple - hippothebrave

Episode 17 – Resistance Is Futile - kako-pumpkin

Episode 18 – Veni Vidi Vici - lacommunarde

Episode 19 – Once And Future Legends - drownedinlight  (old)

Episode 20 – Doomworld 1 - pretzel-log1c 

Episode 21 – Doomworld 2 - pretzel-log1c 

Episode 22 – Whole World In His Hands – robininthelabyrinth

Everyone, please read through the episodes! Leave comments (and compliments!) directly on the google doc or submit comments to @lotrewrite. Proofread edits, suggested edits to content, recommendations about keeping characterizations and arcs consistent, title suggestions, anything! and don’t forget to leave comments on the sections you find particularly good!

Writers: feel free to keep editing as you start getting comments!