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In honour of Alexander McQueen’s birthday, here are some of his best shows (it was difficult to pick bc all of them classify as best): Plato’s Atlantis SS 10, The Horn of Plenty AW 09, The Girl Who Lived in the Tree AW 08, Eye SS 00 and Voss SS 01

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im sorry if i add another question/message ^^ (perhaps, all fans who think they are new to changjo's fandom end up find your acc&start asking this&that --just like what i did, hope it dont bother you/make you tired answering the same-old quest. really, sorry) my question now is , for how long shinhwa living in the dorm? do they leave the dorm one by one or? and who's sleeping with whom? and do you have post to explain the original relationship between ricdy back when their in LA?

It’s alright, actually you’re the first person to ask me this question XD My brain is rusty when it comes to their stories from their SM era, so pardon me on this.

If I’m not wrong, they only lived in a dorm during their SM days, until their 6th album? And I’m not sure if they left the dorm one by one, but I do remember Minwoo saying he moved out cuz of Dongwan lol (news articles wrote he was the first to move out) You can watch him mention it here.

And who’s sleeping with whom sounds a bit ehem HAHAHAHAHA Anyway, they had change dorms before, but at one point it was Eric and Hyesung sharing 1 room, MinJinDy in 1 room and Dongwan had his own room.

This should be another dorm of theirs, the room distribution is different.

RicDy knew each other for the longest, hence they are very close with each other. Eric was Andy’s school senior’s friend. There are a few stories on their days back in LA. Andy, Eric and H.O.T’s Tony Ahn were childhood friends, all of them lived near each other, their schools were close to each other too. The 3 of them used to dance together in a team as well. (Eric’s the one with his face half covered and wearing glasses in the pic below)

You can read some of their stories here:




Andy sees Eric as his real brother, and I remember reading somewhere in the past that Andy would tag along Eric everywhere, not sure how true it is but it’s cute XD The both of them are so close that Minwoo is jealous of it lol, which you can watch him talk about it here at 8:18

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Two trains, Train A and Train B, simultaneously depart Station A and Station B. Station A and Station B are 252.5 miles apart from each other. Train A is moving at 124.7mph towards Station B, and Train B is moving at 253.5mph towards Station A. If both trains departed at 10:00AM and it is now 10:08, how much longer until both trains pass each other?

you gotta to be kdding me …

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“We need to work together if we want to beat Leviathan …”

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                                   Phyllis Defending Billy Against Jack
  ↳“You’re usually the first to defend him. You want to follow him now?“