10 000m

One piece thread #1  Most badass

Not in a speacial order. Just for fun, don’t take it too serioulsy. 


Let’s go ruin the world babay 

He uses Shanks for cleaning his clothes. 

Fucks the game just by smiling. 

Everyone talk of him even 20 years after his death. 


Because 1 or 2 children is too mainstream 

Die standing because he even fuck Satan

One punch and you will cry your mama 

Even Shanks was not really okay when he met him.


Random walk in a war in short pants and sandales

Even Sengoku and Akainu shut their mouth when he speaks 

Eat the badass badass fruit. 

Mess with Kaido sometimes. And just after, stop a war. 


Could kill Shanks but nah he is too stupid for him

too great to be associated to a armless carrot

Nearly kill zoro with a butter knife.

Destroys ships when he gets bored.


Eats supernovas and admirals for breakfast

Likes to jump 10 000m because why not

Use Eustass Kidd has is mascot


Steal others devil fruit because one is too mainstream

Eats Whitebeard commander for breakfast


Eats Ace for breakfast

Eats Newgate at lunch time

Likes to destroy Akainu leg when he is bored 


Thousand of children because 1 is still too mainstream

Eats even human

Marrying his children just so she can have more wedding cakes.


Will fuck Akainu during his sleeps

Best grandfather ever

Every body find him stupid

Name his son Dragon.


Because being a simple bird is too mainstream

Will eat Teach with barbecue sauce

Looks like a pineapple but Shanks still wants to fuck him.


Can clean your room in 5 seconds

This world is shit, don’t wanna be a part of it

Fuck you Akainu


Cuts mountains in two because he can.

Likes to steal others heart. 

He also steal my heart. 

Enough for today !