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hendrixsalison  asked:

do u hav like a skincare or makeup routine?

uh YES! ofc lol i have both!
(nightly) skincare routine I first take off my makeup with Neutrogena makeup removing wipes and sometimes! do a face mask, usually my galaxy face mask from glossier, and then in the shower, I wash my face with the tea tree squeaky clean face wash from the body shop and I just put some face lotion on from Cetaphil and some vitamin E under eye cream from the body shop!
in the morning I just use Thayer’s rose petal witch hazel to tone and then use either my enrich moisturizing face lotion with SPF 15 from trader joe’s OR formula 10.0.6 seriously shine free moisturizer.
then for my makeup routine (i made a video on youtube @audrivangores) i use:
- baby skin by Maybelline
- master prime blur and redness control by Maybelline
- BB cream (805 fair to light) by CoverGirl
- fit me concealer (10 light) by Maybelline
- fit me pressed powder (125 nude beige) by Maybelline
- master contour (bronzer, blush, & highlighter) by Maybelline
- brow stylist designer eyebrow pencil (blonde) by L'oreal
- colossal volume express mascara (231 classic black) by Maybelline
- balm dotcom by Glossier
- master fix setting spray by Maybelline

Puppy Issues [podfic] - KD reads (KDHeart) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Stiles is temporarily a puppy. It’s really unfair how amusing this is to everyone else.

[A recording of a fic by @ladydrace]

anonymous asked:

Who of the 2ps likes club dancing the most? From 1 to 10

1 be the lowest 10 being the highest.


2p France: -10

2p America: 7.5

2p Canada: - infinity.

2p England: 4

2p China: 19

2p Russia: Also, - infinity.

2p Italy: 6

2p Germany: 10,000

2p Japan: 0

2p Romano: 10

2p Prussia: -8

2p Spain: 8 (He is actually a really good dancer. It’s a. It arousing even.)

Dog Face Emoji Ratings

Pretty good. Kinda looks weird, but it’s doin’ a blep. 8/10

That looks like fucking Fraddy Fezbear from Fanaf. 0/10

BASSET HOUND!!! 100/10

A good boy! Reminds me of Rockruff. 9/10

Looks like the previous one’s bigger brother. 8/10

Eeehhhh not that great. Kinda looks like a cookie tho. 4/10


What. The fuck. 1/10

This one has different colors! It wants to stand out from the others! You go lil pup! 9/10

It’s not bad, but…it’s not that great, either… 6/10

Oh my god. Amazing. 10/10

All I can really say for this one is round. 7/10