The 10th House!

The 10th house rules over reputation and career. This house can tell what type of reputation you might gain and what reputation is important to you. To find your 10th house you must look at your chart. and are good resources. 

Aries in the 10th house:  They like attention and the spotlight, is likely to have a reputation that revolves around confidence and decisiveness. Doesn’t care too much if people like or hate them as long as they see their strengths and individualism. Does best in a career that is challenging, has action, and is even physically challenging.

Taurus in the 10th house:  Might rely on wealth and material possessions to give them a good reputation. Cares about the physical. Attracted to careers that provide security such as business or finance. Is also attracted to the arts/creativity.

Gemini in the 10th house:  It is important to them to be seen as intelligent and independent. They get a reputation based on their intellect, wit, or opinions.  Needs a career that is mentally stimulating and might change careers a lot in life. Is attracted to careers that involve communication, energy, information, and intellect.

Cancer in the 10th house:  Reputation has a connection to family, might care a lot about their family’s standing in the community or care a lot about their families values. Does well in careers that take care of others, nurtures, teaches or makes their family or others families their career.

Leo in the 10th house:  Reputation is VERY important to them in all aspects of life. Has associations with the public eye. Is all about working in the spotlight, politician, actor, professor, community leader, etc. 

Virgo in the 10th house:  Reputation could count on their character but might have a desire to appear perfect or to have the perfect life. Does well in a career where they serve others, has a connection to animals, wants to make a difference.

Libra in the 10th house:  Might feel their reputation is tied to those they associate with or based on looks. Needs to learn to stand on their own with confidence.  Does well with careers in aesthetics, the arts, law, and diplomacy. Has an association with working as a partner.

Scorpio in the 10th house: Very aware of their reputation, whatever it is. Tends to have a mysterious rep or an intense one, or both. Their career is their passion. Does well with investigative work, medicine, arts, and research.

Sagittarius in the 10th house: Tends to not care about their reputation and might not be aware of it frequently. Tends to gain positive reputations. Wants a career that is all about learning, growth, and energy. They want to expand their mind and skills.

Capricorn in the 10th house:  Reputation is very important to them and they take their community standing seriously. Wants to be seen as stable, honorable, and having good character. Does well in law, business, and finance. But can find fulfillment in medicine or a career that they can give back.

Aquarius in the 10th house:  Wants people to know their individuality and what they stand for, good or bad. Whatever their career is it will be odd. Has an association with science, invention, and humanitarians.

Pisces in the 10th house:  Reputation can be a source of insecurity for them. Their reputation changes frequently. At times they can be seen as unstable. Does well in careers that help others or the arts. Has an association with healing.

Did you know?

When humans are in the embryonic state of development, we go through a stage called ‘The heart primordial’, when we have two hearts (aka binary vascular system). I mean later on they fuse together into one heart with four chambers, but at one point we’ve all had two hearts. Imagine if your hearts didn’t fuse together and you were left with two hearts!

You’d basically be a time lord.

And on that note, I should end my Doctor Who marathon.

Fine I’ll keep watching