Patch 10 changes to the Knight Enchanter specialization

Spirit blade:

-Spirit damage has been reduced from 300% weapon damage to 150% weapon damage

-bonus damage to barrier has been reduced from 200% to 100%

-Bonus damage to guard has been reduced from 400% to 100%

Fade Cloak:

-Cool down time has been decreased from 12 seconds to 9.6 seconds

Disruption Field:

-Cool down time has been decressed from 24 seconds to 19.2 seconds

Imagine spending all the night with the Doctor, just having the most sarcastic conversation you could possibly imagine, sitting in your house, on the couch. You guys cuddle for half of it, seeing as your best friends and that’s not going to make you want to kiss him in any way shape or form, no no no no, of course not. When the sun starts to rise, he sort of looks out the window and smiles at you. (You had managed to resist the urge to kiss him ALL. NIGHT. Bravo.)

“Oh look at that… It’s the sun…”
“Oh my god…”
“I kept you in one spot for a whole night!”
(Smugly) There’s a lot you can do in one spot.“
"Bad Doctor, no innuendos. Stop it.”
“Shut up, you like it.”