Your ENFP Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

This manual is part of a series of guides originated by @intpboard

Congratulations! You have found yourself in possession of your own unique ENFP unit. There is a high likelihood that your ENFP found you, but regardless of how you got to this point, you are now responsible for your very own ENFP to love and enjoy! Since ENFPs are notoriously difficult to handle, your SJ overlords have issued this guide to hopefully help along the way.

Your ENFP will come with the following accessories:

  • One (1) Starter pack of moral convictions
  • One (1) Unique starter outfit chosen specifically for your unit
  • One (1) Normal socially acceptable outfit (use only if necessary)
  • One (1) Set of puppy-dog eyes for use when your unit senses an emotional disturbance in another unit that is resistant to sharing
  • Three (3) Companion Introvert Units for emotional tending and deep conversation
  • Infinite (∞) Ideas and Possibilities
  • One (1) Internet accessible device for research binging
  • One (1) self replenishing coffee cup
  • One (1) Starter pack of idiosyncratic behaviors


Your ENFP comes pre-programmed with the following traits;

Ne: Your ENFP is a functional walking idea generator. While this trait does make your ENFP susceptible to distraction and excitement, this programming accounts for the exceptionally high levels of optimism included with your unit. Your ENFP will have constantly changing hobbies, interests and ideas. This function can only be disabled through sensory hyper stimulation (see Si).

Fi: While seemingly constantly happy and excited, your ENFP has many deeply held values and feelings. This function can be activated my asking your ENFP unit how they are feeling and silently listening to what follows.

Te: Your ENFP will not only seek new ideas, but will also seek to be deeply informed about those ideas. When this function is activated via the Fi function, an bitch slap mode may be activated

Si: Your ENFP is prone to random bouts of sentimentality and a preference for familiar sensory experiences. When directly activated this function can overwhelm Ne resulting in uncharacteristic stubbornness.

Getting Started

Your ENFP unit should arrive pre-activated and highly animated. In case your ENFP has not been activated please complete the following;

  1. Place ENFP in social setting
  2. Place 1-3 included introverts within visible distance
  3. Wait 30 seconds
  4. If after 30 seconds your ENFP unit has not activated causing an introvert to cry will immediately activate ENFP’s caring mode.


Manic Pixie (default) - Attention span disabled and energy levels maximum. In this mode your ENFP will be rapidly seeking out new ideas, opportunities, concepts and possibilities while simultaneously trying to understand and participate. This mode does have a limited use, but no way to know when it is nearly depleted.

Existential Teddybear (default) - Speaking function reduced to existential lines of questioning. When Manic Pixie mode has depleted, this mode automatically activates. Primary mode in small groups of introverts.

Caring - Activated by the presence of another unit with feelings that need to be processed. Difficult to deactivate unless activating unit has been emotionally supported and/or helped. Often involves invasive and insightful and accurate statements articulating what other units are feeling.

Bitch Slap - Activated by both obvious social injustices and direct violation of a personal value. Detailed, irrefutable, empirical evidence articulated to show that another unit has acted objectively immoral. When this mode is active your ENFP will painfully spell out exactly why you are wrong.

Emo - Activated seemingly randomly by a large influx of emotion that your ENFP unit must withdraw and analyze in order to understand and integrate. occurs approximately one (1) out of every fifteen (15) days. Completion of this mode is often signaled by your ENFP unit announcing it has learned something new about itself.

Productive (locked) - Only unlocks under intensely high interest levels or stress. Produces a staggering amount of material in a short amount of time.

Relationship With Other Units

In general, your ENFP unit will be liked by most other units it comes into contact with.

NF: Often activates Existential Teddybear mode. Can come into conflict if values conflict.

NT: Activates both Existential Teddybear and Bitch Slap mode. Also activates caring mode, but covertly.

SJ: Generally well accepted in Manic Pixie mode and viewed with amusement. SJ units will naturally remind your ENFP unit to tend to their physical well being, which they often forget.

SP: Compatible primarily in Manic Pixie mode. Warning: Leaving your ENFP unit alone with one or more SP units will likely result in trying really bad ideas.


Your ENFP unit will need to be fed regularly. Your ENFP unit is capable of constant snacking as well as completely forgetting to eat. Your ENFP unit will not die if left to fend for it’s own food, but the consistency and healthiness of that diet would likely not be good. Your ENFP simply needs to be reminded to eat on a regular basis and provided with a few healthy options to choose from.


Your ENFP will also need to be reminded to groom on a regular basis. Your ENFP will automatically groom if trying to present a good impression, but regular maintenance requires outside diligence. 


Your ENFP will try to argue that sleep is unnecessary. Do not give in no matter how convincing the argument is. Just repeat that sleep is good until ENFP begins to slow down and tiredness sets in. If ENFP continues to resist, take away all entertainment sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my ENFP ever finish anything?

Your ENFP unit comes equipped with dominant Ne. As with all things, this requires a trade off. In the case of your ENFP unit, Ne allows it to produce many ideas and start many projects, but does not extend to completion. Upgraded ENFP units with integrated Si are more capable of completion, but even then your unit will always start more than they finish. 

Help! I turned around for a second and now I’ve lost my ENFP!

Your ENFP is most likely not lost, simply distracted. It is common for ENFP units to be easily distracted and immediately pursue that distraction. Just keep doing whatever you were doing and your ENFP unit will find it’s way back to you eventually and will have an exciting story to tell you when it does. If your ENFP goes missing for an extended period of time it is possible that you have accidentally activated ENFP’s fear of commitment. In this case, provide your ENFP with a heartfelt communication via phone or email. Your ENFP will at that point most likely return to at least discuss what caused them to leave.

How do I turn this thing off?

You don’t. There is no off switch on your ENFP unit. If you find your ENFP overwhelming, simply tell them you need some time to yourself and your ENFP unit will happily find someone else to annoy in the mean time.

Can I keep my ENFP?

Yes. ENFP units frequently form companion bonds for life, but any attempts to limit your ENFP unit’s freedom to explore and pursue what interest them will result in resistance and likely resentment from your ENFP. ENFP units must be shared freely otherwise they are likely to rebel against their captors owners.

Again, Congratulations on your new ENFP unit! Go have fun and explore!


Energetic Self-Care in the Mental Health Profession

I wanted to share what  I found most important from the Judith Orloff Intuition workshop I attended last weekend at Ensalen, which were ways to prevent burnout in our profession.  Most mental health practitioners are Empaths, meaning we absorb more and are naturally more sensitive to energy, emotions, smells, noises, big groups, etc. than the average person.  Thus, we must really make it a point to take care of ourselves.  

In general..

1.       Empaths naturally replenish themselves by being out in nature.  Make it a point to go on a hike, or to the beach or even tend to a garden at least once per week.  This will recharge your battery.

2.       Surround yourself with people who honor your sensitivity and also encourage you to be near or within nature.

3.       Make time to be alone in order to meditate or just breathe.. Even if it’s for five minutes a day.  This means strengthening your time management skills, and making self-care a priority. Meditating centers you and helps for you to not absorb other people’s energy.  

At work..

1.       It is not YOUR job to take someone’s pain away.  We are here to help other’s help THEMSELVES.

2.       Rather than seeing one patient after another (Marathon Therapy—may or may not have just coined this term), take 2-3 minutes to breathe between each patient.  This allows you to let go of any energy or anxiety you may have picked up from the previous patient, and center yourself.  This is not just important for you, but also for the next patient.

Hope this is helpful.

Top 10 Products

Being a theatre girl, I am constantly using a lot of make up and body products. I never really used to be much of a make-up/product sort of person. I was always very tomboyish because I grew up with a brother who obviously didn’t have any girly wisdom about what clothes would flatter my hourglass figure, what shampoo to use in my curly hair or what shade of lipstick would be best to match pale skin and dark eyes! I didn’t start wearing make-up properly until I was about seventeen and it took me until I was around nineteen before I actually had it all figured out. Even now, plucking my eyebrows seems so foreign and such a chore and I’m gonna be honest, I don’t really know what I’m doing. But working in the theatre, in a role where my make-up is left entirely up to me, I’ve had to learn very quickly what works on stage under the lights vs what works outside in real life and I’ve also had to pick up a lot of products that help moisturise and soothe my poor skin after it’s been coated in heavy theatre make-up, grease paint and fake blood and then harshly scrubbed to get it all off!

So I thought I’d share with you my top ten faves!  1. Simple Replenishing Moisturiser 

It’s so light, isn’t greasy or sticky and has kept my skin from dying under all the theatre makeup!

2. V05 Curly Mousse  Usually I use any mousse. Boots/Sainsbury’s/Tesco’s own brands because I get through the stuff like nobody’s business to stop my hair going crazy frizzy. But if you want spectacularly voluptuous hair, V05 is the way to go. I don’t think there’s been a time when I’ve used this mousse and haven’t been complimented on how big and curly my hair looks!

3. BodyShop’s Blueberry Body Butter

  IT SMELLS AMAZING! All I have to say! 4. Benefit’s Dandelion Blusher 

I LOVE this stuff. The colour suits my skin tone perfectly and it’s not too overpowering. Literally like i’ve gently brushed a dandelion over my face and it’s kissed my cheeks! 5. Rimmel’s Vintage Pink Lipstick

 I recently discovered this shade of lipstick and I use a light dabbing of it in the show so that my lips have some colour to them and aren’t entirely washed out by the lights! 6. Maybelline’s Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

The easiest to use liquid eyeliner I’ve ever found!  7. Kryolan Foundation

So this is the foundation stick I use at the theatre. It’s quite heavy because it’s meant for use under spotlights but I had to mention it because boy is it AMAZING! 8. L’Oreal’s 24hr Stay Foundation

When I’m not on stage and need something a something a little lighter, this is my favourite foundation! 9. Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser

A little tip I picked up from the make-up artist on Family Fortunes when I was on that with the Fletcher Family…I mix my foundation with a little bit of this moisturiser so when I’m putting on foundation, I’m also moisturising! And because this is a Matt moisturiser it doesn’t make my skin look shiny! PERFECT!  10. Aussie Miracle Recharge Frizz Remedy

 My hair needs taming. Even when I try and tame it it’s still quite stubborn but this stuff is the closest thing that’s come to making it do what it’s told or at least making it look good when it isn’t! And there we have it! let me know if you guys use the same stuff or have any other recommendations! Would love to hear them!  Carrie xxx

thatmustberc08  asked:

Any suggestions on products to use ? I'm looking for a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and moisturizer --- basically everything haha

For shampoos/conditioners try one of the following:-
1) mane n tail the original mane shampoo/ conditioner
2) herbal essence hydration totally twisted
3)kinky curly come clean
4) Shea moisture raw Shea butter shampoo/Shea moisture restorative conditioner
5) Wen by Chaz dean
6) african pride olive miracle 2-in one shampoo/conditioner
Rinse out conditioners for daily co-washing:-
1) suave Naturals ocean breeze/ suave coconut conditioners.
2) Aussie moist - the best deep conditioner u will ever need.
3) Vo5 conditioners

Leave in conditioners:-)
1) Oyin hand made honey hemp- great for transitioning hair.
2)kinky curly knot today- great for detangling
3) eden body works Shea butter
4) the great detangler- great for detangling thick hair ( from target)
5)cantu leave in conditioner
6)Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream-for maintains healthy hair.
7) Jamaican nano & lime cactus leave in conditioner

Deep conditioner
1)organics olive oil replenished
2)bioinfusion deep olive oil deep conditioning treatment
3) a Giovanni tea tree deep conditioning treatment
4)Karens body beautiful condition

For styling, twists & gels
1) Talijah waajid lock it up
2) organic root stimulator lock & twist gel
3) Ecostyler gel
4)lily of the desert Aloe vera gel- make a spritz with this gel & water .
5)kinky curly curling custard- also great for daily use

Daily moisturizing
1) raw Shea butter- more effective when mixed with olive oil. ( best moisturizer)
2) Shea moisture deep treatment masque
3) Shea moisture curling soufflé
4)miss Jessie’s baby butter cream.
5) Hawaiian Silky 14-one - great for recovering most damaged hair.
6) curly hair solution curl keeper- great for frizz

For essential oils
1)Jamaican black castor oil,coconut,peppermint,rosemary,avocado,olive,tea tree,argon,almond, ( mix any 2or more to make a hot oil treatment,for edges, scalp massages ,sealing in moisture & can be applied on hair tips to control split ends).
2) Africa’s best ultimate herbal oil
3)african pride olive oil miracle growth oil

Those are some of the best on the market & remember the best products aren’t always the best. Also stick to the same products each season for better results & next season try new ones.:-)