hi everyone! i reached one of my follower goals of 500 and just wanted to say thanks to everyone! im glad everyone enjoys my mixture of kpop fandom and memes, i’m glad you all enjoy my bad humor too. i love everyone on this site, all my fellow ARMYS, Monbebes, Moomoos, Carats, Exo-Ls, and iGOT7′s! (shoutout to @welliefox for making my beautiful banner!) 

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Leonard Snart in every episode
1.07 Marooned “It was my first day in juvie. I was 14, and the smallest kid in there by far. Some of the older kids wanted to make sure I knew it. So they jumped me. I fought back, but one of them had a shiv and I figured that was it until Mick stepped in. And they didn’t mess with me after that. He’s been standing up for me ever since.”