Juliette Ferrars’ story is far from over! Tahereh Mafi, who first introduced readers to the character in her bestselling Shatter Me series, will be continuing her adventures in a new three-book arc, EW can announce exclusively.

Restore Me, Mafi’s latest novel in the series, will follow the new Supreme Commander as she attempts to lead Sector 45 with Warner at her side. But when tragedy strikes, Juliette will be tested, leading her to see if she can use her ability (to kill with a single touch) after all.   [x]

Not great...but not terrible.

So for context me and some friends were doing a session set in a foreign land. We were a half-elf bard (me), a tiefling fighter, a human monk, and a elven bard. Me and my fellow bard had just finished out set in the tavern earning out party’s rooms for the night and I (having been inadvertently racist at the tavern keeper) decided to retire to my room. The tiefling is talking to the homunculus who ostensibly owns the bar and eating. The monk is sticking close by the other bard. Said bard decided to ply her trade (courtesan) at the bar and struck up a conversation with a half-elf man there.

Bard: Hey you looking for some fun tonight?
Half-elf: Depends on what kind you’re offering.
Me (OOC): *whispers* Roll for seduction.
*The table promptly cracks up. Once the DM gets control again…*
DM: Ok roll for seduction if you would?
Bard: *rolls a 14*
DM: Ok well you seduce him. You take him upstairs to your room and you both get undressed. He finds you exotic and beautiful. Then he asks for something you’re not used to giving.
Me again(OOC): Ohhhhhh he wants to get freeky!
DM: *laughing* It involves rope but not the way you would expect. Lets just say he’s the one who’ll have rope burn tomorrow.
*queue table cracking up again*
DM: While this is happening the rest of you start hearing noises from her room that are unlike any you have ever heard before.
*table is dying at this point*
DM: UNFORTUNATELY you aren’t used to being the one in charge in these situations. So he’s enjoying it but not nearly as much as he could be.
Bard: I’m sorry about this I’m usually the one in your position.
Half-elf: No worries I guess. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible.
Bard: Well…isn’t that flattering. *she then proceeds to grab the coin pouch on the table and walk off to hang out in the Monk’s (her bodyguard’s) room.*


While Korra’s bending in the first season mostly resembled firebending, the way she dodges those fireballs is much more in line with airbendder-style dodging, which employs a lot more spin. 

She may have picked it up from one of her teachers, which wouldn’t be surprising given all the cultural mixing that had been going on since the end of the first series. 


I could be wrong but I have a feelling Felicity knows who wrote that code. In fact I think she recognized her own code…

I could be wrong… I wish I am wrong ‘cause that code just “killed” someone.

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Why do you want boruto to summon cats??? he's most likely going to summon toads, like his papa...

is this not a picture of boruto??????????????????


Are You Happy? photoshoot; requested by @sougoii