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Mushroom Cookies 2 by Yelena Strokin
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An Osaka Maiko in Ceremonial Dress 1910s.  A maiko (apprentice geisha) from Osaka, dressed for a ceremonial occasion. Her blunt-cut fringe suggests that she is very young, possibly even a minarai (watching apprentice) under thirteen years.  Text and image via Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr


Gabriel Loire (1904-1996)

Symphony Tower of Joy for Children with staircase - Choukokunomori bijutsukan 彫刻の森美術館 (open-air museum) Hakone 箱根, Japan - 336 m²  - 1973-74

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A vintage picture of Kikunoi-furisode-tayū (菊の井) showing off her elaborate obi and uchikake, and her tayū-wareshinobu hairstyle; 1920s.
In this picture, Kikunoi was not a fully-fledged Tayū yet, but was soon to become one.

Source: Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr

Inu-Hariko Pocchiri 1938, Kyoto, Japan.   Maiko (apprentice geisha) Fumi with a charming Inu-hariko (folk dog doll) pocchiri (sash clasp).  Text and image via Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr

Senior Maiko Momotaro 1920s. Senior Maiko Momotarō wearing her hair in the Yakko Shimada hairstyle. Her kimono has a Kikyō (Chinese Bellflower) motif, indicative of mid-Autumn (September).  Text and image via Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr