Social Media Manipulation and Electioneering: How the US Billionaire behind Donald Trump’s election also helped engineer Brexit

Robert Mercer, who bankrolled Donald Trump, played key role in Brexit by using using military disinformation tactics via Breitbart News and analytic data from Facebook

Cambridge Analytica, an offshoot of a British company, SCL Group, which has 25 years’ experience in military disinformation campaigns and “election management”, claims to use cutting-edge technology to build intimate psychometric profiles of voters to find and target their emotional triggers. Trump’s team paid the firm more than $6m (£4.8m) to target swing voters in the US election.

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Eventually, Jasmine and Celia calm down enough to process the news properly. The three of them simply exchange looks for a minute before Jasmine offers Samantha a smile and speaks up. “So… Does this mean you’re leaving Johnathan?”

Samantha shakes her head with a sigh. “I can’t do that. I– I don’t know who the father is,” she admits defeatedly. “For now, I’ll have to stay.”