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Tumblr Türkçe maillere cevap vermiyor Türkçe desteği yok, Pariste olaylar oluyor Tumblr logosunu değiştiriyor destek oluyor. Türkiye’de kıyamet kopuyor ama Tumblr’dan ses seda yok. Tumblr Türkiye’de aylarca kapalı kalıyor. Facebook twitter 1 gün kapansa ertesi gün açılırken bizler Tumblr’a aylarca giremiyoruz. Ayrıca Tumblr Türkiye’de marka tescilini daha yeni ( geçen sene ) alıyor. Binlerce kişinin saatlerce vakit ayırdığı bu platformun Türkiye’ye biraz daha destek vermesi taraftarıyım. Evet Tumblr’ı seviyoruz ama sanırım o bizleri Türkleri sevmiyor gibi. Karşılıksız bir sevgide Tumblr’dan geldi..
Solar System: Things to Know This Week

10 Tools for the Armchair Astronaut, or  How to Explore the Solar System from Home

At this very moment, spacecraft are surveying the solar system, from Mars, to Saturn, to Pluto and beyond. Now you can ride along to see the latest discoveries from deep space. For this week’s edition of 10 Things, we’ve assembled a toolkit of 10 essential resources for the desktop astronaut.  

1. It’s Like Facebook, but for Planets

Or is it more of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Solar System? Whatever one calls it, our planets page offers quick rundowns, as well as in-depth guides, for all the major bodies in the solar system. Explore from the sun all the way to the Oort Cloud.

+ Peruse the planets
+ See how objects in the solar system stack up against each other

2. Keep Your Eyes on This One

If you still haven’t tried Eyes on the Solar System, you’re missing out. This free, downloadable simulation app lets you tour the planets and track the past, current and future positions of spacecraft–all in 3D. Eyes on the Solar System uses real NASA data to help you take a virtual flight across both space and time.

+ Prepare for departure

3. Dateline: Deep Space

With so much exploration underway, discoveries and new insights into the solar system come at a pace that borders on bewildering. NASA is rewriting the textbooks, literally, on a regular basis. Relax, though: there are several easy ways to stay up to date with what’s happening in space.

+ See the latest headlines
+ Stay connected on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
+ Find more top NASA social media accounts

4. Space? There’s an App for That

NASA offers phone and tablet apps for star gazing, pictures, news, 3D tours, satellite tracking, live NASA TV and many other kinds of info.

+ Start downloading
+ See other cool apps

5. A (Very) Long Distance Call

We’re in constant communication with spacecraft all over the solar system. The Deep Space Network is a global network of giant antenna dishes that makes it possible. With this online app, you can learn how it works – and even see which spacecraft are phoning home right now.

+ Deep Space Network (DSN) Now

6. Collect ‘Em All

Spacecraft 3D is an augmented reality (AR) application that lets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore our solar system, study Earth and observe the universe. Print out the AR target and your camera will do the rest, making the spacecraft appear in 3D right in front of you. Learn more about these robotic explorers as they pop up on your desk, in your hand, or on your dog’s head.

+ Download Spacecraft 3D
+ See more cool 3-D resources from NASA

7. Ever Wanted to Drive a Mars Rover?

This site will give you a 3D look at the Mars Curiosity rover, along with some of the terrain it has explored. It will even let you take the controls.

+ Experience Curiosity

8. More E-Ticket Attractions

But wait, there’s more. NASA offers a variety of other fascinating (and free) online experiences, all based on actual data from real missions. Here are a few to explore:

+ Mars Trek
+ Vesta Trek
+ Moon Trek

9. The Universe Is Our Classroom

Studying the solar system makes for a compelling route into learning and teaching science, engineering and math. We have some great places to start.

+ Find resources for teachers
+ Build your own solar system with your classroom

10. Bring It on Home

After you’ve toured the far reaches of the solar system, you can always come home again. When you have spent time studying the harsh conditions on our neighboring planets, the charms of a unique paradise come into sharp focus, the place we call Earth.

+ Watch a real-time video feed from Earth orbit
+ See a daily global view of our planet from a million miles away
+ Hold the earth in your hands with the Earth Now mobile app

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

Follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com


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Chicken emoji reviews

Barely a chicken, the wattles aren’t even right and the comb is too smooth, a bad chicken 0/5

A very stout but good hen, i like their small comb and correct wattles, they look a bit scared tho with those white eyes 4/5

Strong and sharp! This hen reminds me of a dragon, could possibly be a cockatrice, so watch out! The wattles are wrong tho 3/5

The fuck is this, who gave this marshmallow a beak and two twigs for feet? Also those fake eyelashes and blush won’t fool anyone buddy -2/5

Very large and soft gal, tho her head is too small and that neck doesn’t quite look right, nor are the wattles correct 2/5 

That’s just an egg with a face drawn on it and a ribbon put on top, you didn’t even try, very bad -2/5

You tried, tho the wattles nor comb look right, combs don’t work like hair silly facebook 1/5

A better version of facebook’s attempt, this hen looks a bit confused tho, probably because it seems barely anyone can get a chicken’s wattles right 2/5

This abomination is out for blood, don’t let it stare at you for too long or it might attack you 0/5

A nicer version of twitter’s evil hen, simple and kinda cute but still incorrect, would put my trust into her tho to protect me from her more frightening cousin 3/5

Amazing, beautiful! The best looking one so far, almost perfect, has a great looking comb but their wattles and feet are a little lacking, i can look past that tho and this hen will keep you safe forever 5/5

My poor darling, what the fuck are you even?? That’s not a chicken, not in the slightest, and if it is then it has been deformed beyond repair, i feel sorry for whatever this thing is -3/5


Pictures: Fabio Di Lello and his wife Roberta Smargiassi, Italo D’Elisa, Fabio Di Lello facebook page.

July 1, 2016, 22 year-old Italo D’Elisa on his car rode through the stoplight and caused a terrible accident hitting a scooter. Roberta Smargiassi (34) died leaving her husband Fabio Di Lello wounded.

Fabio Di Lello asked for justice, but Italian legal process is slow and this case was not considered vehicular homicide since D’Elisa assisted and called the emergency rigth after the disaster. Then Italo D’Elisa never apologized nor contacted the family. The city organized manifestation for “justice” and spread hate towards D’Elisa.

According to D’Elisa family he was scared to go outside since everyone judged him for a murder he didn’t commit intentionally.

On the other side Fabio told friends that when he came across D’Elisa in the city the young boy behaved arrogant and impudent speeding up his motorcycle. This was never prooved.

Justice delayed is justice denied

On January 1, 2017 Fabio can’t wait anymore. He follows D’Elisa to a pub and shots him 3 times with a 9 caliber killing him. Before turning himself to police he approached the cemetery where his wife rested and left there the gun as a symbolic ritual as if he wanted to tell her “you died, he died and I did too“ as a criminologist said.


Brand new statues from Prime 1 Studio!!!

This is the Macross-line and they look absolutely amazing…mind blowing next level stuff. P1 did it once again! They never stop and they never compromise. I have no freaking idea what Macross is (apart from it being a cartoon/anime) but these statues make me wanna look into it. Depending on their price tag I might actually buy these just because they look so awesome!


Photos credit: CheeThai Chuah

via Facebook

Alexander Calder’s standing mobile Franji Pani is one in a series of sculptures the artist made in 1955 while staying at the home of Gira Sarabhai in Ahmedabad, India. “I had a work bench in the garden, near where the cattle were tied,” recalled Calder. “In all, I made eleven objects there, either working by myself or working in a blacksmith shop.” Sarabhai had invited Calder and his wife Louisa to visit her family’s home and tour the country in exchange for works of art.

Tune in at 1 pm on Facebook Live to see Alexander S. C. Rower, the president of the Calder Foundation and grandson of the artist, activate Franji Pani at the Whitney as part of Calder: Hypermobility

[© 2017 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society [ARS], New York]


This is so dramatic…I can’t 😂😂😂 You deserve it boys😊

Congratulations Monsta X on 1 million Facebook followers

in college where laptops are allowed and you sit in the back, you'll generally see:
  • Person 1: on facebook, twitter, or instagram
  • person 2: buying something on amazon or some other designer fashion clothing site
  • person 3: doing homework for another class and trying to type discreetly when the professor isn't talking
  • person 4: websurfing something relevant to the class
  • person 5: websurfing something not relevant to the class
  • person 6: actually taking notes
  • Me: on tumblr, playing a game of town of salem, typing up notes, surfing through fandom wikis, doing homework for other classes, writing tumblr posts, responding to tumblr asks, googling pictures of food and dogs, messaging like five people at once