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Blackfashion has been free for so long. 1.9 million devoted folowers, why do you now charge for submissions?

I’m thankful for all the followers I’ve received over the years. To remain a black owned, black run and black sponsored blog, I’ve had to give up a significant amount of sponsorship. Every giveaway I’ve ever been apart of, every shoot, events, themes, even gofundMe and indiegogo campaigns I’ve donated to under the BlackfFashion moniker came from my pockets. I, like you I’m sure has spent hours editing fixing, responding to emails, responding to buyers… basically it’s work. For a blog as big as this one, based on followers and interactions, for one photo I should be charging around $200 - $500 per image. That’s ridiculous to me, therefore I allow everyone to donate whatever they can along with a submission which I find reasonable. I also do not accept donations for every submission.

NCIS:LA Ratings - Unleashed (S8 Finale)

After the last two weeks, I admit I was a tad worried about ratings this week (even though they don’t really mean much at this point in the season or the series really).  But, I’m happy to say there was a slight uptick in the early numbers - we’ll see what finals look like tomorrow.

Demo: 1.1
Viewers: 9.36 million

30 images of the asteroid 2014 JO25 generated with radar data collected using NASA’s Goldstone Solar System Radar. The radar images were collected on April 18, 2017. At the time, 2014 JO25 was 1.9 million miles (3 million km) from Earth
(NASA / JPL-Caltech / GSSR)

Culinary History (Part 18): Fire

The oldest form of cooking is roasting, and the simplest form of roasting is simply putting the raw ingredients straight into the fire.  The !Kung San hunter-gatherers still cook this way, putting tsin beans into the hot ash.  They live in the Kalahari Desert (which is in Angola, Botswana & Namibia).

Humans have used fire for roasting longer than they’ve been practising agriculture, or even building houses.  Roasting goes back 1.8-1.9 million years, and it is believed that, since cooking makes food easier to digest & releases more nutritional value, that is what allowed our brains to grow bigger, as we got more energy from our food.

We built our houses near to the fire, and then around the fire.  The hearth was always the focal point of the house – the Latin word focus means “fireplace”.  Activities related to looking after the fire dominated the domestic sphere until about 150 years ago, when gas ovens were invented.  Cooking was very much about fire management.

The word “curfew” used to mean something completely different. It was a large metal cover, placed over the embers of the fire while we slept.

Nowadays, even though we have tamed and imprisoned fire, it is still incredibly dangerous.  A Greek study of 239 childhood burns found that in 61% of cases, the burns had happened in the kitchen.  The age group most at risk from kitchen burns was one-year-olds.

Most British house-fires are because of cooking – in particular, from leaving the stove unattended.  The worst offender is the chip pan.  There are about 12,000 chip-pan fires in Britain every year, causing 4,600 injuries and 50 deaths.

Open-Hearth Cooking Utensils

These were made of heavy metal (usually iron), and long-handled, because of the heat.

Andirons usually came in pairs, and were used for preventing wood from rolling out of the fireplace.  Brandirons had the same function [or were the same thing?]

Andirons.  I couldn’t find a photo of brandirons.

A hastener was a large metal hood, placed in front of the fire to speed up the cooking, and protect the cook/s from the heat.

Hasteners: 1) 1700’s; 2) Georgian Era; 3) Colonial America (made of tin).

There were many kinds of spits, with various numbers of prongs.

Modern spits.

Spit-jacks rotated the meat on the spit.

Some spit-jacks.

Fire tongs and bellows were used to control the fire.

Victorian fire tongs.

Small domestic fire bellows (Victorian).

Pots were hung on pot-hooks over the fire.  Dripping pans caught the fat dripping off the roasting meat.

Pots were placed on brandreths and trivets.

Victorian trivets.

Flesh-forks were used to pull pieces of meat out of the pot.

Flesh-forks (Georgian & unknown era).

PTX Project Time Line ❤️

October 5, 1988- Kevin Oluwole Olusola is born
April 17, 1989- Avriel Benjamin Kaplan is born
September 17, 1991- Scott Richard Hoying is born
May 16, 1992- Kirstin Taylor Maldonado is born
July 24, 1992- Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi is born
April 28, 2010- Trio uploads their first cover on YouTube
June 30, 2010- Video of trio singing Telephone at Choir Concert is uploaded to YouTube
June 4, 2011- PTX is formed
June 5, 2011- PTX auditions for the sing off
November 28, 2011- PTX wins season 3 of the Sing Off
January 10, 2012- First YouTube Cover (Moves Like Jagger) is uploaded
June 26, 2012- PTX Vol. I is released
November 13, 2012- PTXmas is released
March 12, 2013- Radioactive (ft. Lindsey Stirling) is released
April 15, 2013- Evolution of Music is released
May 24, 2013- PTXOfficial hits 1 million subscribers
July 16, 2013- Wizard of Ahhs w/ Todrick Hall is released
August 13, 2013- Superfruit is started
October 20, 2013- Kirstin and Jeremy start dating
October 24, 2013- Evolution of Beyonce is released
November 4, 2013- Daft Punk music video is released
November 4, 2013- Performance of The Ellen Show
November 5, 2013- PTX Vol. II is released
November 7, 2013- PTXOfficial hits 2 million subscribers
December 5, 2013- PTXOfficial hits 3 million subscribers
December 9, 2013- Scott and Mitch adopt Wyatt Blue
December 30, 2013- PTXOfficial hits 4 million subscribers
February 7, 2014- Performance on Sesame Street
March 2, 2014- PTXOfficial hits 5 million subscribers
July 5, 2014- The first session of A Cappella Academy begins
August 3, 2014- PTXOfficial hits 6 million subscribers
August 4, 2014- ‘We Are Ninjas’ music video is released
September 10, 2014- Kirstin and Jeremy adopt Olaf
September 23, 2014- PTX Vol. III is released
October 21, 2014- That’s Christmas to Me is released
November 27, 2014- Performance at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
December 4, 2014- First Grammy nomination for Daft Punk
December 8, 2014- Performance at Kennedy Center Honors award in honor of Tom Hanks
December 10, 2014- That’s Christmas to Me goes gold
December 10, 2014- PTXOfficial hits 7 million subscribers
December 23, 2014- Sup3rfruit hits 1 million subscribers
December 24, 2014- That’s Christmas to Me goes platinum
December 31, 2014- PTX performs on NYRE
February 8, 2015- First Grammy Win for Daft Punk
February 25, 2015- On My Way Home Tour begins
March 6, 2015- Kevin releases ‘The Renegade EP’
April 28, 2015- PTXOfficial hits 8 million subscribers
May 15, 2015- Pitch Perfect 2 is released with PTX as guest stars
June 8, 2015- Scott and Mitch appear on the Grace Helbig Show
June 9, 2015- PTX started saying #s**n
June 14, 2015- Performance on Disney Channel show ‘K.C. Undercover’
June 18, 2015- On My Way Home Documentary released
June 22, 2015- Evolution of Michael Jackson is released
July 1, 2015- Kirstin launches her website/blog
July 4, 2015- PTXOfficial reaches 1 billion views
July 11, 2015- First show of Piece by Piece Tour opening for Kelly Clarkson
October 1, 2015- PTXOfficial hits 9 million subscribers
October 16, 2015- Pentatonix (self-titled album) is released
October 20, 2015- Performance on Today Show
October 21, 2015- Performance on Sprout
October 23, 2015- First #1 Album on Billboard
October 30, 2015- That’s Christmas to Me Deluxe is released
November 4, 2015- Performance on CMA Awards to honor Oak Ridge Boys
November 22, 2015- Star Wars Medley at AMAs
November 30, 2015- Performance on Charlie Brown 50th Christmas Special
December 2, 2015- Performance at Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
December 3, 2015- Performance on CMA Country Christmas
December 7, 2015- Second Grammy Nomination for Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
December 21, 2015- Empire State Building lights up to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
December 31, 2015- PTX performs on NYRE
January 24, 2016- PTXOfficial hits 10 million subscribers
February 1, 2016- Kevin releases collaborative project “Triptyq”
February 2, 2016- Nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award
February 8, 2016- Pentatonix goes gold
February 8, 2016- Scott and Mitch appear on Gay Skit Happens
February 9, 2016- PTX announces world tour
April 13, 2016- Pentatonix World Tour begins

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Trachoma: Mexico eliminates infectious disease which is world's leading cause of blindness

Mexico has succeeded in eliminating trachoma, an infectious disease that is the world’s leading cause of blindness, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced.

The disease, which causes the inner surface of the eyelids to become rough, is believed to be responsible for the blindness or visual impairment of 1.9 million people worldwide.

It remains a public health problem among poor, isolated populations in 41 countries following Mexico’s elimination of the disease – a “historic moment for public health in Mexico and the Americas”, said the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO).

Mexico is the first country in the Americas to receive validation of having defeated the disease, which is still endemic in countries including Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia.

Carissa Etienne, PAHO’s director, said this achievement was a result of a “decades-long efforts of Mexican authorities, health workers and communities to improve their health and quality of life, and end this disease of poverty”.

Young children are most likely to develop trachoma, caused by an infection that spreads through skin-to-skin contact or from flies that have touched discharge from the eyes or nose.

The disease was common in Britain in the 19th century, but is now mostly found in hot, dry countries and affects those without access to clean water to wash their faces.

Mexico is the third country to eliminate the disease as a public health problem after Oman became the first beat the disease in 2012. Morocco also received WHO validation of having eliminated trachoma in November.

Britain recently announced it was doubling its funding to fight neglected tropical diseases, which International Development Secretary Priti Patel said “belong to the last century”.

The money will be used to fight trachoma and other tropical diseases that can cause debilitating pain, disfigurement and death, including parasitic infections such as Guinea worm and elephantiasis.

In 2004, Mexico began to take more aggressive action towards eliminating trachoma, reducing the number of cases from 1,794 that year to zero in 2016, according to data from local health teams.

This was achieved through a drive for better sanitation, use of antibiotics and surgery in severe cases, using the slogan: “With water, soap and cleanliness you can prevent trachoma”.

The WHO criteria for elimination of trachoma as a public health problem is prevalence of less than five per cent in children aged one to nine and less than one case of inverted eyelashes per 1000 people.

Another five countries have said they have reached these elimination targets and are awaiting WHO validation: China, Gambia, Ghana, Iran and Myanmar.

Nvidia just unveiled the millionth VR ‘Holodeck,’ and it’s for looking at cars
At today’s GPU Technology Conference keynote, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off a project known as Holodeck — a shared virtual space where people can examine photorealistic objects. In this case, carmaker Christian Koenigsegg and three other people entered the Holodeck to see a model of Koenigsegg’s new $1.9 million luxury car. According to VentureBeat, which was impressed with the graphical quality, the Holodeck will be available more widely as a demo in September. Read more

At GTC17, we introduced Project Holodeck, a photorealistic, collaborative virtual reality environment that incorporates the feeling of real-world presence through sight, sound and haptics. 

The Holodeck environment allows creators to import high-fidelity, full-resolution models into VR to collaborate and share with colleagues or friends — and make design decisions easier and faster.

Holodeck is built on an enhanced version of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 and includes NVIDIA GameWorks, VRWorks and DesignWorks, delivering unparalleled photorealism, and physics simulation in collaborative virtual reality.

In this demo, Holodeck participants go inside the design review of a $1.9 million Koenigsegg Regera supercar.