1.8 snapshots


So I’ve been posting a lot about Minecraft’s next update, but I think it’s about time we summarize most of the major new content. This will be kind of a long post.

New Mob - Endermite: These have a chance of spawning when Endermen teleport or when the played uses an Ender Pearl to teleport. They are hostile and do 2 hearts of damage. They disappear after two minutes, but can be kept forever if the Name Tag is used.

New Mob - Rabbits: These are a new mob that can be tamed and bred. On death, they drop Rabbit Hide (which can be combined to craft leather), Raw Rabbit (which can be cooked), and rarely a Rabbit’s Foot, which can be used to make the Potion of Leaping. Also, a rare variant called the “The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog” can spawn, which is ridiculously strong and hostile.

New Mobs - Guardians and Elder Guardians: These are underwater hostile mobs that attack both the player and nearby squids. They have a ranged attack (shooting lasers from their eyes) and a melee attack (extending their spines if you get too close). The Elder variation is bigger, stronger, has more health, and inflicts Mining Fatigue on you.

New Structure - Ocean Monuments: This is the area where the Guardians naturally spawn, and three Elder Guardians appear here. These spawn in deep oceans, and inside the player can find 8 gold blocks and rarely Wet Sponges.

New Blocks: There are three new stone types, DioriteAndesite, and Granite, which naturally spawn underground. They can be crafted into “Polished” variations. Prismarine Blocks make up the structure of Ocean Monuments, and come in Brick and Dark variations. Sea Lanterns also spawn in Monuments. Coarse Dirt is a variation of dirt, except grass never grows on it. Like regular sand, Red Sand now has Red Sandstone variations. Sponges have been added in survival and, after absorbing water, turn into a Wet Sponge that can be dried out in the Furnace. Slime Blocks bounce the player if they jump on it, and can move multiple blocks at once when on a Sticky Piston.

New Decorative Blocks: The crafting recipes for Doors and Fences have changed, and now they come in variations based on the wood used to make them. Iron Trapdoors have been added which function the same as trapdoors, but can only be opened/closed like Iron Doors. Armor Stands can be equipped with armor, and can ride mine carts. Banners are decorations that can be customized using dyes on the crafting table.

New Items, Etc.: Rabbits drop Raw Rabbit, Rabbit’s Foot, and Rabbit Hide. Sheep now drop Raw Mutton. Cooked Rabbit can be combined with other ingredients to make Rabbit Stew. Rabbit’s Foot can be used to make the Potion of Leaping. Guardians and Elder Guardians drop Prismarine Shards and Crystals, which can be used to craft blocks. There’s a new enchantment called Depth Strider, which can be applied to boots and lets you walk at normal speed when underwater. Mob Heads (Zombie, Skeleton, and Creeper heads) can now be obtained in survival, as a rare drop from when a Charged Creeper explodes.

That’s the major stuff as of writing, more is likely to come, so this post will probably be outdated by next week. :V

Minecraft snapshot 14w32b is up.

The biggest update is on the fences and fence gates. They now come in variations based on what kind of wood is used to craft them (the original Fence and Gate are now known as Oak Fence and Oak Gate). They can all interconnect. In addition, the Nether Brick Fence now connects with wooden fences (which it previously did not).