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First Look: The Lotus Elise Sprint 

Evolved, energized and even lighter, a significant update for the legendary Lotus Elise has been unveiled ahead of its arrival in showrooms this spring.

Pride of place in the latest Elise line-up is the new Sprint edition, capturing the spirit of Lotus by offering the latest in efficient engineering to deliver a car that sets the standard at under 800 kg. Featuring a host of weight-saving items as standard, as well as the Elise’s distinctive new styling, the new Lotus remains true to the company’s founding principles. Benefiting the range as a whole, all new Elise editions receive the car’s new look and new interior options, and every single one of the Sprint’s lightweight components can be specified on the standard Elise Sport and the Elise Sport 220 variants.

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1980 Subaru Brat 4x4. Designed at request of the American branch of Subaru to compete in growting late 70′s demand for light trucks. I could also be claimed as a passenger vehicle and avoid 25% import taxes, it was never marketed in Japan. Bed is 60″, available with 1.6 or 1.8 liter 4 speed.  San Antonio


The name „Duett” was intended to signify the car’s dual-purpose role; it was designed to be useful as both a workhorse and family car. This Volvo P 210 Duett (1960–69) is fitted with matching B18 1.8 liter four and M40 four-speed manual. With a surfboard mounted on the roofrack you would probably make some splittie VW bus guys jealous.


I found an early model EJ22 (2.2 liter overhead cam subaru engine) in the junkyard in a 1992 legacy with only 135k miles on it! I pulled it and I plan on putting it in the Land Crab which currently has the EA81 (1.8 liter overhead valve pushrod engine). I have to gather up more pieces and parts but will get this done for springtime fun. Really excited, the land crab will be able to hang in the fast lane on the interstate and mileage will improve as the EA81 is too underpowered to get decent mileage when turning big tires. EA81 made only about 80 HP stock, the EJ22 will deliver about 145 HP! I’ve loved having the relic pushrod motor, but this will be cool. I’m going to mate it up to a 5 speed dual range on demand 4WD tranny out of a loyale era subaru. Fun Fun Love Fun.

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hey!! how do i go about meeting you at SF pride? i'm travelling there from halfway across the globe and i'd be so sad if i missed out on hugging you. and you know, considering there's literally 1.8 million people going, meeting you randomly on the street doesn't seem like the highest probability haha.

I will be tweeting and snapchatting where I’m going to be! Follow @stevieboebi on Twitter and search: sassibob on snapchat!

I hope to see you there!

Engine of the Year.

At the “Engine of the Year Awards 2015”, Mercedes-AMG has taken another title with its 2-liter four-cylinder turbo engine. In the “1.8-liter to 2-liter” category, the high-performance engine was able to triumph over its top-level competitors.