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Prompt Percy a young greek boy living on an greek island in his mom's hotel while Jason is a Swedish (he looks a lot Swedish to me tbh) boy that came on vocations with his family. Summer flirt please :3

I wanted to make a super cute kid fic out of this, but that would have made it way longer than I can excuse, so have it like this instead :D

(I’m not sure why Swedish, is it the blond/blue eyes thing? I’m pretty sure that’s a stereotype for all of northern Europe, I always get told I look Danish because of the same things :D)

Words: 1.7k Rating: General Audiences, warning for implied homophobia - though it’s nothing major here.

“Hello handsome. What can I get for you?” Percy played up the accent, basically purring into Jason’s ear when he leaned past him to pick up the empty glasses. Despite his tries not to, Jason blushed fiercely red.

“Knock it off Perce.” Jason didn’t have to try for his accent to come out strongly, but he knew Percy thought it to be attractive, so he never even tried hiding it either. He cocked his head to the side, shielding his eyes from the sun with one hand but still having to squint to see Percy clearly. There was a bright grin on his face, and his dark hair looked almost blue in the bright sun – Jason had to tear his eyes away again before it got obvious that he was staring.

“You’re grumpy today.” Percy put his tablet down after all, pulling out a chair and letting himself fall with a surprising amount of grace. His knees knocked against Jason’s and he noticed how much darker they were in the summer in contrast to when Jason had been here in February. Jason didn’t answer but vaguely pointed in the direction of the pool, where his mother was smooching her new lover. Percy made a disgusted sound and shuddered, Jason cracked a smile.

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This journey on Tumblr has been one of the best experiences of my life and I am so thankful for each of you that has followed me over the past year! Today (April 1st) actually marks my one year blogiversary of when I restarted my run on Tumblr so I love sharing this moment with you all! You have all been such a blessing in my life you don’t even understand! Here’s to many more!

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Never saw you dance. 2

I said I’d publish this early, but at that point I had forgotten that I actually had to go to work today. But well, have it now ;)

Part 1 on Ao3
Words: 1,7k
Rating: Teem & Up (Warning for language)
 Pairing: Jason/Percy, implied Nico/Will

The bed is cold, that’s the first thing Jason notices after he wakes up. Of course it is… Percy’s gone. Jason presses his face down against the mattress, rolling over and curling in on himself. His lower lip juts out in a pout, not that anyone can see, and Jason quietly curses himself for having believed that Percy would be here when he woke up. How could he have been that stupid, really? Thinking it would be more than easy fun to the other man, that it could mean something more than the attraction they undoubtedly always had to one another…

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THANK YOU GUYS ^_^ For continuing to read and support this blog~ I just came back today and was surprised to find this. Got me like…

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AU where mind-wiped Percy arrives at Camp Jupiter and Jason is there and the two bond instantly and Jason gets super protective

So first off, I found out coincidentally that this is – word by word – the caption of an artwork jswander posted a while back. Please don’t do that, it’s rude in the face of the artist, and it puts me in a bad place when I don’t notice too. 

I talked to Jo, she is fine with me doing this, but please people, next time, ask the artist first and don’t just steal their ideas.

It made me feel wary of this prompt, I’m not sure if it shows. I tried to find a way to go in an entirely different direction than what Jo had hinted at – I hope it works.

 In this AU, Reyna was sent to CHB in Jason’s place. In case anyone thought something else.

Words: 1.7k Rating: Teen and Up

Percy blinked himself awake. For a moment, he didn’t know where he was and a shiver went down his spine. It was too dark to see anything, and it was quite around except for… someone was breathing steady right next to him, and when Percy turned around – struggling a little with the arm he found draped over his chest – he came face to face with a blonde. Oh, yeah, right.

He was in Camp Jupiter, the praetor’s house on the Via Principalis, the blonde next to him wasn’t the girl whose face he remembered, but someone else. Percy stifled a groan – how could he have been that stupid? Not just that he was issued to go on a quest by the evening of his fist day in this camp, he also managed to get it going with the freaking praetor on the first night of said camp. Percy wondered how he had actually managed to survive this long.

Jason stirred and Percy wondered if he would get away with fleeing right now. Frank already must have noticed that Percy hadn’t stayed the night with the cohort, but maybe if he could slip into his bunk before sunrise…

“You’re thinking too loud.” Percy blinked. Jason’s eyes were open and warm with the smile playing on the other boy’s lips. Percy swallowed, he was even more screwed than he had initially thought.

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