Nullus in urbe fuit tota qui tangere uellet 
     uxorem gratis, Caeciliane, tuam,
dum licuit: sed nunc positis custodibus ingens 
     turba fututorum est: ingeniosus homo es.


no one | in the city | was | whole | who | to touch | would have wanted
wife | without payment/for nothing | Caecillianus | your
while | it was permitted | but | now | with them put in place | with guards | huge/remarkable
crown | of those who have sex with women | is | clever | man | you are

Literal Translation:

There was no one in the whole city who wanted to touch
your wife, Caecillianus, even for free
while it was permitted: but now with guards in place
there is a huge crowd of [those who have had sexual relations with a woman]: you are a clever man.