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Pink & Blue by kingkevin 

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It Was Always You..Potential Olicity fic...

Okay so I have another idea for a fic but I’m not sure so I need input people. Got an idea for a title great let me know! So Felicity has been having these odd dreams for 15 years…She’s in love with the man she made up to protect her broken heart. Now as the dreams are becoming more and more intense she’s about to realize that perhaps the man in her dreams is in fact Oliver Queen. 

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“It was Always You”

Dreams can be complicated they can mean nothing or they can mean everything. My therapist Dr. Shaw had been telling me this for the past fifteen years and for fifteen years I’d pretended to listen as she droned on and on about how my life was staying in neutral…She’d been telling me to move on, to let go, to meet someone who would make the dreams stop. I’d tried I had but no matter who I met or who came into my life the dreams remained. They stayed with me long after I’d woken haunting me in my waking hours… each night I’d close my tired red rimmed eyes and there he’d be once more. 

I knew the moment my eyes shut and I shifted from the conscious to the subconscious there he’d be…

Waiting for me…

As he had been every night since my eighth birthday…so I closed my eyes as I snuggled further into my white and beige colored duvet. I measured each breathe just as Dr. Shaw had taught me to in our numerous therapy sessions. I counted to ten and inhaled sucking in all the oxygen around me until my lungs felt as if they were going to burst from the sheer effort. Then as I laid flat on my back with my fingers tightly coiled in the 150 count linen sheets I exhaled releasing the negative thoughts while preparing to breath in the positive. I’d do this until my breathes leveled out…I’d do this until my fingers relaxed as my body finally shifted from the awareness of being awake to the numbness of sleep. 

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