“I remember Geoff telling me, we should hire this Ray guy, and I said, do you think this guy’s worth it? do you think he should come work for us? and all Geoff said was, I think that guy is going to be more popular than the rest of us in about a year.”

             ↳happy birthday, ray! (september 15th, 1989)

jihope | G | 854 words

I am betraying my YoonMin feels to write this and I blame it all on this gif (made by baetan) and istg not only you can’t choose a bias in Bangtan they won’t even leave your OTP alone


Jimin doesn’t know how it all started, but nobody is ever sure when their hearts start fluttering because of a certain smile anyway. Sometime between arms casually slinging over shoulders and fingers brushing absentmindedly at the back of his neck, Jimin feels the electric current humming underneath his skin and heat spreading across his cheeks. Before he was able to put a name on it, Jimin’s feeling began to bubbling up the rib cage in his chest and forbidden words threatened to spill out of his lips.

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