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prompt - david miller pov on minty... or anything involving the millers at camp jaha. the world can never have enough of the millers

father knows best

a/n: Three times David experienced Minty, and one time he wished he hadn’t.


Trying to keep his steps paced, David approached the camp gate. The setting sun threw an orange glow over the yard, glinting off the tarnished metal of the Ark. His back was sore from a double shift, but once he had heard Nathan’s patrol unit hadn’t returned yet, he immediately set off for the fence.

He knew they were only a little late. They could be moving slowly or could have taken a few extra breaks. Still, he couldn’t help the worry that squeezed his chest a little too tight.

Surprise replaced worry when he saw someone else standing at the gate, watching the treeline. As he drew closer, he realized it was Monty. The boy jumped a bit when he called out a greeting, but then he smiled and returned the hello.

“Is Jasper on the patrol too?” David asked. Even with the tension between the boys that was clear to everyone in camp, he knew deep down they had a bond that couldn’t be broken, not really.

“No, uh–he’s in medical.”

David threw the boy a sad, comforting smile; Jasper’s drinking was something else that was clear to everyone in camp. “Then who are you waiting for?”

“Uh, no one. Or a few people. Bellamy. Octavia. Nathan. They’re all on the patrol.”

His eyebrows rose slightly when he heard Nathan, not Miller. Most of the hundred called his son by his surname, not his given name. Except Monty apparently. He filed that information away for later, then fought the grin forming on his face.

“I’m waiting too. For Nathan.”

Monty nodded, then pulled out a water canteen. When he handed it to him, David took it with a smile, still worried but grateful that he wasn’t alone in waiting for his son to come home.


“So I’m going out on long patrol next week,” David said as he took another bit of fish.


“I should only be gone for two weeks maximum.”


David sighed as he watched his son alternately shovel food into his mouth and glance over his shoulder. He resisted the urge to turn around himself and see what exactly Nathan was staring at. Instead, he stared at his son, slightly amused.

“We’re going to Rome,” he added, trying to sound nonchalant. “Got this great new drone that is flying us over the ocean. Can’t wait to see if the Colosseum survived the apocalypse.”

“Mmm.” Then Nathan’s fork paused halfway to his mouth, and he blinked in confusion.

“Close your mouth, son. Your mother and I taught you better manners than that.”

Nathan scowled for a second, then resumed eating. “I was listening,” he protested.

“You were also staring. At what?”

“Nothing.” The way his son turned a bit red in the face betrayed his words, however.

“So if I turned around, I wouldn’t see Monty Green sitting at some table behind me?”

He turned even redder, expression halfway between panicked and pissed.

“Don’t worry,” David chuckled. “I won’t bring it up again. At least until you’re ready.”

Nathan grunted in agreement, and he had to tamp down another laugh, because of all the things he thought he’d be doing on the ground, teasing his son about his crush was not one of them.


David grinned and shook his head as he watched his son take two steps towards the fire, then freeze, spin around and walk away. Then he spun around again, got three more steps closer to the fire, then paused yet again.

“C’mon, Nathan. Just like we practiced,” he murmured under his breath.

Then he took a deep breath in solidarity as he watched his son do the same. With shoulders set back, Nathan strode up to the fire, and to Monty. David continued to watch as they chatted a while, hoping that his son wouldn’t chicken out again. When he saw them walk off together, away from the fire, he grinned, knowing Nathan would finally follow through on asking Monty out.

“Was that your doing?”

David turned to see Hannah Green standing next to him, looking as amused and happy as he felt. He nodded, and she sighed.

“Finally. I’ve been trying to convince Monty for weeks to ask him out, but he’s always been a shy boy.”

“What parents are for,” David chuckled. Clapping her shoulder in farewell, he turned to head back to the Ark, whistling cheerfully. He had done enough meddling for tonight; they deserved a little privacy.


“Nathan, are you ready to–”

David froze in the doorway, nearly choking. Monty and Nathan, however, scrambled into motion as they leapt off the bed and reached for shirts, maybe pants. He didn’t really know because he had slammed his eyes shut the second he had realized what he had walked in on.

“Dad!” Nathan barked. “C’mon!”

“I knocked!” David protested, eyes cracking open reflexively. He immediately shut them again, and turned around, when he realized they still weren’t ready.

“Dad, out!”

David startled forward, clipping his shoulder on the doorframe as he left. He vaguely heard Monty let out a high-pitched groan of embarrassment and Nathan continued swearing under his breath. Sighing, David leaned against the wall around the corner, wondering which of them were more embarrassed by the situation.

The boys emerged a few minutes later, still looking flustered. David scratched the back of his head, smiling awkwardly.

“Ready for dinner?” He offered weakly.

Monty turned bright red, Nathan glared, and David sighed. Then he started laughing, and Monty let out one too, and soon they were doing it deeply instead of nervously. Nathan continued to scowl, throwing up his hands as he walked towards the mess hall without them.

As they slowed their breathing to a normal rate, David collected himself and said, “He’s so happy with you, you know.”

“I know,” Monty offered, sounding entirely sure.

“Good.” David grinned, then walked with Monty to the mess hall.

Yesterday was a great day for me in fandom because I was really excited to see the news that OUAT is casting a young Regina. It’s incredible to think that in one season I will get to see all three of my favourites as kids, and I am already imagining all the awesome gif sets that will come out of this! Young!Emma, Young!Killian, and now Young!Regina. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?

I was also thrilled to see my dear Evil Regal friends celebrating this excellent news, using all kinds of fun silly gifs, and speculating about what this storyline will reveal. I was also happy to see so many of my CSer friends excitedly reblogging the casting announcement, because they are looking forward to this storyline too. Good news all around.

I am a CSer. I am a fan of Regina Mills. Who’s with me?

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- Abby and Kane have lunch with Raven. - Kane and Wick discuss Kane and Abby. - It's Monty's fault Miller is stuck fifty feet up a tree. - Monroe and Harper remember Fox.


a/n: I did all of these (one with a slight exchange) because I think we all need a pick-me-up after tonight’s episode and delinquent happiness & shenanigans is just the fix :) 


The mess hall was noisy, full to the brim even before peak lunch hour, but the background noise was soothing to Raven. A few people circled by her table, some curious as to what she was working on at the moment, others a bit disgruntled she was taking up a whole table for her bits and bobs of deconstructed machinery. She smiled mysteriously at the first type and glared at the second. Both left her well enough alone after a while, which was a relief.

Except, just as she was getting into a groove putting her almost finished product together, a shadow fell over her table and didn’t go away.


She kept her head bent but flicked a glance up. Abby was staring at her expectantly, and Kane lurked behind her. They both had full lunch trays clutched in their hands.


“Is there a reason your workroom has suddenly been relocated?” Abby asked lightly, almost teasingly.

Raven shrugged as she fastened the second-to-last screw back in and answered in kind. “I got hungry. Didn’t want crumbs on my shit.”

Kane smothered a snort, and Abby sighed. “Well, considering there is nowhere else to sit, mind if we join?”

She shrugged again, and then proceeded to ignore them, even when they tried to make small talk. Normally she’d at least try to engage in the conversation, but she was almost done

Her finger slipped, pressing down on the button, and then a bright flash went off. Abby and Kane–along with occupants of nearby tables–let out startled croaks–and looked towards her. Raven couldn’t help but grin widely in response. Her fingers drummed over the camera in her hands in anticipation as it whirred and worked its magic.

“Is that a–oh what were they called?” Kane inquired, eyes bright.

“Polaroid. Or a knockoff at least,” Raven answered, snatching the photo as it came out of the print slot.

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okay so i picked up a package from amazon right and it’s this umbrella

and im like “wtf, who got me a fuckin umbrella, i already have like five, this one isn’t even collapsible for easy storage”

so i open it

and i notice some suspicious-looking bars in the pole thing

and then i found the button

motherfukcing lightsaber umbrella