I miss him
I miss his scent
I miss how he wraps his arms around me
I miss touching our noses together
I miss his voice making me blush
I miss his hands playing with my hair
I miss the way his tongue tastes
I miss seeing his smile when he sees me
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check your brightness!

PSA: now that season 15 has given us the Gift that is locus back on our screens, i just wanna remind artists to check your screen’s brightness settings, so that you don’t accidentally whitewash him in your work!!


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hey... so, i'm not a big fan of lolix because it seems a little (a lot) unhealthy but i feel like they did have some cuddly moments. like, felix playing with locus's pretty long hair, or locus buying felix small presents randomly, you know?

i’m cool with unhealthy ships tbh, especially with a character like locus where that relationship was such an integral part of why he behaved as he did. i find it difficult to read felix as a character who wouldn’t use everything at his disposal to wrap locus around his finger, oops. 

anyway, i think locus would have to be half unconscious to let felix touch his hair honestly (i left out of that post that he pulls his head away tbh), but if it happened he’d realize he thought it was nice. 

touch starved ex-merc, oh no!!!

presents from felix tho, eh? “hey i bought you this knife, pls stab people and think of me, xo”

F: “i saw this and thought of you.”

L: “this is a garrote.”

F: “exactly.”

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don't forget chris wood, he's so stupid and just horrible, he literally mocked Katie after she gave a good answer to people who ship supercorp. it's sad that the person who defends the lgbtq ship is openly mocked by her fellow actors. ugh. and don't even get me started on jeremy's weak ass apology. the damange is done.

the whole cast except for chyler and katie are canceled 

*walks up to you totally non-conspiciously*

*psssst* Now that the others are sleeping… I’m gonna break out of my Serious Mod Cover to bring some goodness to you all because I adore you. 

That right there is a canon comic of a cartoon show where the MAIN CHARACTER ends up with ANOTHER WOMAN AND. THEY. KISS (this is NOT an excuse for me to fangirl about this, I can see you all already accusing me!)

In times of need, or of feeling sad because you like girls, or just because your crush doesn’t like you or whatever else, use it to let it make you feel better. The world is shit, but things just may turn out right sometimes, and that’s wonderful.

Have a good day! ;)

Mod M :D