1.5 mm

why are bolters always said to be impossible for a human to fire due to recoil?

grenade launchers use a bullet 1.5 caliber (40 mm) in width, more than a heavy bolter by half an inch, and can be used very easily by humans, albeit semiautomatically. The large size of a bolter (I’m sure most of that metal is extraneous) reduces the recoil, and the fact the bolt only needs to leave the barrel before the rocket kicks in, further reducing powder needed and thus recoil, means they should be able to be used by a regular joe Guardsman without power armor.

Totally exhausted today, going to sleep for five hours and then it’s off to work again.

Oh, reminder to self! Hrt, 1 year and 5 months.

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In other news, just got an invite to UIFF (Umeå International Film Festival) to talk about that thing I’m working on, as a part of a four movie Work in Progress. Hopefully I, and mr co-director, will find the time and space to go. If we don’t, meh, it’s just life, we’ll drown in that stuff come next year.

I always intend to write something more insightful, but I somehow tend to end up doing these posts at random, slightly too tired moments.

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Give yourselves space for error and wrongdoing, in transition, we all fail at being our supreme, altruistic selves… Who am I kidding!

Let’s all embrace our inner Queen Mob Bitches and dance ffs!


7/12/16                       Tmarus angulatus               Gravid Female

Class Arachnida (Arachnids)
Order Araneae (Spiders)
Infraorder Araneomorphae (True Spiders)
No Taxon (Entelegynes )
Family Thomisidae (Crab Spiders)
Genus Tmarus
Species angulatus (Tmarus angulatus)

Explanation of Names
Author of the name: Walckenaer. Year first published: 1837.
Female 4.5 to 7 mm, male 3 to 5 mm. (1)
Apparently throughout the US the only Tmarus recorded in Ark, Ill, Kans. Also found in southern Canada.

What’s Precipitating: Yesterday we had sunny skies and temperatures around 75°F (24°C). Now it’s well below freezing, and a stinging sleet is falling, driven by 40 mile per hour winds (64kph). The spheres of sleet in this photo are between 1 and 5 mm in diameter. I just went to fetch the mail, and it was like walking on ball bearings.  

Please click the photo for an enlarged view. 


Plasma cutter with pencil lead - Little Shop of Physics

A mechanical pencil lead is used to make a small-scale plasma cutter, cutting shapes in aluminum foil.

Parts Needed
4 9 V battery
2 Clip leads
1 5 mm pencil lead
Aluminum foil
Box or tub
Rubber band

Credit: Little Shop of Physics, Colorado State University

By: National Science Foundation.