I love the friendship between Eric and Hyde,  especially since they’re more like brothers. They’ve been friends for so long, and that’s why, even though no one else thinks twice about it, Eric is the one to get Hyde the help he doesn’t think he needs when his mom leaves with a trucker in the episode Hyde Moves In (1.24). There is so much about Eric and Hyde in this episode that I love. First, because of Eric’s persistence, Hyde admits that his mom isn’t coming back, and when he says it, you can hear the fear in his voice, even if he won’t admit it. And although he says he doesn’t need help, when Eric offers him a sandwich, Hyde takes it. And as the show fades to commercial, we see Eric sadly watching his friend and its completely silent; they don’t even play any music. Then Eric turns to his parents when he can’t figure out what to do, and the Forman’s take Hyde in. And Eric is so happy to have his friend safe, and despite all his tough talk, Hyde asks if Eric is going to eat his cookies. And of course, Eric gives them to him.

I just don’t understand how characters from a sitcom about growing up in a decade in which I wasn’t even alive yet can make me feel so much?!?!?!