My biggest pet peeve is when hunter/jumper riders who jump like 1.20m think that they can go mess around in an XC field (or even enter an event) and jump the same height like NO!!! You will get yourself killed!!! It is sooo scary to watch…

Zander’s growing up:) Mattias has been riding him in some 1.20m classes because he really needs some professional rides right now. Hopefully at hits we’ll be ready to show :)

PS spot how far he lands off the B element😂 kiddo needs lots of work.

Another photo of Honey

I have the ride on this gorgeous girl - Shes a solid 16.3hh show jumper who will be taking up the spare space in the float next to Sydney! She has been turned out for a couple years! Shes my new challenge to get her up and running again! Aiming to get her fit and take her out late Oct, early November and eventually compete her around some 1.20m tracks this season - and generally just have fun with her!

Selections from a list of 34 size discrepancies in the Pokemon anime


Charizard are usually 5'7" (1.7m) tall, but Ash’s Charizard is taller than that, at about 7'00" (2.10m) tall. Oddly enough, it is shown in Charizard’s Burning Ambition that Ash’s Charizard is rather small when compared with the Charizard living in Charicific Valley. Also, in Grating Spaces!, a Charizard was shown to be as tall as an Aggron, 6'11" (2.10 m).


Electrode are normally 3'11" (1.20m), but in What You Seed is What You Get! it is seen to be the same height as Slugma, 2'04" (70cm).

Also, in What You Seed is What You Get, Natasha’s Electrode is shown to be as tall as an adult human in some scenes.


One of the more renowned changes in size is in Roselia, which are extremely small—only about a foot (30cm) tall. However, the Roselia in the anime come up to a 10-year old’s waist. An estimate would put the anime incarnation of them at about 3’ (90cm) tall. This caused much confusion when Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon Adventures both featured the Pokémon at its actual smaller size.

Appreciate the majesty of the full list here.