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Surprise || Zelo


Summary:  Your boyfriend’s been acting strange for the past few weeks and you’d like to know why. It’d also help if his friends weren’t so distracting.

Word Count: 1,458

A/N: Thank you very much for the request Anon dear and I’m so sorry that it took so long for my to get this to you so I hope you enjoy it! Also; requests will be opening soon so keep an eye out! because I’m gonna pull an all nighter to get through all of these requests before the weekend cones


“Please, let me sleep Daehyun… It’s too early…” You grumbled, pulling your blanket over your head in an attempt to block out the early morning disturbance. Your barricade only lasted a brief second and your bleary vision was filled with the cheerful smile of Jung Daehyun.

“It’s midday and you said we could get lunch today.” He whined, continuing to pull your blanket down and try to drag you out of your bed. You groaned as Daehyun successfully sat you up and angled you so your legs dangled over the edge of the bed. “Let’s go, birthday girl - hey, I’ll even pay this time around~”

You slowly pried your eyes open to see the ever grinning Daehyun, stilling tugging your arm with an increasing force. His words swam around in your head until they clicked in your mind.


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Exceptional Love

 Born with exceptional powers, from descendants that escaped their dying home planet thousands of years ago, they are aliens who are not aliens anymore, yet are not entirely mortal.  They work and walk among us. Powers that they themselves struggle to control.  Each has their own tale of woe and misery, yet triumph to live in the world hiding who they are in fear of the unknown enemy.  Fortunately for them a light of happiness is in store for our heroes before the dark days come.  Love is in their near future, but it is unknown whether they will survive the coming war.

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happy new years! ft. s.j.m characters

tog : 

aelin : party animal. lost her clothes halfway through the night and started to strut around in rowan’s shirt. rowan had to follow her and snarl every time fenrys gawked at aelin’s bare legs. bare goddess™ legs. will dance to any music or no music at all. drunk™ my g od she is so drunk™ 3…2…1 “hAPPY NEW YEARS MY BUZZIE BUZZARD” giving rowan the sloppiest kiss ever, then goes back to dancing on the table.  

rowan : sighing, sighing, sighing. babysitter™ everyone is drunk™, but he has to keep following aelin around. snarls every time fenrys stares at her backside. really testing his luck, that one. go d he thought christmas was bad, he hates new years more. and believe me, he hated christmas. 3…2..1 “happy new years, fireheart”

aedion : created the bump and grind. showing his bi™ side. “stop dancing with my cadre, aedion!” “live a little, aelin!” mr. twerk fest. even did a bit of belly dancing and body shots™ cant wait for this year to end. he’s waited long enough. 3…2…1 “lysANDR-” “oh there you are. gimme kissy”

lysandra : playing board games with evangeline. keeping her away from the booze. spiked her apple juice. smiling and watching everyone making a fool of themselves. took them to church when she danced that one time and left them all speechless. 3….2…1 “aedion i’m right here” . “happy new years, you drunk rat”

dorian : dirty dancing™ with aelin. aye, aye, aye, back it up, two shots now y’all. one thrust this time, two thrusts this time, twerk-twerk real slow. somewhere between his fifth shot and his twentieth shot, dorian ended up being the stripper. “girl i love it how you move it like dis” aye, aye, ayeee. dorian got turnt. 3…2…1 “manny!”

manon : halfway between glaring at dorian and ripping aelin to shreds, but also just shaking her head. sighing and watching dorian. low key she was kind of enjoying the show. but you cant prove anything. not a thing. 3…2…1 “don’t call me manny”

chaol : “AELIN! DORIAN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Nesryn, wonderful to see you dear. Bed EMPTY! No NOTES! Booze and clothes gone! You could have died! You could have been seen! Of course, I don’t blame you, Nesryn dear” furiously rubbing his temples. he’s so embarrassed that he knows these two. “killjoy!” “yOU’RE IN YOUR BRA” 3…2..1… “where is nesryn?”

nesryn : “y'all some white trash”™ “this is so embarrassing” “calm your white self down im laughing” “i have so many white frens™ bye” “cant one of you just be normal?” @11:59 “Y'all im out bye ha” 3…2…1 [cricket noises]. 

fenrys : fabulous fenrys™ aka magic mike 2.0. break it down. literally. he broke the table because he was dancing on it. taught elide how to twerk. “fenrys, stop it!” “my body too bootylicious for you, babe!” did belly dancing with aedion. 3…2…1 “WILDTHING!” falls and breaks table.

asterin : she’s been ignoring fenrys since the whole “ho ho ho” fiasco on christmas. this is no different. fenrys had no warning label and everyone let her walk right into a trap. drink™ more™ talk™ less™ 3…2…1… “i’m not picking him up”

lorcan : new phone, who dis? new year, who dis? lol i know none of you™ bye™ couldnt wait to get away™ see you never losers™ tried to make his great escape but elide caught him. was perfectly content with elide testing out her new twerking skills. on him, of course. 3…2…1 “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ELIDE”

elide : at about 11:55 a drunk fenrys had the perfect plan. he dragged elide into aelin and lysandra’s closets and dressed her up in glittering silver clothes, making her look like a ball. elide was the new year’s ball™ she looked amazing™ ball-tactic™ 3…2…1… “hIIII LORRCAAAN”. lorcan caught her of course. and gave a Hellas worthy snarl and glare to fenrys. 

connall : wearing sunglasses in doors. too cool™ for these people and their straightness™. his petty side is coMING OUt. just like he did. he came out the closet™. cuddling with his gay boyfriend, vaughan. sipping champagne. 3…2…1 [curls finger] “come here, vaughan-vaughan” slightly drunk™ 

vaughan : “I AM STILL PRAYING FOR YOU HEATHENS!” says the fae who is cuddling with his gay boy™friend. finally got a squirt bottle full of holy water. started spraying it on everyone, hissing “let the lord reign true, glory to god in the highest, you are amazing lord”. 3…2…1 [throws squirt bottle and kisses his gay™ boy™friend on the mouth™].

gavriel : “im seriously disowning all of you” dad™ daddy™ has had enough! so tired of these hoeligans. ate all the food. might be judging™ you. 3…2…1 “gavy gimme a kiss kiss” “go away aelin” “but uncle kitty caaaaat”

bonus, evangeline : honestly just happy she has a family to spend new years with. saw their true™ colors and loved them even more. full of giggles. blushed every time the twins smothered her faces, her scars, with kisses. 3…2…1. rowan gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek and evangeline frowned “when you get a little older” 


rhys : wearing those 2017 glasses where the glasses part is the 0. wearing a 2017 shirt. wearing tight black pants. did the conga line with himself, dragged azriel and cassian too. dirty danced with feyre. lied down on the bar and made cassian pour booze down his throat. 3…2…1 “feyre daarrrlinnngggg” idiot™ drunk™.

feyre : dancing with her sisters and mor. secretly thankful everyone is here to be able to do stupid stuff like that. just a bunch of smiling and laughing, and making sure rhys didn’t try to fly while drunk. wearing a crown bc boss™ 3…2…1 “hello, rhysand archeron” 

cassian : too cool™ for this™ … sIKE MOVE™ OUT THE WAY™ SUCKAS™ was a real smoothie. danced with everyone. ‘accidentally’ lost his shirt somehow. no one minds. them sinnamon rolls was looking real nice™ lick™ lick™ 3…2…1 “nes-” “no”

nesta : elegantly sipping a glass of wine. eating cheese and crackers. just plain classy. watching everyone else make fools of themselves. somehow got dragged into dancing once. knew how to bump™ and grind™ like no one was watching. 3…2…1 “nes-” “no” 

azriel : disappeared in his shadows on christmas day and he decided to come back. is like that guy in the gif where he comes back to a burning apartment, holding pizza. yea™. thats him. disappeared back into his shadows. 3…2..1… nope he gone™ 

mor : dRUNK™ kEE P T HE B o oZ e aWA Y fR Om mo R™ work it queen, work it. knows how to get a party started and keep it going. work mama work. got that tight dress on, i see™ you. 3….2….1..ended up making out with a wall, thinking it was azriel. 

lucien : no, no, no, no, did i mention…nO! “ugh fine, one dance elain, ONE DANCE” one dance turned into many dances. sure knows how too woo a woman via™ the flick of his hips™. 3…2…1 [longest yeah boi ever]

elain : had one sip of alcohol and somehow?? end?? up?? drunk??™ no one knows. almost lost her shirt, but lucien to the rescue. a lot of giggles and sweet dances with her mate. 3…2….1 “hAPPY NEW YE-” yeah boi™ 

amren : couples. couples everywhere. rolling her eyes but secretly™ happy for them. takes a shot every time someone does something stupid. somehow didn’t die™ of alcohol poisoning™ magic, true magic. 3…2…1. takes another shot

tamlin : …


Serengeti - “Dennehy" 

Play softball with the guys, wife made curly fries

Drink about four O'Doul’s, grounded out, two pop flies

In the Buick down Western, stop and get some more brats

On sale: chicken, Italian sausages, and orange pop

This week, fishing trip, gotta get some new flies

Wife packed turkey subs, Jays chips, and peach pies

Watch a little Dennehy, pull out the Laserdisc

Sniper 1, 2, and 3, Berenger makes great flicks

Calum - Betrayal Part 5

Sorry this is late, but I’ve finally posed this part. I haven’t reread it so there may be a few mistakes and I apologise if there is, but to make up for it I’ve made it longer. I’ll add links tomorrow, but previous parts are in my masterlist. I hope you enjoy it! Request for the next part to see how sober her reacts in the morning…


Part 1, Part 2, part 3, Part 4

His fingers flicked the indicator and he swiftly turned right into a car park, stoping on an angle in between two bays. The building was large and didn’t reveal much of what is contained.
‘Are you ready?’ He asked smiling arrogantly.
‘Yeah, what the hell.’ I said, swinging the door open. Honestly, I was a bit excited. There was something thrilling about doing things that I shouldn’t be.
'Someone’s eager.’ He said, sending a wink in my direction. I rolled my eyes but it was true. I was eager and excited to find out what we were doing.
He led the way to the front door and pulled it open, standing aside to let me walk through first. Behind the door was a dimly lit room. My eyes adjusted and I realised it was a bar. There were booths and tables dotted around with a wall of dart boards and several pool tables. Two people occupied the room, both of them surrounding a pool table. They both looked up and nodded towards us.
The tall blonde with the lip piercing headed towards the bar, lifting up part of the counter and slipping behind it.
'Hood, what can I get you?’ He asked.
'The usual.’ He said, taking the now abandoned que stick and took the blonde’s turn.
'Well well well, and who are you?’ The other guy said, stepping towards me. He had short blue hair and an eyebrow piercing. There was something really badass about them all and it was intriguing and inviting.
'Y/N.’ I said, taking his que stick and taking his turn. Both his and Callum’s eyebrows shot up as I easily sunk a ball. 'And yours would be?’ I asked, smugly. The blue haired guy smirked at me.
'I think you’ll fit in just fine.’ He said, looking me up and down. 'It’s Michael.’ He said, reclaiming the stick and leaning towards my ear. 'But you can call me whatever you want.’ He whisper, winking as he stepped back.
'So Y/N, anything to drink?’ The blonde asked, handing the beer to Calum with a smile on his face.
'Whatever he’s having.’ I said, walking towards the bar. He nodded and pulled a pint. 'So what is this place?’ I asked, curiously taking the pint from blondy.
'It’s a bar where all the rejects hang out.’ Calum smiled as he took a sip.
'Hey we don’t like that name. It’s cliché.’ Michael shouted from the pool table.
'What do you suppose we call us then?’ Calum asked laughing. Clearly that had had this conversation a few times.
'I don’t know. Something cool.’ He said, leaning over to line the que up with the balls and effortlessly potted one. Calum rolled his eyes and turned back to me.
'This here is Luke. His dad owns the bar but he’s left it to Luke to run. Our kind of people come here mostly.’ He shrugged, downing the pint and hopping over the counter to pour himself another.
'It’s only just gone 1.’ I reminded him, watching how he expertly pulled a pint.
'Exactly. I’m usually drunk at this point. I’m late because you had your little tiff.’ He smirked, moving the pint aside and hosting him self up and over the counter. 'Honestly, I think you could do with it.’ He said nudging his my arm. He turned and headed towards the other two boys who were arguing over who was supposed to be potting stripes. Taking Calum’s advice I downed my glass.
'Hey do you mind if-’ I started but was cut off by Luke.
'Help yourself.’
Immediately I hopped over the bar and poured myself a pint. It wasn’t as easy as Calum and Luke had made it seem. It jammed and I couldn’t push it back up to stop the flow of beer from over flowing the glass and splashing all over the counter and my top. 'Shit.’ I mumbled.
'Whoa, it’s alright.’ A calming voice suddenly appeared in front of me and a brown hand reached towards the handle, pulling it up and ceasing the beer from tumbling out the spout.
'Thanks.’ I mumbled embarrassed at making a mess. I looked into Calum’s brown eyes and there was humour in them, but it was comforting.
'Don’t mention it.’ He climbed over the bar and grabbed a towel, wiping up all themes I had made. His arm brushed against my top as he started wiping on the other side of the glass. 'You’re top is soaked.’ He smiled, shaking his head. 'Hear.’ He reached behind his head and yanked his black top off, revealing his tattooed, toned torso. He looked flawless and it was difficult to tear my eyes away to stop myself from gawking at him. 'Swap it with this.’
'What are you going to wear?’ I asked, taking the top from him gratefully.
'Luke always has spares.’ He shrugged. He walked to the edge of the counter and pulled out a top from under it. 'He always makes a mess too.’ He laughed.
I turned around and yanked my soaking top off and immediately replaced it with the warm, soft material that was Calum’s top.
'Thank you.’ I said, turning around and catching Calum staring at me. A smile tugged on my lips. I grabbed the pint and headed towards the other two. Luke handed me his stick and I took his shot, pitting two balls in a row.
Impressive Y/L/N.’ Calum said, leaning against an adjoining pool table.

'You can’t drive!’ I exclaimed as Calum fished his keys from his pocket.
'I’ve not drank much and I’m way more sober than you are.’ He chuckled. 'Come on.’ He said, placing a hand around my waist to steer me out. I rolled my eyes but didn’t bat away his hand. 'Right we off guys.’ He called to the other two.
Michael just lifted his thumb in the air. The alcohol was making him sleepy. He was definitely going to get a killer headache in the morning.
'See you Friday.’ Luke called to Calum. 'Y/N you should come to.’ He smiled as he collected glasses, many of them containing droplets of beer that was left behind by Michael and I.
'Yeah sure.’ I smiled, waving goodbye to him and letting Calum steer me out the bar.
'What’s Frid-day?’ I asked hiccuping.
'He’s throwing a party. You should join us, but maybe not drink as much.’ He chuckled, squeezing my side gently. I hit him in the chest.
'Hey I’m n-not.’ I demanded, but my hiccup made him laugh rather than take me seriously.
'Hold your breath.’ He said, opening the door for me and helping me inside the car.
'Shit.’ I said, running my hands through my hair as he get in the car and slammed his door shut.
'What?’ He asked, concern flooded his face.
'I can’t go home like this.’ I groaned, throwing my head against the car seat.
'Why not?’ He asked, a question look crossed his face.
'Because I’m drunk and my parents will kill me because I’m at college tomorrow.’ I groaned, dropping my head into my hands.
'You can crash at mine.’ He offered, taking a hold of my harm and pulling my hands away from my face.
'Really?’ I asked and he nodded in response as he turned the engine on. 'Thank you.’ I practically squealed as I threw my arms around him, squeezing him in a hug.
'Put your seatbelt on.’ He laughed into my hair. I pulled away and obliged, yawning as I hid so. Resting my arm on the door, I help up my head as my eyes drifted shut.

'Y/N, wake up. We’re here.’ A gentle voice broke through my dreams. I moaned. 'Come on sleepy head.’ He pulled me out and I hard a car door slam. His arm went around my waist and the other behind my knees as he lifted me up. 'Hold on tight.’ He whispered, as I clung to his neck, closing my eyes again. He jiggled me about as he fumbled to open the door, but he was soon placing me on something soft and wrapping my up in a duvet.
I wriggled out of my jeans and threw them on the floor. 'Not comfy.’ I mumbled before he commented. The weight shifted on the bed next to me, causing me to roll backwards slightly. Then a hand was draped around my waist, pulling my back towards his chest.
'Good night.’ I mumbled, feeling myself fall asleep.
'Good night Y/N.’ He whispered as he kissed my cheek.

Part 6

Oikawa: Q1. Hajime Iwaizumi has taken over and fallen asleep in my futon. How should I wake him up?
Oikawa: (1) Forehead flick (2) Pinch his nose (3) Tickle him
Matsukawa: Please (3)
Hanamaki: Any one. I just hope for a video of this.
Matsukawa: lol if you post it to the VBC LINE then everyone can see it
Oikawa: If I do that I think I’ll be crossing to the afterlife…

from here! ao3 as always can be found here

word count: 472

Three’d been the one decided on. Oikawa stretches his fingers, shaking his hands out, and makes sure the recording’s on his phone before he kneels down and gently trails his fingers down Iwaizumi’s side. The response is just some incoherent mumbling and Oikawa sighs in relief. He gives a thumbs up to the camera, trademark grin and wink, and gathers his courage as he says a small prayer in his mind.

Please don’t let Iwaizumi kill him. Please. This is the only life he has.

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Worst Fear

Originally posted by emmawathson

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,473

Warnings: None.

Anonymous Asks:  Idek if you do imagine requests but Draco Malfoy imagine???????pls???

Prompt: You’re secretly dating Draco because of your blood status and separate house. During Defense Against the Dark Arts, when Professor Lupin teaches everyone about boggarts, one of your biggest fears comes true. But everyone is confused, as to your biggest fear is something you go through almost every day.

A/N: Very sorry it took so long, you didn’t give me a plot so it kind of took me awhile to think of this. For future requesters, please give me a plot (pretty specific of what you would like, so I can make it how you imagine it), it will be very useful and helpful for me. But thanks for requesting anon! And I hope you like it! It’s also pretty long and it might be because I took a scene from the movie (just wanted to say that so I won’t get in trouble for like copyright or something…) And I feel like I ended it in a rush, so tell me what you guys think!


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Oikawa: Q1. Iwaizumi Hajime has taken over and fallen asleep in my futon. How should I wake him up?
Oikawa: (1) Forehead flick (2) Pinch his nose (3) Tickle him
Matsukawa: Please (3)
Hanamaki: Any one. I just hope for a video of this.
Matsukawa: lol if you post it to the VBC LINE then everyone can see it
Oikawa: If I do that I think I’ll be crossing to the afterlife…

the signs as iconic liam things
  • aries: giggly liam
  • taurus: curly hair liam
  • cancer: “i don't have a celebrity crush... i don’t know any of them personally and i don’t like to judge people”
  • leo: pulling harry’s pants down during wmyb
  • virgo: his mysterious kidney
  • libra: beatboxing during little things
  • scorpio: mrs horan
  • sagittarius: leeroy
  • capricorn: his tragic wax figures
  • aquarius: his twitcams
  • pisces: 1 2 3 flick

anonymous asked:

if we're still on the topic, i really felt that conversation the other night about animal collective recontextualized as a girls band, music for weird girls. what would the recontextualized animal collective essentials mix list look like?

1. Fickle cycle - anco
2. Little fang - Avey tares slasher flicks
3. Water curses - anco
4. Applesauce - anco
5. Winter wonder land - anco
6. Faces in the crowd - panda bear
7. I remember learning how to dive - anco
8. Kids on holiday - anco
9. Purple bottle - anco

What am I missing ……..,,

Dead Natural {28}

Reader x ?

Warnings: Swearing, Chick Flick Moments Haha

Words: 1,762

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 2526, 27

Thanks For being patient guys. Love you all!

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i fuckign miss 2011-2013 i miss the stupid pokemon diary shit i miss the tour and x factor diaries i miss that video of zarry dancing and liam doing that 1 2 3 flick thing in the car i miss the uan tour and the watch party i miss the tmh tour too i miss the lwwy video and the bts and the 2012 vma promos and their interviews and the owoa video and bts i miss if harry wants the booty he has to wait i miss everything i miss zayn 

Fred Imagine

Fred Imagine

Request: can you do a oneshot about Dumbledore’s quote “happiness may be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

You were running through the snow covered grounds, Fred Weasley, your boyfriend, following.

“Y/N … just what are you on about?” He panted, his hands on his knees to the side of you.

“This — The Womping Willow. We haven’t been able to get past it, no matter what we tried. But I’ve figured it out, Fred! We have to make sure no one’s looking before I show you, though.” You told him, then the two of you both went around the tree, making sure no student, professor, or Peeves was watching.

Once you realized the coast was clear, you lifted your wand made of holly, pointed it towards a twig that broke off a nearby tree, and with a swish and flick, you whispered, “Wingardium Leviosa.”

Slowly, you guided the twig towards a small opening just large enough to slide through. With carefulness, you used your free hand to push Fred back and you backed up yourself, knowing that the Willow would not take kindly to knowing that it was about to be immobilized. Then, you threw the twig against the side of the trunk near the opening, causing the Womping Willow to stutter and stop flailing around.

“Wicked …” Your boyfriend breathed from the spot you pushed him back to.

“It was a total accident to discover — I was bored and saw a stick near the treacherous thing, so I decided to have a bit of fun. I levitated it, then threw it against the tree, it hit around the middle and then fell to the hole, funny actually, I don’t think I’d ever noticed it.” You told him, trotting over the snow to the hole.

“So, who’s going first, babe?” He asks, throwing an arm around your shoulder.

You drew a circle in the ground. “I guess we’ll decide by who can disarm the other first.”

You stood in the circle you drew, he in another he drew. “3, 2, 1.”

“Expelliarmus!” You yelled, flicking your wand in the direction you wanted his to go.

“Expel—” Fred was cut off by his wand flying out his hand, landing in the snow near him.

You grinned brightly at his shocked face before he bent down to pick his wand up. You slid down the small bit of trunk that lead to the passage that was always a mystery to you and your best friends, the Weasley Twins.

You landed on dirt at the bottom, that, at the light that emitted from your wand, was shown to have footprints from the people who entered before you. Fred soon joined you.

“Lumos Maxima.” He whispered from beside you. “Well, let’s go, shall we?”

You followed his lead, listening to his warnings about roots and where it elevates and other things.

In ten minutes we were reaching the basement of the Shrieking Shack. I lead the way up the stairs, despite Fred’s objections of wanting to make sure there wasn’t anything there, first.

My wand was producing an comforting glow. There were pictures of wizards and witches I’d never heard of hung on the wall, preserving what was left of the greenish wallpaper. Every stair creaked, which made Fred more and more wanting to lead the way.

“Y/N, you know I just want you safe.” He said after the thirteenth stair.

“Fred, babe, I think I can handle leading the way. I’ve got my wand ready, I’ll be fine.” You reassured him.

It took seventeen more stairs to reach the first floor. A broken piano, a windowless window frame, and a metal bed with who-knows-how-old sheets.

“Beauty, ain’t it.” Fred said, wrapping his arm around you once more.

“It must’ve been beautiful before it was abandoned.” You said, ignoring his pervious comment. “I wonder if this piano still works.”

You press a key and hear no sound. You try others and get the same result. It was broken and useless. Flicking your wand, you slowly lowered the top of it, setting it down on top of the strings. You made sure it was sturdy and took a seat on top of it.

“Care to join me?” You ask Fred, squinting in the darkness at your boyfriend who was leaning against the doorframe that lead to the stairs.

He started walking towards you, and took a seat on the dusty piano next to you. Once more, he did what he so often did, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

“We need more light than our wands.” Fred whispered.

“Before you light a lantern, let me try something.”

You hopped off the piano, and you walked over to the lantern with very little oil in it. You waved your hand over the lantern, making the oil ignite into large, red and orange flames.

“Whoa, how’d you? What’d? Huh?” Fred asked from behind you.

“I just thought of Dumbledore’s words at the beginning of my third year, ‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’” You turn and face him. “The lamp’s the light, and the happiness, well, that’d be you.”