Patch 1.2.223 Notes - Blackjack and Canyon! Huh-zah!

Greetings once again, MechWarriors. This is the biggest patch we’ve had in a while. I encourage you to read the entirety of the notes here, but I will list some of the more important features right here.

  • New map: Canyon Network!
  • New ‘Mech: The Blackjack - BJ-1, BJ-1DC, BJ-1X and BJ-3 variants.
  • Jenner Champion is now for sale.
  • New modules: UAV and Seismic Sensor.
    UAV - This launches a UAV 150m directly above you and will automatically target any enemy 'Mechs within its range and share the info with your team. It will self-destruct after remaining in the air for a certain amount of time or after taking 10 damage. Destroying an enemy UAV is worth 50 XP.
    Seismic Sensor - Detects enemy 'Mechs as they move or fall within 200m. Any enemy that moves within the sensor creates “blips” on the minimap and battlegrid. Weight and speed both impact how large/often the “blips” are.
  • BAP now negates 1 enemy ECM within 150m, and ECM now has dedicated hardpoints (similar to AMS).
  • Lots of weapon tweaks (affecting LRMs, PPCs, MGs, LBX, AC/5s, NARC, TAG, Flamers and AMS).
  • Reduced gameplay bandwidth.
  • Improvements to the in-game lance system.
  • New camo (Cobra) and cockpit items (house medallions).

Really looking forward to trying out Canyon Network and the Blackjack (1X first for me). It’ll be interesting to see how much the new BAP/ECM changes affect the game.