1.11: the 12 step job

Can You Name These Famous Landmarks from Their Floor Plans?
Over on Brow Beat we’ve challenged you to name songs from their first second and paintings from small details. But can you identify famous landmarks just by looking at their blueprints? Give your spatial reasoning abilities a workout with our hard but fun architecture quiz.

This quiz showed up in my FB feed today, and I just…

Sophie: Cairo Museum, the antiquities floor.
Parker: Finally! This is the alarm room right here.

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“Bring yo ass.”


Leverage: Can’t Go Home Again

30 Days of Leverage: Day 9

Favorite Fictional Romance

Although Parker is beginning to have feelings for “Pretzels”, her relationship with Eliot feels so comfortable, it’s almost as if they have a shared past. How did they arrive at this place in time where they interact like siblings? Parker and Hardison are so sweet together, in an act of chivalry, he allows her to control the pace of their relationship. But if for any reason, it just doesn’t work out for them, you know Eliot will be there for Parker. And somehow, I think Hardison would be okay with that. McSweeten, on the other hand…

I’m Jack and I’m an alcoholic. Also nicotine, the patches not the cigarettes. Internet porn, non-internet - well porn basically. Also compulsive gambling, compulsive lying, compulsive eating. Tacos. I got a big taco problem. I think it all stems from my stint as an operative in the CIA, in Beirut. Not the tacos, my drinking problem.


Leverage S1 Ep. 10 The 12-Step Job