1.10 buffet froid

“How To Properly Scream: the Hannibal Rewatch” Season 1 MASTERPOST

From the overwrought nerd who brought you the ‘Super Concise & Sensible Hannibal Recaps’ of S3, comes this, a live-blog-esque rewatch of S1. Observs, weird jokes, meta aside thingies, so many screencaps…. it’s all here:

1.1. ‘Aperitif
1.2. ‘Amuse-Bouch
1.3. ‘Potage
1.4. ‘Oeuf
1.5. ‘Coquilles
1.6. ‘Entrée
1.7. ‘Sorbet
1.8. ‘Fromage
1.9. ‘Trou Normand
1.10. ‘Buffet Froid
1.11. ‘Rôti
1.12. ‘Relevés
1.13. ‘Savoureux

Plus: fabulous replies to these things can all be found in this catch-all brilliance tag, and beautiful gifs here. You all are so wonderful, oh my god.