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I never recall getting your opinion on baeks relationship? Do you mind telling us how you feel about this?

so my friend xiuhanfinityandbeyond sent me this fanmail and since i’m really out of the loop being on vacation im going to let her do the talking because she has the same feelings i do just more intense:

“oN THE NIGHT OF KRIS’ LAWSUIT HE WENT ON AN OPEN CAR DATE W TAEYEON AT LIKE 2 AM WHILE SUHO WAS PROBABLY DOING HELLA DAMAGE CONTROL and then the ig messages that they said were to the fans and actually were for each other and they thought their fans were too stupid to notice and then theres the timing of their confessing to a relationship which happened while the kris thing is still heavy and now exo lost 200k fans leaving them with only 1/3 of their original fanbase aND NOT ONLY THAT baekhyun isnt apologizing but TAEYEON is like its not even her group but shes making all these statements like reALLY and then dispatch CAUGHT them on the night of kris’ lawsuit and if they WANTED to make exo fall they could have revealed it on that night but they chose to wait until promotions for overdose were over like baekhyun was that close to fucking up his entire group and a whole bunch of other shit here http://k-popinformation.tumblr.com/ anD IM JUST UPSET BECAUSE HIS PERSONAL LIFE IS HIS PERSONAL LIFE AND HE CAN DATE IDC BUT ITS MAKING THINGS HARD FOR EXO WHICH MAKES HIM A BITCH AND NOT TO MENTION SUHO WHO IS M-LEADERLESS AND HAS TO DEAL WITH THIS ALONE now baek merch isnt selling at ALL and all the tickets to his musical have been all but sold off/returned/thrown away and he also complains about being too tired from working hard for his fans and then goes on car dates with taeyeon at 2 am in an open top and expects not to be discovered? like is he stupid??? exo is still relatively new they cant afford two big scandals so soon and taeyeon is a 7 year idol she should know better and be able to be more discreet and then people are TELLING ME THAT IM JSUT UPSET BAEK ISNT SINGLE ANYMORE LIKE NO I WAS SO HAPPY THAT YOONA AND SEUNGGI WERE DATING because they kept their relationship modest and super down low and werent obnoxious about it and then taeyeon goes and cries on broadcast about how shes so upset and scared tiffany sooyoung and yoona’s dating scandals will ruin snsd’s fans anD SHE WAS DATING BAEKHYUN THE WHOLE TIME and baekhyun mc'ed yesterday on inkigayo and the board were flooded with requests to change mc and taeyeon privated her instagram and its not even about the /relationship/ anymore its about how stupid they both are uGH”

theres also this link she sent me which gets right to it like a stab in the ass


what those two did was fucking stupid and ridiculous and thats all i can really feel so to sum it up um baekhyun and taeyeon go take some fucking naps